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    Overcharged on electricity prepaid meter: TheMeterMan

    SOS I feel like l am being overcharged in my prepaid meter is this normal? I pay R2.92 per kWh, and l live in Lyndhurst. My household is just 2 adults and a 5yr old. We are at school & work all day, no tv or radio, small fridge & really only cook 1meal a day. Geyser is switched on only for a...
  2. E

    Prepaid meter red lever and loadshedding

    Hi All Has anyone had any issues with the little red lever on their prepaid meters switching off during loadshedding? This lever obviously doesn't switch itself back on, which means the power remains off after the power has come back on. I've heard that you can seal/tape these so that they stay...
  3. M

    Am I Being Charged Too Much For Prepaid Electricity?

    Hello all, We live in a 2-bed sectional title in Lonehill, Johannesburg. We have a prepaid electricity meter. From what I've read, prepaid electricity is charged on a sliding scale and should be least expensive on the first of every month, but it seems this does not apply to us! No matter...
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    Prepaid Meter - Stuck on update

    Hi guys Anybody experienced the same issue? I tried moving it to different plug points to see if there was any interference with no luck. Once restarted, it will go back to the update and then get stuck on 0% and yes, I did leave it for much longer than an hour. I would really like to avoid a...
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    Is it still possible to get a prepaid meter from Tshwane?

    I want to install prepaid meters at units that I'm renting out, but I'm unable to determine if the city still provides this? I've contacted three different sub-metering companies who tell me that the municipal-direct meters are no longer available and that sub-metering is my only option. I...
  6. D

    Capitec Electricity Purchases (App / Internet)

    Hi Guys, first time poster :) I have been toying with the idea of moving all my banking to Capitec for a while now. Their latest introduction of electricity purchases in the app and online might finally push me over the wall. However, I cannot seem to add my meter number as a beneficiary. I...
  7. A

    Prepaid Metre - AM I BEING MISLED

    Prepaid Meter - AM I BEING MISLED Good day I had a prepaid electricity meter installed in the house that we let out, by company X about 4 years ago. Last month i had a new tenant move in. She loaded in R500 and only got R400 worth of electricity. The tenant complained and Company X notified...
  8. innovator

    May the City of Cape Town misappropriate your payments?

    OK so i am busy with a long standing battle with the City of Cape Town on an over-charge issue which I have already technically proven.. But they have used every delay tactic in the book to delay admitting they owe me the money (about R200,000). So the only weapon I have in my arsenal is to...
  9. N

    Prepaid Electricity- Am I paying too much? R100 for 44.10 units

    Hi Guys I recently moved to a complex in Benoni. The complex is with Ideal Prepaid. For R100 I get 44.10 units. Is this right?
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    Tshwane Prepaid Metering offline 01/06/2016

    Tshwane prepaid metering systems are currently offline and they cannot process any prepaid electricity purchases. I run a business from home office and am left at their mercy. All online prepaid payment systems such as prepaid24 , electronic banking, are down. 3rd party payment points from...
  11. J

    Changing prepaid electricity tariff.

    Good day I see that all over the place Ekurhuleni talks about being able to change your tariff rate once a year for prepaid electricity. If would seem however that how this is actually done is actually highly classified unpublished information. If anyone knows who we need to contact to...
  12. C

    Prepaid Electricity Usage is too high?? any help

    HI There So a friend and I live in a 2 bed, 2 bath unit on a plot with 2 other units and a main house. Each of the 3 units and the main home have their own prepaid meters. On average my friend and I are paying between R1200-R1600 a month on power. It seems very excessive to me as the...
  13. F

    Changing your prepaid electricity address details

    Hey guys, Renting in Burgundy Estate in Cape Town and bought R200's electricity and got 100 units...shocker. At my previous residence I got about 170 units (incl 25 free) for the same price. So this new meter must have me on a much higher rate of use which I obviously want to bring down...
  14. J

    Where can i buy a telkom prepaid online using my credit card?

    Where can i buy a telkom prepaid online using my credit card?
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    Electricity Metering Options for a granny flat

    Hi I live in a free-standing house and I have a tenant in a separate granny flat that has her own distribution board, but is in turn connected to mine (i.e. when I switch off my mains, she has no power). I want her to be able to pay for her own electricity, but I've checked that the...
  16. Y

    METER MATE - Ridiculous Prepaid Electricity Charges

    We have prepaid electricity meters from Meter Mate. This week they increased prepaid electricity prices from R1.40/kwh to R2.60 /kwh (75% increase). When I asked them about the price increase they said COJ municipality set the prices. I don't really believe that COJ would ever just increase the...
  17. K

    Pre-Paid Electricity

    Any tips on managing it properly, they are installing mine today.
  18. jes

    Cape Town's prepaid electricity upset

    Cape Town's prepaid electricity upset Councillor addresses complaints and allegations of instituting monopolies on prepaid electricity sales channels
  19. H

    Eskom Prepaid Meter Numbers

    Hi Guys I am busy developing a script to validate ESKOM prepaid meter numbers. Can anyone help me out with a ESKOM prepaid meter so that I can test my script? You will be rewarded with some free prepaid electricity for your troubles. Much appreciated! PM me.