web design

  1. A

    Graphic Designer + Basic web skills - Salary?

    Hi, We are looking to hire a full time graphics + web guy to do the following: 1) Take product images and make them look attractive 2) Design certain boxes/logos for certain products 3) Upload products/descriptions to our web site. 4) Produce product catalogues of products 5) Other...
  2. J

    Facebook tabs

    hey guys, any idea on how to create a tab in a facebook page which if clicked will take you to another facebook page? I have 2 brands which will be sold through 1 portal/shop. Both brand facebook pages need to have a facebook tab which either a. if clicked, hyperlinks them to go straight...
  3. R

    Need honest opinions

    Hi Everyone, Just finished this yesterday. Please check it out and tell me what you think. http://client.web-guy.co.za
  4. M

    looking for designing tips for seo point of view

    Hello Frineds, I am looking for new things like desinging with seo prospective... now every website is been approching their marketing prospective.... and looking for seo friendly website design. can any one tell me or guide me about seo friendly web design. Thanks, Michael Jordan
  5. AfriMan

    Rockstar Web Designer

    If you've been looking out for that amazing opportunity that will change your life, it could be here in the Afrihost family! We're looking for a Mid-level to Senior Web Designer with a passion for creativity and excellence. What's it all about, you ask? Coming up with amazing layouts...
  6. F

    New business fund

    Hi, I want to start a small business for web development and web design. Does anyone knows if the government has any funds for new small businesses's.... Thanks for your help.
  7. W

    Please help with feedback on my Portfolio website

    Hey there guys! Would you care to give me feedback on my Web Design portfolio website? Any feedback will be much appreciated! www.peppermintdesign.co.za
  8. S

    Web Designer Opening

    Hey everyone, My company is looking for a web designer with basic SEO knowledge (Advantageous). Company is located in Fourways -JHB. Junior - Mid Level Position with a laid back company that's growing extremely fast. Please PM me for more info. :D
  9. S

    Need an E-Commerce website designed

    Hi Guys, Do any of you do or know of someone who can create an E-commerce site? Will be quite a big project. Thanks
  10. E

    Web Design in South Africa

    I am starting a web site that showcases some of the best web designs in South Africa. I also plan to update the blog section with advice on where the best places are to get hosting, best design agencies and more. The site is called http://pixelbright.co.za - Sourcing the best pixels from the...
  11. B

    What is up With Web Designers

    Can you someone please explain to me how a web development company can ask R350 for a 5 page website These people are killing the trade for all of us
  12. D

    Get a website designed from R500.00...

    OOPS Thanks Acid! Now to delete this post...
  13. S

    Best Web Design / Web Development courses in JHB?

    Hi. I am a Software and Web Developer, but want to further my skills in the design/graphical aspect. I already have good skills in Web Development, i.e. the programming part, with ASP.Net MVC and SQL Server. My skills with regards to the graphical, layout and styling aspects are not that...
  14. P

    SuperSport Job

    Hey Guys, while browsing supersport i came across this "web developer needed" ad. So I took a look. Do they really think they can seriously find one person with all those skills? Some of the skills they are looking for are: Did they just google and pull all the names they could find...
  15. X

    SEO Tips for your site or blog

    Hi Some Steps that may help! It’s very limited so just look into them a bit more. Step 1 - Your Site is it optimised? Are your keywords and descriptions correct? Do you have errors on the pages, Missing links, Tags that don't conform to standards? Do you have relevant information on the...
  16. S

    Where/What to learn for web design?

    Hi guys, I want to learn how to make websites :) nothing like extremely hectic but still pretty impressive. I know simple Java/Swing and grasp the concept extremely well. I want to know what language I should learn as well as HOW to learn it. It will have to be something I can learn at...
  17. S

    Mac and web development?

    Hi Guys, I was wondering is it possible to design websites and do code using a Mac? Reason i ask is due to the fact that you can't get Visual Studio for Mac. I've heard i can use Dreamweaver but i've also heard that's a bit of a crap way to design websites as it's a bit of a cheat. Anyone...