1. StoneCold

    Bloemfontein FTTH Thread

    Hi guys, Seeing that Bloemfontein has been added for future planned FTTH roll out via Telkom, I decided that we too deserve our own thread :) Here is a map of the different areas that has been identified: http://i.imgur.com/EoyldHB.jpg Last week Wednesday I received a notification in...
  2. N

    OPENWEB Terrible For Gamers and Downloads

    I have been a long-time Customer of OpenWeb. I have one of their then-premium 10MB Uncapped ADSL Gaming accounts. I complained that my account was throttled to a near standstill where my account was specifically designed not to be throttled for Downloads or Gaming. OpenWeb sent...
  3. A

    Panorama ADSL infrastructure

    Panorama DSL infrastructure Firstly, I'm more of a myBB reader than a poster. I would like to explain my sad story as briefly as possible, the TL;DR version. Panorama is a small suburb in Parow, Cape Town where i reside. There a couple of institution/facilities/services nearby, namely...
  4. D

    ISP for heavy bandwirth and gaming

    Hi Guys I have been looking around for an ISP to provide VDSL at the best price on a capped account. I have no idea who to choose, i have switched from mweb to affrights to crystal web on a 10mbs line capped accounts put my latency on Xbox Live is so poor. I heavily Stream from youtube...
  5. D

    ISP for gaming and heavy bandwidth

    Hi Guys I have been looking around for an ISP to provide VDSL at the best price on a capped account. I have no idea who to choose, i have switched from mweb to affrights to crystal web on a 10mbs line capped accounts put my latency on Xbox Live is so poor. I heavily Stream from youtube...
  6. A

    20mb Installation - Self Installation Information

    Hi Guys, I am scheduled to get a 20mbs line from Telkom installed on Thursday. I have opted for a self installation, and have asked the agent at telkom what I would need to do this (eg equipment wise, router, cables). He has told me the technician will call me on the day or the day before to...
  7. P

    VDSL Information

    Have just converted my Telkom line to 20mb VDSL . Have tried two different modems TP Link ADSL 2A and a Technicolour VDSL Modem. There is hardly any difference in speed on either modem. Really thought VDSL modem would be faster. Speed of 17.52 download, which is pretty good, but upload speed is...
  8. C

    ADSL Upstream SNR Margin

    Hey there, So recently my area had an MSAN installed about 100m away from me and I was connected to it. Recently I checked my line stats and although my downstream stats were good at, 14db attenuation and 23db SNR margin, my upstream stats were much worse at, 23db attenuation and 12db SNR...
  9. S

    Pace 921VNX VDSL Router [S]

    Item name: PACE 921VNX Gateway - More info here Age and condition: 1 week (Brand New still in Packaging with plastic wrapping) Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: Yes (by Telkom) Reason for selling: It's an extra that I have from Telkom. Price: R1100 Negotiable: Yes Location: Cape Town...
  10. M

    Exchange Supports 40Mbps, profiles loaded but infrastructure only 4mbps

    I was wondering if anybody could explain this to me. Our exchange has been upgraded to 40mbps, the Telkom Line Checker says that we can get 40mbps, Afrihost tells me that they can upgrade me to 40mbps, but it won't help since the area's infrastructure still only supports 4mbps. Is this...
  11. Kevin Lancaster

    Best and worst broadband connections in SA

    Best and worst broadband connections in South Africa MyBroadband’s latest survey reveals which fixed and mobile broadband services are rated as the best in South Africa by tech-savvy consumers
  12. M

    Behind the scenes at Telkom

    Our business ADSL line went down over the weekend. Logging the fault at Telkom cost our technician four consecutive calls to 10217 of roughly 30 minutes each. This had me wondering... www.MYADSL.co.za was started up (back in the day) to help improve the quality of broadband services in...
  13. J

    When will other areas get fibre?

    Hi guys, so I currently live in carletonville, Gauteng, it's about 70KM from Johannesburg. I just would like to know when my area will get fibre? Smaller areas want fibre too you know ;) Telkom says my area can support up to 2mbps but some people have 10mbps lines and it works fine, i have...
  14. D

    Telkom Pace Port Forwarding

    I have forwarded ports on a clients router, some of the forwarded ports work and some will not open, anyone else experienced this problem.
  15. M

    A VDSL setup that doesn't suck? (Including router suggestions)

    A few months ago I upgraded to 20Mbps VDSL and purchased the PACE 921VNX router. The router is a complete flop and I have to restart it just about every day when it stops responding. Today I disabled WiFi on it and am using my old Netgear DGN2200 for WiFi to see if it helps with this issue. I...
  16. Jan

    South Africa’s broadband prices improving, but speed still lacking

    South Africa’s broadband prices better, speed lacking Point Topic’s residential broadband tariff benchmark report shows that local broadband prices are improving, but speeds are still lagging behind global standards.
  17. K

    Attention Helderberg ADSL Users (Somerset West, Gordon's Bay, Strand)

    Hey Guys, We are finally on the map, under consideration for VDSL 20/40 Mbps. This doesn't mean we will be getting it, but they are considering it. Brothers, Can I please ask for your hand in support? Simply go to the following link and let Telkom know you would like VDSL in your area...
  18. Rouxenator

    Welgevonden getting VDSL

    After having no capacity on ADSL round about the middle of the year things returned to normal a month ago. Recently it seems Telkom has a nice little weekend project going. Every weekend, Saturday and Sunday, we have Telkom technicians working on a new install. Someone in our estate asked them...
  19. D

    Webafrica VDSL priority profile

    A month ago I switched from Webafrica's Home Capped VDSL to Business Capped VDSL (20Mb). They claim http://support.webafrica.co.za/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/1000/164/vdsl-qa "Business Capped VDSL: Platinum priority". When I switched I should have gone from Titanium to Platinum...
  20. M

    Fibre in Bryanston?

    Hi, I'm looking for information on plans for residential (?) fibre installations in Bryanston - if any. By now I have lost track of the number of times the sidewalks in our streets have been dug up for the laying of new fibre. There are new manholes to provide access to these cables all over...