1. W

    Seeking qualified technician to lay cat5e lan cabling, cap & patch for voip setup

    Seeking qualified technician to lay cat5e lan cabling, cap and patch This would be a voip setup for approximately 20-35 points. Setup and job responsibility would be as follows: flylead from voip phone to surface mount. cabling from surface mount to patch panel. flyleads to switch Experience...
  2. M

    Best value Capped ADSL- should I switch from WebAfrica?

    Hey Guys, So after being abused by WebAfrica's 4Meg home uncapped a couple a months ago, I decided it wasn't for me, and after chatting to someone at their support they gladly switched me over to their 120GB anytime + 480GB from midnight – 6am account for R400 p/m. As a heavy streaming user I...
  3. A

    Explora downloading more than what was queued...? (perplexed)

    I am posting this in case anyone else has had a similar experience since connecting your DSTV Explora decoder to the internet using the ethernet cable and perhaps DSTV could respond if it seems to be a problem experienced by more people. Scenario: Last week Thursday I excitedly connected our...
  4. N

    LTE Data Price (ISP's are Welcome)

    Hi All Not sure if there is a thread similar to this. I just thought maybe this is a topic close to your heart(and your wallet) There are a couple of nice LTE Modems out there and a lot of ISP's investing in LTE. (Vodacom, MTN, Telkom Mobile/8ta, Cell-C and others) At the moment a lot of...
  5. S

    Data Usage Tracking

    Hi all I have a mobile data package with Afrihost which i use in my flat with my flat mates, problem is, we all share the internet and when we get capped, we all argue about who used all the cap. I can check how much data was used per day via AH clientzone but i'm wondering if there is...
  6. F

    Overcharging on Capped account and Out-of-Bundle tariffs - please help

    I have a Nashua Mobile Cell C contract with Iphone. I put a cap of R500 above my monthly subscription. I have now been billed almost R3,000.00 over and above my subscription. PROBLEM 1: Nashua claims that the cap is not "guaranteed", and they don't need to suspend my account when I reach...
  7. S

    Axxess 10 Meg Uncapped Fair Usage Question.

    Hey Guys, I haven't found a thread like this so I thought I'd create one. Sorry in advanced if it does exist. I am currently with MWEB on a 4meg premium account and it kicks ass! I see that Axxess offers a 10 meg uncapped at an EXTREMELY low price - R375. I am talking about Data alone now...
  8. S

    Telkom Shaping of Capped acount way before the actual Cap

    Hi all! We're currently on the 20GB (so that's actually now 20+20) telkom adsl package. I noticed that our account is being shaped, long before we're actually at the cap. Noticed it from about 70% cap (roughly). Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this? (I did switch to my...
  9. N

    Default data cap

    I recently stepped squarly into the dredded 'out of bundle' trap so smartly set by service providers. I really cannot understand the following: - I, the consumer select a voice/data contract based on the amount of data p/m plus cost advertised - The service provider does a credit check to...
  10. NomNom

    Correct Procedure for moving line and account?

    Delete me Please delete this thread.
  11. S

    Restrictions and limits on my CAP for Home Network

    Hi There, I really do hope someone can help me out here. My set-up is as follow: Telkom ADSL with 8 port Switch and Standalone AP I have 2 PC's linked on LAN with an extra port in the guest room with a fly lead if necessary There is 3 Laptops connected to the AP, mine, my wife's...
  12. D

    Most downloaded in a month ?

    hey! whats the most you guys have downloaded in a month ? How much worth are you getting from your ISP ? Screen shots :D
  13. G

    Does anybody else get capped before you think you should?

    The last two months I get capped exactly on the 20 while previously I couldn't finish my 5gig bundles at all. I haven't put a bandwidth monitor on yet but will do that tonight. It might be that my computer did lots of updates or something but I'm really suspicious.
  14. T

    Uncapped ADSL or 10gig 8ta promotion

    I need some advice: I currently have a 2gb/pm 3g connection, but would like to change this in the near future. There are currently two packages i take into consideration: Afrihost uncapped for 199+line rental (384kbps :( ) or the new 8ta deal R199 for 10gb with the 21mbps dongle. Which is...
  15. T

    Telkom ADSL bandwidth / cap problem

    Couldn't find a current thread (younger than 2 years) discussing this, so I thought I would post a new one. I was surprised when this week I found out that we had exceeded our allocated bandwidth of 9G. We run our internet link through a Forefront TMG server (only gateway to the internet for...
  16. J

    Bandwidth Manager - Solutions Please

    Ok, here is the problem I'm hoping that someone can help me with: Big family - but a 1 Gig cap. So basically the one teenager finishes the cap within one week. Then there is a huge fight over who used what and played too much poker on their facebook. Is there software that can allocate bandwidth...
  17. rpm

    Consumer panel members should serve ICASA's interests, obviously!

    Consumer panel members should serve ICASA, obviously! ICASA releases its Draft Consumer Advisory Panel Regulations, but are they really there to serve consumers?
  18. G

    Best uncapped isp for gaming & torrents/ftp/http downloads?

    What is the best uncapped isp for gaming & torrents/ftp/http downloads? I want to be able to make big downloads plus it must be good for gaming.I dont want lag. I want a cheap one like a 348k line one. What would you reccomend?
  19. A

    Mayday - 3G to ADSL?

    I know you advanced blokes are inundated with these stupendous enquiries all of the time but I could really use a guiding hand? I'm an ignoramus :whistle: when it comes to ADSL and can't keep up with recent developments (pricing & tech) in this sector. I currently have a 2Gb 3G connection for...
  20. P

    Forcing Google Services to local (RSA) IP address

    As some of you might have seen: Google, YouTube and Facebook are hosting local mirrors for most of their services. Unfortunately the ISP's DNS servers doesn't always report the local IP addresses, even if the services work on the local mirrors! There are 2 ways in which you can force the...