online banking

  1. Jan

    Standard Bank online and mobile banking outage - 27 October 2021

    Standard Bank pay-day outage strikes Standard Bank online and mobile banking channels are down, with numerous customers complaining they cannot log into the mobile banking app or Internet banking. Complaints on Twitter showed that users of both the Android and iOS banking apps were greeted...
  2. B

    Opening personal bank account online

    Hi everyone I'm interested in opening a personal savings account online without having to go into a branch or to a shop indoors. This must include a debit card and internet banking. I know discovery bank already offers this service and they have the debit card delivered to you. Are any...
  3. DeSLAM

    ABSA online banking down again at month end - April 2018

    Why is blABSA going down so regularly at month end? Are they also striking?
  4. V

    Online Banking Security - certificates

    After watching a video course about extended validation certificates, I did a quick poll of local banking sites. If I understand it correctly, Chrome will show a green padlock and the registered name of the institution next to the HTTPS URL if an extended validation certificate is in use; it...
  5. wayne042

    Standard Bank Internet banking has a serious bug

    Standard bank Internet banking will transfer the incorrect amount to a beneficiary when you do a payment. The call center will only acknowledge that there is a bug if you insist that you did not make the payment for that amount. They paid Telkom R 43,797.83 insetad of R675. (yes 43...
  6. Kevin Lancaster

    Warning: online banking fraud on the rise in South Africa

    Warning: online banking fraud on the rise in South Africa Local bank customers must pay closer attention to their mobile security, the South African Bank Information Centre said on Thursday.
  7. M

    SA Banks' Online Banking Platforms

    Hi I'm currently doing academic research on online banking systems in SA and would like to know what standards and applications do banks use to develop their systems. This include any particular ISO standards, what platforms/middlewares are in use, which programming languages are dominant, do SA...
  8. M

    Online Banking Evaluation Survey

    I am doing research to evaluation the online banking service offered by South African Banks. I'm inviting you to participate in this research by completing an online survey that can be accessed through the link below...
  9. Baxteen

    ABSA App no longer supporting a rooted device

    on start up this morning I got a message saying: "Rooted device detected. Please note that the Absa App will not allow rooted devices in the next app update as the security of your data is important to us." clearly the person making this call at ABSA has no idea what rooting is and what...
  10. QuintonB

    Most popular devices for online banking

    Online banking – most popular devices, features 2014 Internet Banking SITEisfaction survey reveals the most popular devices used to access Internet banking
  11. S

    New July 2013

    Holy crap! Some one at FNB obviously hasn't heard the saying "If it ain't broke, don't f'ing fix it!!!" Where the hell did Instant Accounting go? Why the farcry cant I click on any of my accounts? Why the hell is the font so BIG that my neighbours can see my account balances? I think I...
  12. J

    Siri-like app introducing voice control to online banking

    Siri-like app aims for banking services Lola introduces banking assistance via voice control
  13. jes

    Absa online banking system partially restored

    Absa online banking system partially restored Absa Internet banking downtime still unexplained
  14. QuintonB

    Banking is the most popular online activity - survey

    What do you do online the most? Banking. Banking and keeping track of finances, shopping and searching for jobs are the main tasks of Internet users around the globe, according to a new international survey.
  15. QuintonB

    Absa hits R1 trillion in online banking transactions

    R1 trillion in Absa online banking transactions The value of transactions processed by Absa online banked reached a trillion Rand in 2011
  16. Jan

    FNB 22seven security solution: Banks respond

    Banks respond to FNB’s move to “allow” 22seven South African banks respond to FNB’s support for secure third-party access to online banking.
  17. S

    FNB System Error Halt investors to Buy or Sell Shares Online

    The problem is affecting users who want to view share trades, Buy or Sell shares online, investors have to wait until 18 June 2011 FNB to fix the problem, they can only buy or sell shares via telephone. FNB System Error Halt investors to Buy or Sell Shares Online
  18. D

    FNB Not being Honest?

    A while back I opened up an FNB bank account to have access to the PayPal service that they are offering. Finally when I had everything set and wanted to transfer some money into my PP account, I noticed that their currency conversion rate was a bit off. They list $1 = R7.1480 Example...
  19. E

    ABSA's website dies for some time!

    :whistle: :confused: VERY VERY BAD IT Management and or planning! If this is what a corporate company like ABSA's website look like (even when it is only temporary while switching servers/sites/designs... Guess getting paid thousands a month no...
  20. jes

    FNB online banking woes resolved

    FNB online banking woes resolved People that make use of FNB's online banking services reported troubles with the bank's systems which FNB says is now resolved