1. RyanBrothwell

    Dead dolphin in Madrid park baffles police

    Spanish police are searching for clues to explain the discovery of a dolphin carcass in a Madrid park, after local zoo workers said they were not missing any animals, according to media reports on Wednesday. The animal's partially decayed body was discovered on Tuesday by a dog walker in...
  2. N

    Strange behaviour...

    Hi... So...I met this girl a few weeks ago, let's call her Michelle. We had a few laughs, went to a function with a few friends, and went home (individually). Then the weekend before last, we drove around a bit and generally had a good time. Departed with hugs ('upgraded' from a handshake the...
  3. Lycanthrope

    Can a baby just burst into flames?

    Source: DailyMail :sick: Came across this today. Pretty bizarre story and an interesting theory.
  4. M

    Florida Police Arrest Worst Son In The World

    Source :erm: :wtf: :sick:
  5. S

    Micheal Owen: Liverpool are a small team!

    Well OK, he didn't really say that but the following is bloody hilarious... Now I automatically thought he was talking about Newcastle (did he play for anyone else, not sure really) but the amount of fuss kicked up by the Liverpool supporters on twitter was huge! Damn, why call yourselves...
  6. S

    HTC Desire - Weird Call Behaviour

    Hi. I've got an HTC Desire, and have been experiencing some very weird but cool behaviour from the phone recently. Sometimes, when I receive a call, my phone will ring, but at the same time I can hear the calling person talking over my phone's loudspeaker. The calling person has no idea...
  7. A

    Repeated outages twice an hour - anyone have the same issue?

    For the past 3 days I've had a very odd ADSL issue. The ADSL line remains up the whole time, but every half an hour the ISP connection drops and refuses to let me back on for 5 minutes. Then it all works fine for another 25 minutes, then off for 5 minutes, repeat ad nauseam. I've logged the...
  8. S

    what the F...

    Hi guys, So Telkom mistakenly disconnected my adsl connection on their side, in May this year. When i tried phoning them "beggin"g them to fix it, they gave me a ETA of 29/10/2010. After much complaining and literally bombarding their escalation centers email server with the same email and...
  9. copacetic

    Weird things you do when you are alone.

    Do any of you dear people do anything astonishingly peculiar when you are alone and unobserved? I suspect I am fairly mundane. I sing in the car like a crazy person and talk to myself in all sorts of peculiar accents. Also, I put headphones on sometimes and dance like a maniac to music I am...

    Weirdest response from a Gumtree ad

    I placed a couple of ads on Gumtree, then this week I get an email from a woman in Dakar who saw my "profile" there. Read below. A scam? I was totally like "WTF!!!!!" 1st E-Mail: Hello, How are you doing today hope fine.My name is joy I came accross your profile here and after going through...
  11. R

    Dog wanted me to have sex with it - accused

    :sick: thanks merc
  12. Lycanthrope

    Psychology of those who have abandoned gods

    Imagine that you are brought up to believe. It is irrelevant what you've been brought up to believe, the damage will already have been done. "Damage." You often hear about how certain experiences can "damage" you on a psychological level. I've been through a fair bit in life. I think there...
  13. M

    Say what??

    So I switched on my old LG Chatterbox that I haven't used for about two months and was presented with something rather puzzling. According to the phone the date is the 90th of the 82nd! And it reckons that's a Saturday. How the hell? Yet another reason why you should not buy LG, aka cheap cr*p...
  14. E

    Old laptop!! What to put it in?

    Im getting a new laptop and a pc! So im going to have a laptop that i wont be using!! Donating is out of the question as i have done alot of that time to be selfish! So i need your help what should i put the laptop parts in once ive dissected it? I want it too look cool and out of the...
  15. Lycanthrope

    Twilight: 30 Most Disturbing Products [NSFW!]

    Now, I've never watched this movie or read the books (yes, and proud of it), but the craze around this fad is ridiculous. So, I bring The 30 Most Disturbing Twilight Products to your attention. Most of it is disturbing, yes, but one thing, specifically, caught my eye: Yes, yes, icky, I...
  16. M

    Man trapped in ducts charged with burglary

  17. M

    I would like twins, says mother of 13