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    Robbers invade Glenwood home
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    Elderly woman assaulted in farm attack Durban - A woman was severely assaulted in a farm attack in Thornville, Pietermaritzburg, paramedics said on Friday. “A 63-year-old female was critically injured in a farm attack in the Thornville area at...
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    Woman hurt in shoot-out Durban - A woman, 68, is recovering in hospital after she was struck by a stray bullet during a hijacking incident. The woman was shot in the leg when she was caught in crossfire between police and hijackers on Neptune...
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    Car stripped in Gautrain parking lot

    Johannesburg - A gang moved, stripped and emptied a car of valuables inside a Gautrain parking lot - but the agency insists it was an isolated incident in what it describes as “one of the most secure public spaces in the country”. Kirshen Naidoo parked his car in the Sandton station parkade on...
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    63-year-old implicated in murder Nelspruit - A young, self-confessed Mpumalanga robber recounted on Tuesday how a 63-year-old woman got him involved in her younger brother’s murder. A Sapa correspondent reported that Nhlanhla Percy Dube, 23, was...
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    Cop’s trial hears of teen’s night of rape

    How can South Africa teach their cops NOT to rape but protect the women? Ok, not all cops do it but still, I believe the government should do something about it. Ok OK Wishful thinking I know that too . . .
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    Cops granted bail, then re- arrested

    Polokwane - Two policemen were re-arrested outside the Polokwane Magistrate's Court shortly after being released on bail, Limpopo police said on Tuesday. The two Germiston constables were arrested last Wednesday, in Polokwane, when they were found in possession of an unlicensed firearm and...
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    AfriForum probes FState R140m website

    WTF Whom exactly does this AfriForum serve and how do they dare to comment on the dealings the ANC does? They should get back in line, like everybody else. They portray South Africa in a bad light :D
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    Robbers kill KZN farmer at his front gate

    The police only showed up a hour later! WTF Welcome to the new South Africa :D
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    Card cloning suspect taken by surprise

    WTF Isn't racist to say they are African? I thought ALL the news papers in SA obey the "gentleman's agreement" regarding race disclosure and criminal activities.
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    South Africa’s shocking crime wave goes viral on YouTube

    And the world takes notice . . .
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    Massacre survivor tells of horror

    Zulu on the run :D WTF Surely this story can't be true. What was the motiv? It looks like the reporter forgot to mention it. Or was it just for crowd entertainment. Sometimes I wonder if IOL gets their news out of the 'Lord of the Rings' series...
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    KZN supermarket and patrons robbed

    For how much goes a AK47 assault rifle in Durban?
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    Alleged serial rapist kills himself

    Sifiso Makhubo was found dead in his cell by police, eNCA reporter Karyn Maughan tweeted.The 42-year-old had been expected to plead to 122 charges . . WTF Am I reading right? One hundred and twenty two charges...
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    75 years old woman hacks intruder.

    Ha Ha She should receive life for the murder.
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    Four killed in Benoni shooting.

    In South Africa, murder is nothing unusual anymore. Over half a dozen people get shot death in less then a week in Gauteng (their industrial hub) and all you get is a insert in a rather "back of the log" news paper. WTF Welcome to the NEW South Africa 2013...
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    Foreign student held in boot for 3 days

    How did they know he was in there?
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    ANC Chief Whip's wife accused of fraud.

    WTF Only in South AFRICA :D
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    16 women freed from ‘baby factory’

    How much are you prepared to pay for a new born, Nigerian child? On the 'black market' they go for 2000 to 2500 Rand. WTF My puppy was more expensive. How on earth can humans behave like that? And are this babies bought to be used for 'muti' on the 'local' market? Africa is both, sick and...
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    ‘I’ll set my lions on the cops’

    When will the widespread corruption end in South Africa? Is that municipality run by the ANC? How could the municipal worker load so much fuel without anyone questioning? For how long time did the theft go on? Hmmm...