iphone 4

  1. blackguyza

    Whatsapp account re-authentication no longer supported on iPhone 4

    I am opening this threat after a long struggle to register an account for a family member after she was given an old iPhone 4. Apparently Whatsapp stopped supporting new account registration on Whatsapp for iPhone 4 with iOS 7.1.2 even after installing "an older version of the app." It is said...
  2. Kevin Lancaster

    iPhone trade-in from iStore: up to R5,000 cash back

    iPhone trade-in from iStore: up to R5,000 cash back iStore in South Africa has announced a trade-in promotion for existing iPhone owners
  3. Y

    2x Iphone 4 16GB (W) & 2x Iphone 4 32GB (B)

    UPDATE 04-07-14 All phones have now been sold. :) UPDATE 10-06-14 1x 16GB Opened box is pending a sale. Shipping now open to all outside of Durban. We will split the cost. Sale on the phone done. Rest of the items still up for sale. Item name : 2x Iphone 4 16GB White & 2x Iphone 4 32GB Black...
  4. jes

    iPhone 5s launch date, iPhone 4s prices slashed

    iPhone 5s launch date, iPhone 4s prices slashed MTN has confirmed its launch date for the iPhone 5s and 5c
  5. M

    is 300mb for an iPhone4 enough for a month?

    I'm worried about 300mb not being enough per month for me on my Vodacom contract. I doubt I'd really browse web sites that much, the apps that I'll run would be: Whatsapp Twitter Facebook email Instagram That's basically it.
  6. jes

    Apple apologises to Chinese consumers and revises service

    Apple apologises to Chinese consumers and revises service Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook apologized to Chinese consumers and altered iPhone warranty policies after more than two weeks of condemnation in the state-run media of its after-sales service.
  7. M

    Security bug in iOS lets apps secretly access your photos

  8. M

    Best protection iPhone 4s pouch

    Hi guys The missus is getting her iPhone 4s in a matter of days and she wants a really good pouch. One that preferably has a clip to close/open it. Something like or . It would be better if there was a pouch that encloses the entire phone. It would also be better if one of the local stores...
  9. L

    Vodacom iPhone 4 Availability Fail

    My question is: does anyone know of any Vodacom Shops in Cape Town that have the iPhone 4 in stock? A little background... Today, after much deliberation, I went to Canal Walk mall in Cape Town with the aim of signing up for Vodacom's R299/month iPhone 4 deal simply because it's so cheap. Said...
  10. K

    Samsung Galaxy S2 or Iphone 4

    I am due for an upgrade soon and the slowness of my Blackberry is killing me. I have never had an Iphone and also never had an Android device. My question is which phone should I go for Samsung Galaxy S2 or Iphone 4?
  11. C

    Is this iOS 5 untethered jailbreak for real?

    I found this link to a 'claimed' untethered jailbreak for iOS5. I'm a bit sceptical though...and have not tried it as yet. Wanted to see what others thought first LINK REMOVED Edit: Nothing to look at here... after some further googling, I am almost convinced this is a fake. Apologies for...
  12. M

    iPhone 4S vs. Samsung Galaxy S II Drop Test

    For those who are curious... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elKxgsrJFhw&feature=player_embedded
  13. C

    Apple and Imap connection

    I am trying to connect via imap to my email account held by SAI. On my iphone and ipad I cannot connect to the server, but on my macbook it connects with no problem. If I try to connect via thunderbird on a PC (forgive me) it also does not connect... SAI don't seem to have any...
  14. F

    iPhone 4 still worthwhile?

    So, I can upgrade my one contract and want to get (another) smartphone. I already have a super-awesome Galaxy S that's been flashed to hell and back. Getting a Galaxy S2 would just be more of the same for me - I'd end up putting MIUI on it and have both phones looking and acting exactly the...
  15. jes

    Cheaper iPhone 4 inbound - rumour

    Cheaper iPhone 4 inbound - rumour Apple may launch a cheaper model of the iPhone 4 alongside its next generation iPhone
  16. H

    iPhone 4 + Cracked Glass + Vodacom/Vodasure = ?

    Nothing complicated. Got home from gym last night and phone fell out of my pocket as I was getting out of the car. Glass shattered around the Facetime camera and runs all the way across and down the screen. Screen still works though. Is this enough to be classified as BER or am I looking at that...
  17. jes

    iPhone 4 to be sold at iStores from R6,999

    iPhone 4 to be sold at iStores from R6,999 iStore in South Africa will now sell the Apple iPhone 4 from R6,999
  18. S

    MTN iPhone 4 on Vodacom

    Hi guys, I need clarity. I bought an iphone 4 16 gig on the MTN network & was told that I cannot use it on Vodacom as it is locked (can only use MTN sim card). The only way around this is to have it unlocked & in doing so the warranty with MTN voids. I have not tried using my Vodacom sim card...
  19. soldierboi

    Read it Later vs. Instapaper

    Hi all, Quick q, i do quite a bit of reading in the evening so most of the day im saving bookmarks. This isnt ideal, and after much research, there are two claring apps that do what i need really well i.e. Read it Later ($2.99) and Instapaper ($4.99). I want to know if anyone has...
  20. jes

    White iPhone 4 available in South Africa next week

    White iPhone 4 available in South Africa next week Vodacom is set to have the new white iPhone 4 in stores by the end of next week