1. K

    VOX Datapro - Iburst fraud

    mod to delete please
  2. J

    iBurst charging beyond contract term

    My iBurst contract term ends on 8 November 2013. Following iBurst's standard terms and conditions, I gave the required notice to terminate my contract at the end of the term as I no longer required the services of iBurst, to which they gave me a reference number. I then got a response from...
  3. jes

    iBurst: Uncapped 16Mbps satellite broadband

    Uncapped 16Mbps satellite broadband from iBurst iBurst unveiled its new uncapped VSAT service, offering uncapped satellite broadband to the business market
  4. D

    iBurst USB Modem falls apart (again)

    I thought I would post a photo of my second iBurst USB modem as a warning to others: The previous USB modem fell apart in exactly the same way, when I was on month 18 of my 2 year contract. It is also shown on my blog post about the subject. I can't understand how iBurst can only...
  5. jes

    WBS and iBurst for sale: sources

    WBS and iBurst for sale: sources Industry sources confirm that WBS, iBurst is for sale, and that a few large players are showing interest
  6. QuintonB

    USAASA investigation turns up more info

    R33.1 million paid in dodgy ICT subsidies: report More information on the complaint that led to the investigation into USAASA has emerged
  7. O

    Starcraft II and Windows 8

    I was wondering if anyone has had the same experience: I used to be able to play StarCraft on my laptop (HP G62) using iBurst Wireless; but when I upgraded the OS to Windows 8 (which I deeply regret), I can't play it anymore. I can logon on to Battle.net, I can pick my game type (Matchmaking)...
  8. D

    Migrating contracts?

    Hi, I tried to migrate my max25 contract to uncapped, but Iburst to me I can't do it. Which I don't understand since another guy I spoke to said he did the exact same thing. Is he mistaken, or did I just get the wrong info from Iburts?
  9. QuintonB

    ICASA split on fine and fee collection: report

    ICASA split on outstanding R501-million: report ICASA is split on how to go about collecting monies owed to it by companies who have been fined by the authority, the Sunday Times reported.
  10. Jan

    Top rated fixed broadband service in South Africa

    Top rated fixed broadband service in SA MyBroadband’s latest broadband survey reveals which broadband service in South Africa has the happiest users.
  11. jes

    Vodacom, iBurst WiMax winding down

    Vodacom, iBurst WiMax winding down Vodacom’s WiMax network, which was rolled out in partnership with iBurst, is being dismantled and users migrated to other services
  12. jes

    Broadband speeds in South Africa from 2002 to 2013

    Broadband speeds in South Africa: 2002 to 2013 Broadband speeds skyrocketed since Telkom launched its 512kbps ADSL service in August 2002
  13. jes

    Another ICASA license battle postponed

    Another ICASA license battle postponed ICASA’s battle with Amatole Telecommunication Services over unpaid license fee has been postponed
  14. jes

    iBurst vs ICASA battle continues

    iBurst vs ICASA battle continues The initial high court interdict against ICASA following the confiscation of iBurst equipment was set to expire tomorrow, but the situation has changed
  15. QuintonB

    Pule talks spectrum allocation

    Broadband spectrum licensing one step closer to reality “Increasing network capacity, improving coverage, promoting competition, and facilitating BEE” the claimed benefits of spectrum allocation
  16. QuintonB

    ICASA takes down another network

    ICASA creates another network mess ICASA has been accused of trying to shut down SA’s last standing USAL, leaving consumers and businesses without Internet access and voice services for a day
  17. jes

    R501-million still owed to ICASA

    R501-million still owed to ICASA Over R200-million owed to the regulator by the defence force and police
  18. QuintonB

    LTE spectrum snafu in SA

    LTE spectrum mess in South Africa Companies scramble for frequency bands as policy delays halt the fast network roll-out
  19. K

    Do we have an iburst representitive here...

    I recommended then to a friend. I cannot afford adsl so please take of your flaming hats. I get a **** load of bandwith for the least amount of money. Now that that is covered. He has been trying for three days to get his account activated. is there someone there that can help me sort this ...
  20. jes

    ICASA must explain itself

    ICASA must explain itself ICASA is willing to shut down a whole network and leave people and businesses without Internet access, but it cannot even say whether companies should adhere to its regulations