1. B

    Email Problems

    Hello I'm currently having issues with setting up and accessing my email accounts. When using wifi, I cannot setup or access any of my domain hosted email accounts. If I switch to 3G on my tablet however, I can set them up and access them without a problem. When I switch back to wifi though...
  2. Ryansr

    ASUS RT-N66U new firmware v3.

    Has anyone tried out this new firmware release from ASUS for the RT-N66U yet? Is it worth the upgrade from the previous v3. firmware from ASUS? ASUS RT-N66U new firmware v3. BTW the current firmware v3. seems to be using OpenSSL 1.0.0.b that is not...
  3. T

    I Need a New Router. Any Recommendations?

    The wireless radio on my trusty D-Link DIR-655 appears to have died. So, I'm looking for a decent router to replace it. I need: 802.11n Gigabit Ethernet. At least 3 ports. UPNP Guest Zone / Virtual Network / whatever it's called. I don't know if I need Dual Band -- both 2.4 and 5 Ghz...
  4. B

    What to look for in a wifi Router?

    I'm thinking of getting ADSL ,but I don't want Telkom's ISP just line rental So now I have to get a separate Router. What should I look for? I want to connect quite a few devices( 4 Phones, 2 Tablets, 2 Laptops, an Ipod and an Xbox.)
  5. Q

    how can i connect two routers together wireless

    hi. how can I connect another tg589vn v3 to another tg589 vn v3? How if you can assist please. My main one is upstairs and I want to connect the other from downstairs wirelessly. Is that possible? Thanks
  6. A

    Telkom: ClearCom Router

    Hey peeps! We've recently installed an internet connection at home and everything works well except for one seemingly simple problem: only one of our laptops can connect to the network! The problem is certainly related to how the network accepts passwords (ah-hmm, sorry for the laymen talk)...
  7. Ryansr

    ASUS release new firmware v3. that fixes vulnerabilities

    Just found this useful piece of info for ASUS routers while searching for the latest firmware for my RT-N66U: Firmware is released : Update: After trying to update from the downloaded firmware for the above version and having the upgrade failing twice, I have decided to use...
  8. D

    Any Specs on the Free Mweb Router and Range Extender Offer?

    Does anyone know the specs of the Mweb Router and Range extender hardware? is it dualband? mbps? N+?AC? Specs would be great :) this is all i can find: Easy installation and set-up Ability to broadcast multiple WiFi Service Set Identifiers (SSIDs). Private SSID for home use and a...
  9. S

    Help with Household 2 Router Setup

    Hi, I have two routers: A Netgear DGND3700 (N600 Wireless Router). This is the primary router that connects to the ADSL line and works fine over wire and WiFi. D-Link DSL-2750U (N300 Wireless Router). The main router can't connect through the whole house so I would like to use the second...
  10. R

    Does router speed matter?

    Hi guys, Will a TP-Link 150mbs router give problems if a 2mb line is upgraded to a 4mb line with telkom? Any input will be appreciated, thanx :)
  11. L

    P2P using Bittorrent/Utorrent - NO PEER CONNECTION

    Hi all I am having a bit of trouble here with my torrent programs. I currently use uTorrent v3.3.2 and torrents were working fine just a few hours ago. Now I try to get something to start and all the peers seem to have an "I" as it's flag. This is pretty much where it all stops. I can not...
  12. M

    Is my router going kaput?

    I have a Billion 7300GRA router. Got it a few years ago. Over the last few days, connectivity has been erratic and I lose connectivity about every ten minutes or so. Sometimes more, sometimes less. The funny thing is that the lights on the router are on, as if everything is working, so I'm not...
  13. D

    Best/Good ADSL Router/Modem

    I have just signed up for ADSL (4mbps line). I currently have a TENDA 3G router/modem which I used with a 3G card. I'm looking at getting a decent ADSL modem/router, reliability being key. We live in a duplex so I'd like the WiFi signal strength strong enough to reach upstairs. We will...
  14. S

    Netgear DGND 3700v2 Modem/Router

    ADSL2+ modem Yes, with VDSL support Annex M Yes 3G modem Through USB IPv6 Yes Wireless protocols 802.11b/g/n 600mbps @5mhz and 2.4Mhz...
  15. P

    Afrihost VDSL and Capped Package suddenly stopped working. Please help!

    My wife and I are on an Afrihost 50GB packed package, and Afrihost is also managing our 20Mbps VDSL line. We loved the service we were getting, which was flawless until yesterday. Yesterday we suddenly had no internet access at all. Upon noticing this, I looked at my D-Link D300 router and...
  16. D

    What router is the best?

    Hi I am looking at buying a router. I was looking at the Belkin N600 but on reading the article on MyBroadband decided that is overpriced. So what are my alternatives as i have no idea.
  17. T

    Open-source router seeks funding

    Not sure if this sort of thing is allowed. If not, sorry. Linky link An Australian company wants to make an open-source router that's more secure and transparent than what's generally available. Seems like a good idea if you handle sensitive data (especially in the light of NSA malware and...
  18. 0

    ADSL Disconnects when phone rings

    Hi, I have a problem with my Internet connection: Whenever I receive a phone call my Internet disconnects - It shows on my Router with the DSL and Internet lights going off. Has anyone had this problem? How do I sort it out? I'm with Telkom using an Openweb account Thanks.
  19. B

    Bandwidth Management

    Soooooo, it boils down to the fact that there are 6 people under one roof all accessing the internet <== I believe you are able to see where the problem originates. I will be getting 20mbps VDSL soon (need to choose a modem between the 2 Zyxel routers offered by Axxess or the Telkom Pace). but...
  20. F

    Need help with WiFi Settings

    Hi all, I'm in a bit of a pickle and have no idea how to solve my problem. But first a bit of background. I already have a TP-Link Router and TP-Link Range Extender as well as three PC's that all work well with a TP-Link Nano N Receiver each. I would like to set up a Guest network...