1. saynothing

    Vertical Cooling Stand with Charge Dock & USB (PS4)

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a good vertical stand for my PS4 slim. Something that will be quiet, keep my PS4 cool & stable. Are there any models you would recommend? Seems like the only review I could find is for Stands in the States, on eBay & Amazon - was hoping to get it on takealot, or loot...
  2. Z

    Windows 10 and a Crazy Laptop Fan

    Since Monday (2017/06/26) every time when I plug my Display port cable into my laptop for my secondary screen my Laptops Fan starts up and runs at full speed continuously. As Soon as I unplug the cable the Fan spins down and runs quietly. I have closed all apps running and checked the task...
  3. D

    Mist Fan - Worth It?

    Hi Everyone Looking for a good fan and one of those mist fans caught my eye. Is it worth buying a mist fan? Does it cool slightly better then normal fans?
  4. R

    Do mist fans work?

    I'm thinking about buying one of those mist fans/humidifier fans because my normal fan dries out my chest and throat. Has anyone used one of these and which brand have you used? Do they actually work, or is it a waste of money?
  5. S

    75mm fan for vga card

    Hi Everyone, I am seriously on a hunt to find a small 75mm 12vdc vga fan. These are so easy to buy in USA, but here it seems to be next to impossible. See photo here I found a link to one on Wantitall...
  6. L

    How to keep cool, without having a fan blowing directly on you

    Many of us know that when it gets hot, we turn on a fan. But sometimes it feels like it doesnt help much... The problem for most people is that you have the fan blowing right ON you, which may even irritate you, so you rather turn it off and be hot. Ok, look the first blast of air is definitely...
  7. A

    220V AC Pedestal Fan - Motor Humming and Struggling to Start

    Question: I have a pedestal fan at home that has struggled to start. I press the speed button, it has hummed and then started slowly spinning and then came up to speed. Occasionally it would not start turning at all, I would need to take the aluminium safety grid off and rotate the plastic fan...
  8. K

    What is a good latop fan/cooler?

    I'm sure we have all had the problem of a laptop overheating and getting uncomfortable to use. I finally decided to get a laptop cooler and searched around for a bit until I found a great one. The one I am using at the moment is Cooler Master Notepal X3,there are quite a few places where you can...
  9. G

    Fan Comparison

    Hi, I have recently bought a new case, and i do not fully understand what fan work better of why. 4 x 14cm fans or 1 x 20cm fan. All i could find on the net from google is that the 20 cm one will be quieter. Any help would be appreciated. Regards Rainer
  10. NomNom

    Can this be RMA'd?

    Built a new Pc for a friend today, everything running good but PSU a Corsair GS500 is making this sort of rattle snake sound, I have uploaded a sample of it. Can't find anything really on the net about this, only that if I don't do something about it, it will only get worse. What can I do...
  11. G

    Fan speed sensors

    Goodday I have Purchased a of tower that has an LCD touch screen that monitors temps and fan speeds. I've managed to install the temp sensors and the CPU fan sensor. My problem comes in installing the other fan sensors. Could anyone post links as how to plug them in because I honestly can't...
  12. T

    GPU--bios questions?

    Well Hello again to all you hardware guru's, Hope you are in the best of health. new year, new questions if I may? ok, ok, I'll get started. So I've built this pc, but the thing that's really annoying me to the point of... is the GPU fan. Honestly to say that this thing makes noise is an...
  13. APoc184

    Cheetahs Supporters Thread

    Seeing that there is a thread for the Sharks and The Bulls I thought it fitting that I open a thread for myself:p and any other Cheetah supporters out there. Last 10 years or so have been good for the Cheetahs on domestic front. Not so much in the Super 14. I'll start the Thread by...
  14. Tpex

    Will this fan setup work?

    I got a "new" computer case And I just wan't to know if the way I set up the fans, will work well to cool the case, (blue and red lines show how I think it will work) Top fan brings in cool air then washes over the motherbaord and other stuff, then the hot air is pulled out by the bottom fan...
  15. S

    E7400 cooling fan advice please. (Lighting)

    What am I looking for and where would I get my hands on it? I'm thinking of perhaps going with an LED option, but they're pricy ffs :p Maybe next month :rolleyes: Been looking at Prophecy's Shop, but what are other local options in CT? May go 2nd hand, but not to keen on it. Unless it's...
  16. F

    Display card fan

    Hi, My Display card's fan died this week and my budget is too tight to get a new card.... any suggestions? Card: GeFORCE 7950GT (PCI-E) 512MB 256Bit Dual DVI+HDTV+TV OUT Model: SF-PX795GDH/512MB DDR3 Fan: DC Brushless fan Modle PL50S12M-3 I've gone to all the hardware shops I...