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    VAT increase : companies absorbing VS companies passing it on to you

    Many of you probably got emails or SMSs over the last few weeks regarding the VAT increase of 1% to 15%. What is interesting to me is the companies that are absorbing this cost VS those that pass it on to the customer. Let's list the good ones VS the bad ones. In my case so far : Passing...
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    I got shafted by BidOrBuy

    Branching this story into a thread of it's own. You may have seen Bid Or Buy getting mentioned quite a few times here : Heed those warnings and the one below So let me share...
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    What a chop - Hit and Run on the N1

    I just had to smile when I read this story on Facebook. Some people think they can get away with anything. Posted on Saturday by Marielle Rus : WEIR2 WP
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    Whatsapp Message transfer to Android

    I have the messages.db files from my Windows Phone and I would like to restore this on Android. Anyone know if this is possible? Alternatively is there anyway I can open it? Seems to be SQLite but it is encrypted.
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    Is this a valid traffic violation / charge?

    My wife got this last Sunday, it reads "Disobey a stop sing" Apart from the fact that the officer could not see the stop line where he was located half way down the bottom of a hill, and apart from the fact that he pulled her over on an unsafe road with a solid white line (forcing other...
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    BidOrBuy (and the idiots that run it)

    One of my major gripes with BidOrBuy is stuff listed in the wrong categories. I have taken up this matter with BidOrBuy many times only to be told that I should rather use the search function or some other pathetic excuse. Bottom line is they don't care and they don't have the slightest...
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    New cars and number plates

    Why do I see so many new cars that do not have number plates on? Some don't even have the barely visible temporary paper registration. Are the dealers so lazy that they can't even sort out number plates these days? In 2000 I got a Bantam, ordered it on a Monday, drove off the showroom floor...
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    Audi test fleet with registrations ABC *** NC ??

    Sunday morning at about 7:30 this whole fleet of Audi's, some with funky antennas stuck on them, blew past us on the R304 about 3km from the N1 towards Klipheuwel. All of them had registration numbers ABC ___ NC and some had their badges covered in duct tape (matched the silver of the car more...
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    Protest action in Jamestown, Stellenbosch

    Not sure what it is about, modus operandi seems to be same old.
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    SARS, a bunch of morons

    So I need to just do this little rant because we have a strict policy against drinking during office hours. A week ago SARS tells me I owe them R1480, most likely because they did not bother to look at my RA and Medical Aid Tax Certificates, but I could not care less I just want them off my...
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    Stellenbosch ADSL capacity problem

    Not sure how if anyone else are experiencing this, but in Welgevonden we have had our ADSL cut / severely constrained since the start of the month. After some digging around and a few people pestering Telkom it turns out they ran out of capacity for Stellenbosch and have resorted to "load...
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    First Ford, then Holden and now Toyota

    Seems the motor industry down under has received the final nail in its coffin. Ford will stop making its Falcon range at the end of 2016 as part of an internationalisation process. Holden will cease production in 2017 and now Toyota seems to be closing down manufacturing down under...
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    People using Club Cabs as Double Cabs

    Few things get me so fired up as this; People buying Club Cab (King / Extended / Cab-and-a-half) and then fitting some sort of after market bench seat in the back of the cab. Firstly its dangerous because from a safety perspective the bakkie was not designed to have occupants in the back...
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    No reminders about data bundle expiry

    Dear Vodacom, please find the nearest horse turd and suck on it!!! This morning I blew R50 on data because I was under the impression my bundle only expires tonight. I did not receive an SMS saying my data bundle is about to expire yesterday. Not only did I loose 220MB I have now also lost a...
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    Holden to join Pontiac, Hummer, Oldsmobile and Saturn in GM heaven

    Full Story : Quite sad since in 2016 Ford Australia is stopping production of the Falcon.
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    British Airways... not nice

    Is it just me or has BA gone a bit stupid as of late? I was under the impression they were very nice until last night. My wife is doing a post doctoral study on oysters after completing her PhD on abalone reproduction. For the past two years she has visited various oysters farms, local and...
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    Dafuq is wrong with Mweb Uncapped hosting

    This weekend I had to move some of my PhpBB3 instances off Mweb uncapped and back onto my old Host4Africa space. It seems there is a huge performance problem on Mweb side. If you submit more than one request to the server you get a 500 error. Even static HTML sites fails to load because there...
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    Awesome places to chill when your car breaks down.

    1) Next to the traffic lights : Requirements : VW Jetta & Moerse Sub :D
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    If smoking is so bad for you, why doesn't it kill you faster?

    I know a few people that have been smoking since before they were 18 and they are not dead yet, and these are folks that are between 40 and 50. Why don't they die faster? Smoking is claimed to be very harmful but it sure does not look like that to me.
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    USB3 is not really serial - should it not be UPB

    USB1 and USB2 only has one data line consisting of two wires. USB3 has 3 data lines consisting of 6 wires, so therefor it is actually parallel. Why do they still call it USB and not UPB?