1. object

    Chatsworth KZN Fibre

    Hi All, Has anyone in chatsworth got their fibre?
  2. T

    Vumareach issues after changing ONT Wifi/WLAN details

    Hi I couldn't seem to find similar threads regarding this but I've encountered a rather odd issue after changing my WLAN details on my Vumareach ONT After changing the ONT details (from the default RG-1000... name and issued password) to my own unique name and password, everything seemed fine...
  3. B

    Ditching Vuma for Openserve

    For the past 4 years, I have used Cell C + Vuma for my internet. I am on a 20mbps fibre line but I feel like we may need something a little faster. I have been very happy with Cell C as my ISP, their support is exceptional and their international capacity is reliable. I checked Cell-C's...
  4. KingAuthor

    What is the best month-to-month fibre package/product on on Vuma?

    I am was browsing Vuma and got to that link, the website states it has 100+ fibre packages. What is the best month-to-month, no contract, product or package provided by Vuma?
  5. Sharkssmart1

    Any constant interruptions in the Roodepoort area?

    I reside in Helderkruin, Roodepoort where the Fibre cables are managed by Vumatel. For the last few weeks there has been constant interruptions with the speed. The speed can drop to 0.03 kbs, or it can disconnect on its own and reconnect out of the blue a few minutes later. I do not know what...
  6. L

    Vuma Pathetic Service

    Good Day Just would like to find out if I am the only one in this boat Our area is covered by Vuma and since day 1 have had isses. First of all we have 2 connections on our property one for main house and one for Cottage Now here is where all the problems started. When they first installed...
  7. Z

    VUMA which ISP

    Hi people What is the best ISP on VUMA in the Southern Burb area. When I say "best" I just mean ISP that rarely has any issues line gets the speed or damn close to what I am paying for. Should there be issue it get resolved quick and smoothly. I am with Afrihost on ADSL and the line works I...
  8. S

    New install: Vuma/Telkom no internet

    I took out a Telkom subscription recently. Vuma sent the guys to install the CPE, and the installer confirmed that the connection was active. The "DBAM: OPS Specialist" I am corresponding with at Telkom asked me to inform her as soon as the installation was complete. I did so, and she responded...
  9. TE3TH

    Vumatel Fibre Provisioning?

    Please assist, I am not getting much help with Vuma support. My installation was done on Thursday last week, after which the installers told me that the line must be provisioned. (What does this mean?). They came to provision the line on Monday, and gave me an object number just before they...
  10. niVoque

    Vumatel Installation Issues

    For those of you with Vumatel Fibre - I need some help. I am dying here waiting for this blue light to go solid on my CPE. The techie said it would be solid in 10-15 minutes but that was at 2pm today... Did this also take as long for anybody else? I also am unable to send packets on this CPE's...
  11. J

    Fibre Specials - Vumatel Infrastructure

    Morning All, Happy Monday! So Vuma is done in my area and I can now proceed with my install / picking an ISP. I am hoping to get an ISP that is offering the free install (R1790 / activation). Has anyone see any specials out there at the moment? I dont mind a contract if the deal is good...
  12. T

    WebAfrica/Vumatel - Any international download issues?

    Is anybody else having issues with Webafrica international download speeds, specifically on the Vuma infrastructure? I've consistently had trouble on my 20mbps line since getting fibre a month ago, especially during peak periods (7-9 in the evening). Speedtests to both London and New York come...
  13. D

    Vumatel Data Service providers - Performances

    Vumatel is coming to our area, and there seems to be a great deal of uncertainty of which data providers provide a good service - ie no shaping, low latency, fair use policy, actual data speeds for international traffic. There seems to be a lot of info on test done on the Vuma network but all...
  14. K

    FTTH, Greenside, Johannesburg, Vumatel

    I could not find a thread on this, even tough it has been known that Vumatel will expand from Parkhurst outwards. Well today I got an email annoucing their rollout as well as an introduction letter from the residents' association...
  15. D

    Who wants my FTTH Parkhurst house keys?

    I'm looking for a fellow nerd to hand over my house keys to. I'm moving to Cape Town in 3 weeks and will be renting out, or possibly even selling my house. If you want to have your very own FTTH Vuma powered house on 1 Jan 2015, this is for you. If you're not aware of the pricing... you get a...