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  1. D

    No Telkom service during 30-day cancellation period

    Apart from a billing screwup that I can't get fixed (debited twice for R2300), I now have no services during the 30-day cancellation period for a Telkom mobile contract. Of course now I'm on pay as you go, and so can't get through to contract support (even if such a thing did exist). How on...
  2. J

    Telkom=no service

    Telkom = no service I actually wish there was a selection where you could rate with minuses. One of the biggest mistakes I ever made is deciding to migrating from Afrihost to Telkom as my ISP. Main reason was Telkom had a better offer. After phoning and confirming there were infrastructure for a...
  3. L

    Telkom screwing me over

    I have had telkom adsl since january and it never really worked.been trying to get help from technical constantly and nothing could ever be done to it.I gave up hope and since february ive been trying to cancel my account to no avail. I now sit with a letter from telkom demanding payment...
  4. M

    Telkom is trying to rob me

    Telkom can expect a cancellation Request from me today. after i paid my bill on the 25th by EFT last month they debt my account on the 31st of January 2018 for the same amount. I Called the call centre to refund my money and the consultant told me the debt order doesn't reflect yet but the ETF...
  5. Z

    Telkom Issues - Telkom Line not working since 10th December 2017!!!!

    Hi Who can I contact to resolve my Telkom line issues??? I logged a fault query with them on the 10.12.2017. It is now 15.01.2018, over 30 days and I am not able to make outgoing calls nor use the Internet!!! What makes it worst, is that they have charged me for the FULL month of...
  6. M

    Does anyone have the telkom CEO contact details? or should i go with ICASA?

    Well, never expected to pay and be waiting since december, but took out a voice line over a year ago and this was installed, then thought ADSL is a good idea so in January I signed up for Axxess capped with them managing line rental. At that time telkom suspends the voice account and then...
  7. vorman

    Telkom Debited Twice

    Anyone got debited twice by Telkom this month? Or previously. How did you resolve? MY debit date is the !st of every month, and now I see they debited on the 10th again.
  8. G

    Official way to log a dispute with Telkom (preferably in-person)

    Hi I'm genuinely struggling for months to resolve a dispute with Telkom. I was told that I need to log a billing dispute. No-one at Telkom seems willing/able to do this for me. I've been disconnected on the online chat. Was told at the shop in Tygervalley that they cannot do this in...
  9. L

    Why approve a contract if you don't have the stock (IT IS NOT FAIR ON CUSTOMERS!)

    :mad::mad:I took out two contracts for the Huawei P9 lite at the Adderley street Telkom branch. I ordered black and gold they said they were receiving stock this week. Now when I call to ask "around when this week?", they saY they did receive stock but only for the customers that had signed...
  10. D

    TELKOM Package Issue

    Hi Eveyone Please help me, i took out a SmartBroadband Wireless 20GB + Huawei B315 package for R 399.00 per month. How do i change the package to the current uncapped packages that they offer?:confused: The contact is now only been active for the last thre (3) months. I tried...
  11. R

    Pathetic service while doing application for Uncapped Wireless

    I did an application for wireless broadband uncapped on the 27th of Jan on their website. Got the call on 4th of Feb at 11:25AM to complete my application. Everything was completed and I was told that I would receive my equipment within the next 3 day and that the installation would be done...
  12. L

    MWEB ADSL package billing

    Hi guys, I just need some clarification on this. At the moment I have a ADSL package with MWEB and I let them manage my line with Telkom. As far as I understand I then only need to pay MWEB and in return they will then pay Telkom? Telkom phoned me yesterday saying that my account...
  13. D

    10 mbps ADSL perhaps - Amberfield Ridge Estate, Centurion

    Hi guys I moved to Amberfield Ridge Estate recently, and require 10mbps ADSL. I have checked with the local Telkom shop in Mall@Reds, and they can't see ADSL speeds in that estate, so they advised me to apply for a line and see what happens. I also used Telkom's online checked, and for my...
  14. T

    The HELL that is HELLkom

    OMG, the pure unhelpfullness and uselessness of Telkom is enough to make you want to jump out of the window. :mad: Anybody know of a less stressful way of cancelling a Telkom line and DSL without having to deal with those incompetent Call Center individuals????????? I have sat on the phone now...
  15. O

    Does one need license to open internet cafe? Resell computers and it accessories?

    Good Morning I need clarity on whether I need a license to operate Internet cafe? resell pc's,softwares and accessories? If any who do I register with? I am also hoping to offer wireless service to people around my area...also need licensing? Which department to approach? Icasa? Communications...
  16. F

    Telkom account expiry

    Hey telskom users and x-telskom users ... I signed up for my Telkom account in November 2008 (2 year contract, Do Broadband Level 1). Does Telkom automatically renew the contract for another 2 years, or does my DSL become a normal phone line again? :confused: I want to continue with DSL line...