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    Overcharged on electricity prepaid meter: TheMeterMan

    SOS I feel like l am being overcharged in my prepaid meter is this normal? I pay R2.92 per kWh, and l live in Lyndhurst. My household is just 2 adults and a 5yr old. We are at school & work all day, no tv or radio, small fridge & really only cook 1meal a day. Geyser is switched on only for a...
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    Am I Being Charged Too Much For Prepaid Electricity?

    Hello all, We live in a 2-bed sectional title in Lonehill, Johannesburg. We have a prepaid electricity meter. From what I've read, prepaid electricity is charged on a sliding scale and should be least expensive on the first of every month, but it seems this does not apply to us! No matter...
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    Is it still possible to get a prepaid meter from Tshwane?

    I want to install prepaid meters at units that I'm renting out, but I'm unable to determine if the city still provides this? I've contacted three different sub-metering companies who tell me that the municipal-direct meters are no longer available and that sub-metering is my only option. I...
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    Capitec Electricity Purchases (App / Internet)

    Hi Guys, first time poster :) I have been toying with the idea of moving all my banking to Capitec for a while now. Their latest introduction of electricity purchases in the app and online might finally push me over the wall. However, I cannot seem to add my meter number as a beneficiary. I...
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    Tshwane Prepaid Metering offline 01/06/2016

    Tshwane prepaid metering systems are currently offline and they cannot process any prepaid electricity purchases. I run a business from home office and am left at their mercy. All online prepaid payment systems such as prepaid24 , electronic banking, are down. 3rd party payment points from...
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    Changing prepaid electricity tariff.

    Good day I see that all over the place Ekurhuleni talks about being able to change your tariff rate once a year for prepaid electricity. If would seem however that how this is actually done is actually highly classified unpublished information. If anyone knows who we need to contact to...
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    Where can i buy a telkom prepaid online using my credit card?

    Where can i buy a telkom prepaid online using my credit card?
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    METER MATE - Ridiculous Prepaid Electricity Charges

    We have prepaid electricity meters from Meter Mate. This week they increased prepaid electricity prices from R1.40/kwh to R2.60 /kwh (75% increase). When I asked them about the price increase they said COJ municipality set the prices. I don't really believe that COJ would ever just increase the...
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    Cape Town's prepaid electricity upset

    Cape Town's prepaid electricity upset Councillor addresses complaints and allegations of instituting monopolies on prepaid electricity sales channels
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    Eskom Prepaid Meter Numbers

    Hi Guys I am busy developing a script to validate ESKOM prepaid meter numbers. Can anyone help me out with a ESKOM prepaid meter so that I can test my script? You will be rewarded with some free prepaid electricity for your troubles. Much appreciated! PM me.