1. J

    FNB re-directed fees from *

    Going through my FNB statements, every month for the last few years I have a debit 're-directed fees from *5516'. Its a small amount but adds up over time. Does anybody know what this fee is for and why I'm being charged for it?
  2. D

    Complex Levies - What are you paying?

    Hi Everyone, I have been messing with the idea of buying myself a holiday home. But after some advice from current and ex owners I would rather purchase a property in my area (Rivonia/Edenburg/Morningside). I have been looking at a few options in complexes in the area, however, I can't believe...
  3. I


  4. A

    International forex advice

    What's the best and most cost effective payment method during overseas travel? The capitec card seems to be the cheapest when it comes to exchange rates and extra fees on foreign purchases. Would a capitec credit/debit card be a better option than taking a prepaid forex card? Will there be...
  5. D

    Vodacom Migrate to Cheaper Contract after upgrade due date

    Hi Everyone, I am considering not taking a new device on my Vodacom contract. My upgrade is due on the 21st of May 2018. I am currently on a uChoose Flexi 200 + 1Gig of Data with a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge for R935pm (Gear VR Goggles Included). If I wanted to take a sim only deal, how...
  6. S

    One Good Thing to Come Out of Swaziland

    Bank charges for cash deposits scrapped in Swaziland, Of course I imagine banks will up other charges to make up for this loss of revenue
  7. A

    The DA and its bag of charges

    The DA and its bag of charges 2015-08-28 16:28 Genevieve Quintal, News24 Johannesburg - The Democratic Alliance is known for laying criminal charges against other political parties, government officials, organisations and even President Jacob Zuma. But what has happened to these cases...
  8. D

    FNB Fee Saver - Is it really worth it?

    FNB offers a Fee-Saver option where you need to keep a minimum balance of 9k to qualify for no monthly banking charges. I am a freelancer with a few months salary available for backup, I need immediate access to my funds. Would this be worthwhile to save a load on banking fees... The return...
  9. R

    Telkom Charge for a Call at what stage?

    At what stage of a Telkom land-line call is it considered successful and charged for? I have always presumed that you were charged once the other party picked up and you were 'connected' but recently I've been informed that the 'Skype' method of charging as soon as the other party is dialled...
  10. LazyLion

    Western Cape Police Captain Dismissed

    A police captain has been fired for failing to take action against a reservist accused of rape, Western Cape police said on Monday. "This morning, the provincial commissioner of the Western Cape police... validated the findings of a disciplinary hearing to dismiss a police captain stationed...
  11. mercurial

    Judge Refuses To Dismiss Charges In Wikileaks Case

    A U.S. military judge has refused to dismiss all charges against an Army private accused of sending hundreds of thousands of classified documents to the anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks. Lawyers for Bradley Manning argued the charges should be dismissed because he was denied a speedy trial. He...
  12. C

    Deactivating and reactivating

    I've just de-activated my smart card. I assume I'll only be charged pro-rata for October. Then I was thinking, can I just re-activate it whenever I like? If I wanted to watch something next Saturday, can I reactivate it for the day, then de-activate it again afterwards? Would I just be...
  13. LazyLion

    Damning Zuma WikiLeaks cable revealed Isn't it great knowing that we have a criminal running the country? :D No wonder he is so soft on corruption, it's one of his favourite hobbies.
  14. jes

    WikiLeaks suspect charged with 'aiding enemy'

    WikiLeaks suspect charged with 'aiding enemy' An Army private suspected of leaking hundreds of thousands of sensitive and classified documents to the WikiLeaks anti-secrecy group was charged with aiding the enemy, a crime that can bring the death penalty or life in prison.
  15. jes

    ABSA NotifyMe costs 48c per e-mail

    ABSA NotifyMe costs 48c per e-mail ABSA is offering their clients an account action notification service called NotifyMe, but it comes at a cost
  16. jes

    Mkhonto we Sizwe Military Veterans Association to lay charges against SABC

    Mkhonto we Sizwe Military Veterans Association to lay charges against SABC The Mkhonto we Sizwe Military Veterans Association (MKMVA) is to lay charges against the SABC board after the suspension of group chief executive Solly Mokoetle.
  17. LazyLion

    Are you being charged for missed calls?

    Just got this from a friend by e-mail... Can anybody else confirm this? How does this divert thing work anyway?