1. Newsfeed

    Internet Solutions’ plans for Microsoft Azure

    Internet Solutions’ plans for Microsoft Azure Internet Solutions expects massive growth in South Africa’s data centre space, and foresees content distribution moving further to the edge of the network.
  2. C

    Online Marketing Case Study Ideas ?

    Hello I'm starting a new website which is solely based on online marketing which is aimed to look in depth of how to market online and how to utilize the Internet to expand your ventures online. And I'm conducting research to discover exactly what people want to know about Internet/Online...
  3. I

    No internet ..

    @AfriGenie I send you a PM. Appreciate some help. My internet's been down since 21 June. (Bundled, account) DSL LED on, internet LED off (Red). Not my profile as I can't connect to guest@telkomadsl There is a Telkom fault open: I'm not feeling the joy..
  4. B

    ADSL and Web

    Hey Guys, Just a question, heard a few good remarks about a company called iLiNQ Internet Solutions "" Anyone dealt with them yet? They do web hosting, ADSl, server hosting etc? and apparently they are big competitors to someone called OpenWeb and Axxess? Looking at moving...
  5. C

    Vodacom Broadband Connect Wireless Premium Problems

    So, I have a 10Mbps Broadband Connect Wireless Premium. This is the worst connection I've ever had. I have to log calls every week about either the connection being down, or my speed being so slow. But now today I was just too much. My ping is up and down the whole time, so unstable, and after...
  6. Kevin Lancaster

    Internet Solutions’ plan to support blazingly-fast 4G and 5G networks in South Africa

    Internet Solutions’ plan to support blazingly-fast 4G and 5G networks in South Africa Internet Solutions plans to use its extensive Wi-Fi footprint in South Africa to support faster 4G, and eventually 5G, networks.
  7. K

    Best value adsl for gaming

    Hey guys, I'm staying in Claremont, Cape Town, and I'm a gamer, or try to be one. The thing is, playing online is laggy. I'm paying R899 for mweb's 10mbps + R206 for Telkom's landline monthly and it just isn't enough, for starters, mweb sucks, according to online tests the speed is usually...
  8. M

    Reliable and Consistent Alternatives to Afrihost

    Hi everybody :) Afrihost has been terrible in the evenings and I am on a 20 Mbps Premium Uncapped account. The service is completely unusable in the evenings. Which DSL ISP have you found to be reliable and consistent for someone who clocks in around 600 - 800 GB a month? I don't mind...
  9. B

    Someone please help me find a good router for rural areas.

    Hi, I would love it if anyone could point me in the direction of a good modem/router that has a SIM slot, SMA female port for a Poynting external antenna and works on 103dbi to 113dbi 3G signal strength. I live 90 km from my nearest town and about 40 km from the closest 3G cell tower. I...
  10. Kevin Lancaster

    What to look for when buying a new router

    What to look for when buying a new router Your Internet speed may be controlled by your line or ISP, but you can greatly improve your connection by upgrading your router.
  11. M

    BitCo Fibre

    BitCo Fibre offers you the following benefits: Guaranteed 99% uptime, highly reliable connectivity Uncontended bandwidth 1 : 1 (local and international) Uncapped Internet Temporary Wireless Link available whilst Fibre is being deployed. Wireless while you wait Synchronous Internet...
  12. M

    is this normal? over 10% packet loss from ping to isp!

    I ran ping plotter and the 2nd hop which is the isp router is ALWAYS above 10% packet loss, not what it used to be months ago.. and ISP says my line is perfect... so is this normal for an ADSL internet of 4MBits/s speed?
  13. M

    what is wrong with my ADSL? my ISP says everything is ok but it's not!!!

    I've bought this subscription for over a year now and worked wonderfully for the first 4-5 months, but then everything went down hill overnight webpages are too slow, I should be getting 4MBits/s but I only get less than 0.7MBits/s the only thing working fine is torrent, and when I open...
  14. B

    Fiber in Muizenberg, Western Cape

    The DFA coverage is growing as seen here for Muizenberg however they dont to Fiber to home :'( I dont know of any Fiber options in Duiker Gate which is right next to the Capricorn Business Park (which is full of fiber).... If anyone gets a lead that could...
  15. M

    can you help me fix my ADSL? my ISP doesn't know what is wrong!!

    I've had this 4MB ADSL subscription for over a year now, since january 2016, and it was super good for the first 6 months, everything working at full 4MB speed, 70ms-90ms latency in games. but until june things started getting bad, some websites like facebook started to slow down, videos wont...
  16. T

    MTN Roaming

    Hi there, I have always been on MTN prepaid and I know roaming was on by default but now I am on contract and need to activate roaming. How does it work on contract?
  17. G

    Telkom LTE ,3G failover

    So my LTE service was never great but I was happy after they installed an antenna and I could get 16mbps to 25mbs. Not the fastest LTE speeds but better than my 4mbps ADSL running at 2mbps. I could stream in Full HD gaming latency was at an all time low, and all was glorious. but 2017 is...
  18. Kevin Lancaster

    What young males do on the Internet

    What young males do on the Internet Software provider Videology has released the findings of its survey into the “digital habits of millennial males”. “The survey, which covered topics like device preferences and streaming habits, was distributed to 500 males using Google surveys,” said...
  19. Kevin Lancaster

    The 5 hardest things about working on the Internet

    The 5 hardest things about working on the Internet If your day job requires constant access to the Internet, you’ll be well acquainted with the dangers and distractions of working online. The sheer amount of interesting content available on the web makes it impossible to get any work done...
  20. Kevin Lancaster

    Anyone can become an Internet troll

    Anyone can become an Internet troll Internet trolls, by definition, are disruptive, combative and often unpleasant with their offensive or provocative online posts designed to disturb and upset.