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  1. E

    Cool Ideas - Static IP Addresss - FTTH

    Hi, I find it rather hard to justify paying for FTTB in order to get a static IP; with the recent move to remote work (as a Software and DevOps practitioner) I find myself needing a static IP address more than ever. I am unable to use DynDNS as I need to add my IP to various firewall rules for...
  2. R

    Telkom static IP activation

    Anyone now how to activate a static IP with Telkom without phoning technical support for a total of 3 hours just to be told they can't help you? Been a couple of days now :
  3. P

    Can I get a Static IP on CISP through SADV?

    Hello Everyone, Is it at all possible in any way, shape, or form to get a static IP address through Cool Ideas (or any other ISP) using SA Digital Villages Fibre? SADV is busy installing Fibre in our neighborhood, but I require a Static IP, and I am worried that I will not be able to get one...
  4. A

    Telkom Fibre & Public (Static) IP's

    Hi Everyone I wanted to find out if any of you have any experience in dealing with Telkom and Static IP's? Reason is, I have gotten them to install a fibre line with a static IP, and purchased an additional 4 static IP's. My problem is, they auto assign a static IP to router via L2TP on the...
  5. sf_sks

    Static IP on Router with LTE Sim

    Hi Guys, Apologies if this is a duplicate of an already existing thread. We have a client that has a Telkom Router with a Telkom SIM Card inside. They told him that he cannot have ADSL in the specific area. Problem is, he needs a static IP in order for his IP Cameras to work properly...
  6. J

    Openserve advice needed (Optical Network Terminal (ONT) , Multiple PPPoE + Static IP)

    I have searched the forum but can’t find anyone that has managed to setup more than one PPPoE connection using Openserve Fibre. From what I have seen the Openserve ONT only has one active Ethernet port, and I would like to hook it up to my Mikrotik router and then setup two PPoE connections...
  7. V

    Afrihost Static IP

    So, I requested a static IP address from Afrihost, which they promptly charged me for, and confirmed what the static IP address would be. Great, I set up NS, A Name, MX Records, all those lovely things. Everything is working beautifully. I still remember thinking to myself "wow that was rather...
  8. H

    Static IP non business

    Please advise I have an ADSL line and an static IP though a 3rd party. The static IP is for me to view my security cameras at home prior to entering or remotely. My line is at half the speed I am paying for. My ISP provider states that the static 3rd party IP is bringing the speed down...
  9. Z

    STATIC IP for Telkom Mobile

    Hello I got the Huawei LTE-A E5186 router from Telkom. I need to have a dynDNS setup, to run an application for our business via VPN. But as far as I can tell (and see in settings) the router does not support DNS. So second question... Does Telkom Mobile support STATIC IPs? Ive tried...
  10. J

    Reverse DNS

    Need some help/advice with below. Our company has an uncapped ADSL account with Afrihost with a static IP and our domain hosted by GoDaddy. We have our mail server setup on this IP as well and we need to point this IP back to our host name. We've created a ptr record on GoDaddy a week ago...
  11. K

    unable to create ppp0 interface within openwrt

    Hi there, Im trying to setup afrihost static ip address within opnwrt environment using openwrt image "openwrt-mr-mips-rootfs.tgz" om my mikrotik with metarouter. I am able to setup xl2tp and eth0,eth1 but having problem setting up ppp0 interface for the tunnel. xl2tp does not create...
  12. AndreTheGreat

    Static IP for Home ADSL Users

    Ok, so I have looked around a bit and found that only Axxess offers static IP's for home ADSL users at R59 per month. That is a very reasonable price. Why they are the only 'big' ISP in South Africa that offers this service, I can't understand. Surely ISP's have gotten a lot of requests to...
  13. D

    VPN Help - Connecting remotely to a LAN Point-Of-Sales system while traveling abroad

    Hello :)! I currently have POS workstations connected via LAN to a server that is on the same premises, each with static IPs. I now acquired a Tablet-PC running Windows 8.1 with the same POS software installed, it works perfectly within the same network via LAN or WiFi and now I want to...
  14. M

    Afrihost Static IP Setup on a Cisco 800 Series

    Guys Does anyone know how to setup a cisco router to connect the l2tp vpn to afrihost, I have been pulling my hair out for days, I was told It would work but I cant make head or tails from vpdn dail - in or out or.... Please help a guy out Thanks
  15. J

    AXXESS Public Static IP Address Setup

    Has anyone successfully setup a AXXESS public static ip address that they provide for free? I have bought a new Billion BiPAC 7402NX Router specifically to set up the L2TP VPN connection. But can't get any port-forwarding to work successfully. All I want to do is access a Apache server...
  16. jes

    Axxess offers static IPs for ADSL

    Axxess offers static IPs for ADSL Axxess launched its static IP address service to all its ADSL clients; free to business clients
  17. jes

    Axxess static IP address service for ADSL launching soon

    Axxess static IP address service for ADSL launching soon Axxess is set to launch a static IP address service, which will be available to all its clients
  18. C

    Static IP on ADSL

    Can anyone tell me if there is some way to get a static IP with ADSL, or suggest a cost effective way to aquire a static IP for hosting?
  19. P

    Whats important static IP or Uncapped??

    What do you guys consider more important from a static IP solution, the actual static IP addresses or the uncapped bandwidth. We've developed a static solution and I want to price it accordingly. Basically it will be fibre with 1 - 5 static IP's at 512 - 4Mb I'm thinking a local and...