1. H

    Driving without a licence?

    Can someone please help me, this is my first ever post and I'm not sure how this works. I have a question about a road accident and want to find out by someone who is a traffic officer or a former traffic officer or law enforcement even. I did my driver's license test on August 3rd 2021 at New...
  2. Tokolotshe

    “Registreer wapens soos voertuie”

    “Registreer wapens soos voertuie” PRETORIA – Drukgroepe dring daarop aan dat die vuurwapenregistrasieproses meer toeganklik en eenvoudig moet wees. Hulle sê vuurwapens moet op dieselfde manier as voertuie geregistreer word. Die organisasies het 'n veldtog bekend as "License The Person –...
  3. D

    Personalised number plates after moving provinces

    Good Day, Please can someone assist me. I have lived in KZN and recently moved to Mpumalanga. I have personalized ZN number plates on my vehicle and well aware that the vehicle would now need to be registered as MP number plates. Any way that I can keep the Personalised number plates but as MP...
  4. W

    SAMRO - is it compulsory?

    I need advice on SAMRO. We received a call from SAMRO claiming that we need to comply and have a license for any music that is played from radio, youtube, etc. We have a small shop and we sometimes play different kinds of music on speakers that is set to a low volume. Does SAMRO apply to us...
  5. M

    How long in advance can I pay for a vehicle license disk?

    Hi all, I have 3 vehicles that have license disks which expire in different months. Is it possible to make them to all expire in the same month? It is a big hassle going to the post office, where typically there are lengthy queues. I'd rather get it over with once a year. Otherwise can I pay...
  6. abruton

    Are new TV sets capable of receiving SABC signals?

    I wanted to buy a new TV screen, and Game wanted me to have a TV license. I told them we do not watch TV and as far as I can see the TV screen is unable to view the SABC television signal. I would need a decoder (classified as a television receiving equipment) to see the SABC television signal...
  7. O

    Looking to buy Truck but not sure of size

    Hi, I need help deciding which truck to buy. I must deliver 13000 liters in the morning and 13000 afternoon, using 2 Jojo horizontal tanks Can a 4 ton truck handle the load? Especially Tata 4 ton truck? Can I drive the 4 ton truck with my code 10 license without pdp? Please advice.
  8. A

    Motorcycle roadworthy test

    Hi there, I recently bought a new motorcycle (125cc scooter) from a private owner. According to my understanding, I need to do a roadworthy test before I can change ownership in the traffic department. How much does it usually cost to Roadworthy such motorcycles? While trying to search for...
  9. H

    Do I need a license/permit to sell homemade beverages and food items ?

    Hi! I want to launch my micro business sideline where I sell homemade beverages and condiments. Can anyone advise if a license/permit is required for micro start-ups ? Many thanks!
  10. L

    Buy Direct franchise license

    Anybody here who own, or know somebody who own franchise licenses from Allquotes or I would like to get in touch, thanks!
  11. L

    SABC TV License

    Hi guys, I need a bit of assistance regarding my TV license. Back in 2005, I bought a 74cm TV which required me to get a TV license. This TV has since been replaced by my parents for their 47" LCD TV. (they now have their own TV License) I bought a 40" Sony Bravia back in 2009 which has...
  12. 6

    Xbox 360 License Transfer

    Hi Guys, So I recently started playing Xbox 360. I quite enjoy it to be honest.(And I am a PC Gamer)ssssshhhh.. Anyway. What I was wondering. a Friend of mine have been playing for quite some time now, he convinced me to buy some games, and now he wants to 'borrow' them with a License...
  13. G

    Is Your Wireless Service Provider Legal?

    We have recently noticed that ICASA appears to be on a drive to remove illegally installed wireless equipment around the country. When purchasing services from a WISP, please be sure to ask them for a copy of their license details before signing up with them. They MUST be able to produce a...
  14. C

    How much does a license cost?

    I was wondering if anybody could tell me what the upfront cost of a WISP license and what the monthly costs are as well as what other licenses I'll require for running a WISP. Any help would be much appreciated
  15. S

    Oustanding fines - can you get a vehicle license renewal?

    My friend and I have taken on a R10k bet that its impossible to have you vehicle license renewed if you have outstanding fines registered to the vehicle. I had about R5k worth of fines that I had managed to collect up till Feb 2011 when I had to go and renew my car registration. I drew the R5k...
  16. N

    WANTED: Windows XP

    Greetings all I've got old hardware that besides the harddrive that recently failed, is still running nicely. Scanner etc still working well and no need or desire to replace any of it. I had to replace the harddrive and somehow managed to loose my original XP CD. Retailers I've called so far...
  17. A

    Reselling Internet over Wireless Network (License)

    Hello, We want to be a internet reseller over Wi-Fi network. Do we require a license to sell internet access over a wireless network and license for 5.8Ghz frequency in South Africa? regards
  18. S

    Urgent: need to purchase 5 CAL pack for Windows Server 2008 R2

    I am running Windows Server 2008 R2, and need to purchase a pack of 5 Client Access Licenses, to be used for remote desktop services. Can someone please contact me with pricing, and how soon they can get it to me. I can make payment and send proof (will reflect immediately if you're with...

    Very outdated license on scooter

    I have a scooter, with papers and all, that I purchased in 2010. The papers aren't in my name and I can't track down the person in whose name the papers are. Also the license is outdated since 2010. What are my options now and what are the cost implications?
  20. Eugenef

    Police Clearance Certificate for a vehicle

    I have a Fox 1989 of which the engine was recently replaced. I went to the Police Clearance Unit and got a certificate in Empangeni were I was staying at that time and thought it was all done. I tried to renew my license the other day, and the 'system' (I presume this is Natis) states that...