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  1. Wolfe&Co

    Absolute Hosting saved my business in 2022!!

    Hi MyBB Forum.. just sharing my heartwarming experience with Absolute Hosting... So back in October 2019 we launched our first company Wolfe&Co. not knowing what the web design industry had in store for us, as any web design company, web hosting comes quite naturally as both a sales tool and a...
  2. T

    Afrihost and Elementor

    Hi all Long time lurker first-time poster I'm very new to the web design industry and I'm having trouble posting my first website. I just want to find out if using a plugin like Elementor(Free) has given anybody any trouble with this especially the Afrihost packages, should I be using an...
  3. BevanBester

    Who is your Internet Fibre Service Provider?

    Who do you rely on for your Internet Fibre Service Provider in 2021? Please take a few moments to tell us at HB IT Solutions who you trust in providing your home with reliable Fibre internet services. You can also run an add-free Speed Test from our website by clicking 'here'.
  4. Chuck Aesthesia

    Top 9 Reasons Your Site is Loading Slow (And steps you can take to fix it)

    Okay so you might have heard that age-old adage which says “slow and steady wins the race”, but when it comes to the performance of your website, that certainly is a recipe for failure. So Here are the Top 9 Reasons for Slow Loading Websites. 1. Unoptimized Images A large volume of unoptimized...
  5. Thor

    Web Design :: Web Development :: Web Hosting :: PR Konsult :: Affordable Web Design

    Job description: Web Design and Development Location or telecommuting: Based in Cape Town and telecommute. Permanent or part-time: Freelance Junior, intermediary or senior: Intermediary Web Design and Development and Senior Marketing Availability: Always open (Have a small team that assists when...
  6. F

    Simplest solution to have just a landing page on my website

    I have registered a domain with Afrihost. At the moment I am not ready to launch a full website. For now I just want to have just one landing page that reads something like "Soon to be the home of ***, please contact ***". For just the landing page, I don't want to spend much or ideally not a...
  7. X

    Looking for small business clients for my freelance web development business

    Hi, I am looking for small business clients for my freelance web development business. I am based in Cape Town. I've been building WordPress websites for around 5 years and Nodejs, Meteor for around 14 months. So I am a full-stack javascript developer that can build custom web apps, hybrid...
  8. S

    Freelance PHP Developer Based in Durban Wanted

    Hi all. I'm not sure if I can post this here, I looked at the job forum but it seems that threads posted there are for permanent positions. If this is in the wrong place I'll happily delete/move it. I'm looking for a freelance PHP developer that can help me develop a fairly large website...
  9. F

    Temporary Web Hosting

    I am a newbie in the web design industry, and trying to make a name for myself. I am looking for a website where I can host my ready created websites so that the client can view it and give me feedback so I can do changes or whatever. I do not want to pay a lot for this hosting as I am doing...
  10. K

    UX and UI design

    Greetings :-) So I would like to learn UI and UX design principles . I understand this is a very broad topic with lots to cover. Can anyone recommend a reputable institution or learning resource? My development skills are coming along nicely, however I think the UI and UX design side of...
  11. N

    Experienced Prestashop Developer needed

    Looking for a prestashop developer to revamp a current website-preferably from KZN.Experience is vital.For more info,kindly email hello@neonsales.co.za Thanks!
  12. K

    Web Design/Development pricing

    Greetings :-) I would like to touch on a hot topic, that I feel is very relevant at this stage of my learning/career. What would be the correct pricing to charge a client for Web Design? I see some really really low prices and then there are some pretty high costs. I am targeting small...
  13. L

    Websocket to Socket Gateway (and a contest)

    Seasons Greetings... I created sockgate.org which, like the title says, is a websocket to socket gateway. So far so good! The problem is, my design skills are on par with the person who sh@t out the blueprint for the PT Cruiser. So if any web designer(s) is/are feeling generous and...
  14. D

    Developer Web Community

    Hi We just started in October. We need authors, freelancers and others interested in creating a developer community. We have no real ambition, or direction, so it can morph into whatever you like. This site is focused on SA. At the moment we are thinking of articles news code...
  15. Z

    Free Website Design and Development

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  16. Kevin Lancaster

    90s-era websites with delighfully bad designs

    90s-era websites with wonderfully bad designs Java applets and table layouts and framesets, oh my! Here’s a nostalgia bomb for anyone who’s been using the Internet since the 90s.
  17. M

    Wordpress <section class="cat-singles">

    Hi I need help. I want to organize my WordPress home page layout like this website http://www.thestandard.co.zw/ I need help organizing the way the news section has been created,politics and international. How do you organize the layout like that?
  18. W

    Advice on business model

    Hi all, I recently started a small business. The business is essentially a website design business called Webnexus. Link:http://www.webnexus.co.za/. As part of a SWOT analysis I realize that one of the threats of the industry my business operates in is that it is highly competitive. With...
  19. N

    Permanent position for Wordpress / CMS expert - and I am already good

    Teeny company destined to become huge needs your energy and humour - as well as your expertise - to help us attain our goals, which are interesting and certainly unique... Small team beavering away to that end, and we need another fundi urgently to get the project launched on time. Thereafter...
  20. A

    Nitigrity about hosting - What hosting companies do not tell you

    Whether you starting a blog or a small business be sure to do thorough research before you to choose your hosting provider. I have had bad experience jumping for "CHEAP" hosting only to find out that i could not even load pictures or load videos on my website because the hosting package was...