1. A

    Will this Asus vdsl router work? ...and any other advice

    My exchange is finally vdsl enabled. I'm planning on upgrading my service to 40Mbps vdsl (currently on 4mbps uncapped unshaped on mweb). My questions: 1) will this Asus router serve me better than the pace / billion / zyxer (I think that was the name) offerings...
  2. D

    I reckon I'm the unluckiest internet user in existence!

    Hi Guys, I have been a silent observer/admirer of the forum for quite some time now.I reside in Blairgowrie and currently have two Vodacom Broadband Contracts. One 3 Gig and one 5 Gig. I never seem to stay within my cap when it comes to these contracts and as a result my data bill is always...
  3. jes

    Top broadband speeds in SA

    Top broadband speeds in SA The latest MyBroadband speed test server results reveal which broadband services in South Africa have the highest peak speeds
  4. M

    Telnet / SSH on Pace 921VNX

    Did anyone have any success accessing Telnet / SSH on this device? I can connect to it, but it won't take my web admin login. Also tried root as username. (with my password and "admin")
  5. jes

    Telkom to boost 20Mbps and 40Mbps VDSL rollout

    Telkom to boost 20Mbps and 40Mbps VDSL rollout Telkom is set to go live with a large number of new MSANs over the next two months, which will result a larger VDSL footprint
  6. B

    20mbps VDSL line

    So I recently upgraded my line to a 20mbps VDSL line (from 10mbps ADSL), but I just cannot get it working with the VDSL WAN interface. The line currently syncs at 15356/1076 kbps but is using the ADSL WAN interface. To my mind I've set up the VDSL WAN interface correctly, but nada. I've deleted...
  7. M

    Does faster internet = better streaming?

    So I currently have a 10mbps line which works perfectly for some streaming applications (such as 1080p Youtube) but really sucks for other (like eNCA & Sky News on my Roku). My question is; will upgrading my line to VDSL have any effect on my streaming or is the problem generally from the...
  8. W

    What areas in South Africa are VDSL Enabled?

    Telkom have announced that there are now over 200 000 enabled VDSL ports in South Africa. Are you lucky enough to get these speeds? The below is a table of the areas where VDSL is currently available: Gauteng Bedfordview Benmore Gardens Bryanston Constantiapark Eastleigh Edenvale...
  9. jes

    Fibre all the way

    Fibre all the way Fibre of all flavours has been the driver of growth for global fixed broadband subscribers
  10. jannier

    VDSL roll-out Registration.

    To enable Telkom to plan there VDSL rollout for the next financial budget year it is essential anybody that is interested should register if you have not done so already. This will give Telkom an indication where service rollout should take priority...
  11. B

    GreenPoint / SeaPoint VDSL Availability

    Yo, anyone know if VDSL has been enabled in the GreenPoint / SeaPoint areas in Cape Town? I'm getting conflicting information from my ISP and Telkom.
  12. A

    VDSL in Bedfordview

    For the past 7-8 months Telkom has been erecting MSANS in my area. i live in senderwood and there are 3 MSANS about 100m on each corner from me. Does anyone that lives in Befordview or the senderwood area have access to VDSL and if so what's your attenuation and SNR'S like?
  13. P

    Afrihost VDSL and Capped Package suddenly stopped working. Please help!

    My wife and I are on an Afrihost 50GB packed package, and Afrihost is also managing our 20Mbps VDSL line. We loved the service we were getting, which was flawless until yesterday. Yesterday we suddenly had no internet access at all. Upon noticing this, I looked at my D-Link D300 router and...
  14. jes

    Telkom pumping R12 billion into high speed broadband network

    Telkom pumping R12 billion into high speed broadband network Telkom Wholesale and Networks is investing R12 billion in its Next Generation High Speed Broadband Network
  15. B

    Bandwidth Management

    Soooooo, it boils down to the fact that there are 6 people under one roof all accessing the internet <== I believe you are able to see where the problem originates. I will be getting 20mbps VDSL soon (need to choose a modem between the 2 Zyxel routers offered by Axxess or the Telkom Pace). but...
  16. C

    Move line to an MSAN as opposed to DSLAM

    Hi all I currently live in area where my DSLAM is about 30 Metres away but I am interested in ordering Afrihost 20Mb. There Is an MSAN about 80-100 Metres away. I wanted to find out if it's possible for Telkom to connect me to that MSAN in order to allow me to get 20Mb Thanks in advance :)
  17. C

    Afrihost not allowing me to get 10Mbps

    Hi I'm currently on Afrihost 4/10Mbps capped adsl and my line is hosted with them. I have checked with the Telkom ADSL vailability checker and I'm next to the Benmore Exchange and my area supports 10Mbps according to the website. Now here is my problem, when I phone Afrihot or use the Clientzone...
  18. C

    ADSL,ADSL2+,VDSL Speedtest

    Hi I was wondering if people who are on 4Mb and up could post pics or screenshots of their speedtest on MyBB or OOkla Speedtests please I'm curious about the various upload and Pings (local of course) Thanks in Advance
  19. C

    VDSL modem options?

    Did a quick search through older threads and did not find a definitive answer. The MSAN around the corner is going live in a week and I want to switch over to VDSL. I'm looking for a VDSL capable modem other than the Pace, modem/router, supplied by Telkom. I do not need a router - I will...
  20. jes

    Telkom ADSL IPC price cut details

    Telkom ADSL IPC price cut details Telkom’s Bashier Sallie has summarised details of what to expect from the next ADSL IP Connect price cut