1. Kevin Lancaster

    iBurst deal on the cards

    iBurst deal on the table iBurst parent company WBS is in discussions regarding a potential deal, and is currently considering one offer
  2. Kevin Lancaster

    Changes at iBurst

    Changes at iBurst Thami Mtshali steps down as iBurst CEO, and is replaced by an internal acting CEO
  3. N

    Afrihost - no dealing with Telkom they say

    Hi I am in need of an ISP that 1. knows what they are doing 2. provides you with service they claim to. Far too often have I found bad ISP service in South Africa and Afrihost rates next to Telkom/MWEB in my books. It is true that they respond next to instantly to any messages sent their...
  4. H

    Bandwidth Usage seems higher than usual?

    For the past two or three months I've found that the iBurst data use seems waaay higher that normal. In fact, this month we got capped before the end of the month (last week, actually), which never happens. Usually there are gigs and gigs of data being carried over every month. Got a 1gig...
  5. Kevin Lancaster

    WBS spectrum issues secretly settled: DA

    WBS spectrum issues secretly settled: DA The Democratic Alliance Shadow Minister of Telecommunications and Postal Services has raised questions about Icasa’s secret council meetings
  6. Kevin Lancaster

    iBurst Businesslink - Internet in prime form

    iBurst BusinessLink – how the Internet should be iBurst’s BusinessLink offers a great service, with a low contention ratio and symmetrical bandwidth
  7. jes

    MTN cuts off WBS, iBurst due to non-payment

    MTN cuts off WBS, iBurst MTN South Africa terminated services to iBurst parent Wireless Business Solutions for non-payment
  8. jes

    Vodacom cuts off iBurst over unpaid bills

    Vodacom cuts off iBurst over unpaid bills Vodacom has cut off iBurst owner WBS’s SMS interconnect after the company did not pay its bills; WBS says there is no agreement in place
  9. B

    Muizenburg Conectivity

    I am moving to Muizenburg to a house that has no phone line (I'm renting it) - I need to get a form of uncapped wireless connectivity. Does IBurst have coverage? If not is there any alternatives confirmed as tried and test for a wimix / wireless in this area?
  10. M

    Connect iBurst to NetGear DGN2200v4

    Ok so I finally got router with WAN port but I can't get it to connect to my iBurst. I have a iBurst Desktop modem that I connect to my router's WAN port. I log onto the router, configure modem to use PPPOE and enter my iBurst credentials, there is option to manually connect, dial connection...
  11. M

    Iburst base station decommissioned, need advise.

    Hi i am new here and this is my first post. I would greatly appreciate some advise with this issue with Iburst. Since the end of November 2013 i have had no signal at my house, i sent numerous emails, web tickets and spent hours with a ringing phone and no answer to try get to some support...
  12. QuintonB

    No more Icasa disruptions expected: WBS

    iBurst network safe from Icasa: WBS Although the High Court has ruled that Icasa’s seizure of iBurst equipment last year was lawful, WBS says no further disruptions are expected
  13. M

    iburst desktop modem and wireless router

    Hi there guys, So if I got a iBurst desktop modem and wireless router then I should be able to connect my desktop modem with straight cable to WAN port of wireless router and have my iBurst wireless correct?
  14. Jan

    Best and worst fixed broadband services in South Africa

    Best and worst broadband services in SA The latest broadband survey reveals which broadband service in South Africa was rated tops by subscribers.
  15. M

    Help Needed. Is it iBurst? [resolved - MTU]

    I have a strange problem and am not sure if this could be related to iBurst or not. Here is my set up so far. Residing in Morning side, Durban. Desktop modem attached to an omni-antenna. Desktop modem is plugged into a Tenda Portable wireless AP/ Router for my wi-fi. (model No.:W300M) a...
  16. jes

    2013 - the year that was

    2013 - the year that was 2013 was indeed a stormy year for the telecommunications industry with possibly the highlight being the firing of the communications minister, Dina Pule
  17. jes

    Mobile operators may also face LLU

    Mobile operators may also face LLU Local loop unbundling regulations are not meant to be limited to Telkom’s copper cable local loop, according to Icasa
  18. B

    iburst power supply polarity

    Can someone confirm (or test) the polarity of the iburst desktop UTD power supply connector? My original PSU is dead and I have another PSU with a selectable voltage and polarity, but cannot test whether the centre pin is negative or positive (as it is dead), and it is not shown on original PSU...
  19. T

    Degraded Peer 2 Peer connectivity

    Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing problems with p2p connectivity. It started last night, lasted the whole of today and its still refusing any p2p connections. I phoned Iburst tech support, according to them there are others who have already logged the issue with them, and they don't...
  20. R

    iBurst 2Mbps Modem and Omni Antenna for [S]ale

    --Item name (be very descriptive): iBurst 2Mbps Modem and Omni Antenna not attached to any accounts or contracts --Age and condition: 6 months and in Excellent condition --Do you include packaging: Yes/No Yes --Warranty: Yes/No No --Reason for selling: No longer needed --Price: R1300.00...