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    The Best Isp support and reliability!

    I would like to invite everyone share their : 1. Call waiting times 2. Email response times 3. Account Activation times 4. Frequency of support needed( and reason for frequency) 5. Automatic service notifications, or any for that matter I will kick the thread off by listing my own...
  2. B

    SimCity4 - failure to launch!

    I've got the weirdest thing happening: from the same 2-cd set of install discs, the game works just fine under XP Pro SP3 on an HP notebook that has the only vaguely useful Intel graphics driver, works just as fine under Win7_64bit ..but utterly fails/refuses to start - or even install properly...
  3. D

    iBurst iCall - iWORST!

    iBurst iCall support has increased dramatically since it's inception. I ranted and raved and when I finally got hold of them, they where swift and helpful! Thanks iBurst. Makes for a nice change.
  4. W

    MTN Support Email Address

    Hey guys Does anyone know what is the email address or if there is an online form where I can submit a support request? I've only found but frankly, I don't only want to complain. Or maybe MTN thinks their clients only complain. :P
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    Outstanding service from Antec!

    I'm gobsmacked. My gob has, quite literally, been smacked. I bought a second hand Antec Solo a month or two ago and it was missing a foot - they're big rubbery things separating it from the ground. The previous owner had thoughtfully glued the remaining foot in the middle, so it isn't such a...
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    Is Telkom its own worst enemy?

    Is Telkom its own worst enemy?
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    Telkom promises better service

    Telkom promises better service