1. K

    Attention Helderberg ADSL Users (Somerset West, Gordon's Bay, Strand)

    Hey Guys, We are finally on the map, under consideration for VDSL 20/40 Mbps. This doesn't mean we will be getting it, but they are considering it. Brothers, Can I please ask for your hand in support? Simply go to the following link and let Telkom know you would like VDSL in your area...
  2. Rouxenator

    Welgevonden getting VDSL

    After having no capacity on ADSL round about the middle of the year things returned to normal a month ago. Recently it seems Telkom has a nice little weekend project going. Every weekend, Saturday and Sunday, we have Telkom technicians working on a new install. Someone in our estate asked them...
  3. D

    Webafrica VDSL priority profile

    A month ago I switched from Webafrica's Home Capped VDSL to Business Capped VDSL (20Mb). They claim http://support.webafrica.co.za/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/1000/164/vdsl-qa "Business Capped VDSL: Platinum priority". When I switched I should have gone from Titanium to Platinum...
  4. M

    Fibre in Bryanston?

    Hi, I'm looking for information on plans for residential (?) fibre installations in Bryanston - if any. By now I have lost track of the number of times the sidewalks in our streets have been dug up for the laying of new fibre. There are new manholes to provide access to these cables all over...
  5. akescpt

    Please help decipher this loop length...

    I enquired about vdsl and got the following reply: im assuming the loop is from the exchange to me and then back again. how close do I need to be for 20mps? does everybody have line of sight of their exchanges for 20mbps? and the Telkom checker says im stuck on 4mbps but could I then get...
  6. Kevin Lancaster

    40Mbps uncapped VDSL - SA prices

    40Mbps uncapped VDSL prices compared Telkom recently cut the price of its 20Mbps and 40Mbps uncapped VDSL services – here is how these new rates stack up against other ISPs
  7. J

    Total Cost Ownership TCO - VDSL

    What is the Total Cost of Ownership for VDSL? What are the options for capped? Telkom Landline Rental = R167 ADSL Rental = R ISP Portion = R I know there are options here for capped/uncapped ,but any indication please. Currently for normal ASDL the...
  8. QuintonB

    Telkom launches new ADSL, 3G contract deals

    New Telkom ADSL, 3G SmartHome deals Telkom has unveiled a new range of 3G, ADSL and VDSL SmartHome deals, which offer a full converged solution
  9. J

    VDSL Issues in most parts of house

    Hi, my VDSL doesn't seem to connect well in most parts of my house and was connecting fine at a jack closest to where the Telkom line enters the house, but recently a Telkom technician tried wiring from this working jack to the jack where my modem was originally(recommended by another fault...
  10. A

    Line Upgrade time

    Anyone here know what's involved in upgrading a standard DSL 10mb line to 20mb? I upgraded to a 20mb premium with mweb and ordered the telkom line upgrade on monday a.m. They told me it would take 24-48 hours. I called back on Wednesday and they told me it takes 24-72 hours. Today they say it...
  11. Kevin Lancaster

    Big 20Mbps, 40Mbps VDSL price cuts

    Big 20Mbps, 40Mbps VDSL price cuts Axxess has cut the price of its capped and uncapped VDSL combo products, following Telkom’s wholesale price reductions
  12. M


    Hi Guys, Getting VDSL before the end of September, and wondering which ISP is the best with regards to speeds/throttling etc. If there has already been a thread, i apologize in advance. TIA
  13. Kevin Lancaster

    Telkom drops 20Mbps, 40Mbps VDSL wholesale prices

    Telkom 20Mbps, 40Mbps VDSL wholesale price cuts Telkom has slashed the wholesale price of its 20Mbps and 40Mbps VDSL products, with new 100Mbps fibre to the home prices to follow soon
  14. G

    Optimising ADSL2 and VDSL service performance

    Found the below and thought it might help somebody. Optimising ADSL2 and VDSL service performance
  15. Kevin Lancaster

    Why you can't get maximum Telkom DSL speeds

    Telkom’s DSL: why you can’t get maximum speeds Your ADSL speed is influenced by many factors, including the copper quality, copper length, and the technology used
  16. Kevin Lancaster

    World record broadband speeds achieved over copper

    World record broadband speed of 10Gbps using copper Alcatel-Lucent sets new world record broadband speed of 10Gbps for transmission of data over traditional copper telephone lines
  17. S

    VDSL modem/router

    Hi, Since VDSL is incredibly new to me, I would like to find out what I should be looking for when I am shopping for a VDSL router please? These are my requirements: Must have WiFi Must be able to split connection across three homes Homes are about 20m apart from one another. Do I run CAT5...
  18. D

    VDSL in Sea Point, Cape Town

    Hi everyone, I'm just trying to see if anyone has successfully managed to get VDSL in Sea Point - Cape Town yet? They say its available and I applied 2 weeks ago but so far nothing. I live about 1.5 km's away from the exchange and have very good noise/attenuation rates on my current ADSL so I...
  19. B

    Google Chromecast Difficulties with Telkom VDSL Modem

    Please can anyone help me? I have upgraded my ADSL to the 40mbs line and it came with the Pace modem. I also bought a Chromecast but when setting it up it does not see my wireless network. Does anyone know or has anyone come across this problem and is willing to help me fix it. Everything...
  20. jes

    Telkom 100Mbps LTE rollout areas: new details

    Telkom 100Mbps LTE rollout areas: new details Telkom will deliver high speed home LTE connectivity to a host of new suburbs across the country