1. T

    Rustenburg FTTH | 123NET | Internet

    Please help get 123NET awesome fibre service in Rustenburg. We need at least 300-500 people so sign up so we can get it. Here are the details : Prices range from R499 to >R1000 (Speeds are 1GBPS which is super fast!) We can also get free 5mbps if we sign up and pay the once-off...
  2. Kevin Lancaster

    Neotel launches new broadband service

    Neotel launches new broadband service, cuts prices Neotel is set to launch a new wireless broadband service at low prices
  3. B

    Muizenburg Conectivity

    I am moving to Muizenburg to a house that has no phone line (I'm renting it) - I need to get a form of uncapped wireless connectivity. Does IBurst have coverage? If not is there any alternatives confirmed as tried and test for a wimix / wireless in this area?
  4. K

    Shaun - Samsung PABX Consultant

    Good Afternoon All. I recently started at as a PABX consultant. I not only deal with that but also with connectivity, copiers and line savings. Please contact me with any questions you may have! Hope to be reading from you soon. Regards
  5. jes

    What the future of African broadband could look like

    What the future of African broadband could look like The subjective experience of using the Internet in Africa has always been a strange one
  6. jes

    Telkom gives back spectrum

    Telkom spectrum give-back Telkom has confirmed that will return spectrum to the regulator for the South African communications sector, Icasa, as it migrates its legacy services to next generation technologies
  7. D

    LTE or WIMax 4MB?

    Im not sure which of the two to choose as the price is both R999.00 They told me the LTE is only 2MB/s, is this true? Then the wimax 4MB/s would be better rite?
  8. jes

    Telkom services discontinued: WiMax, DECT, some copper

    Telkom WiMax, DECT, some copper services discontinued Telkom informing subscribers that it is discontinuing its WiMax, DECT and some of its copper services
  9. F

    ADSL in Helderkruin EXT1, Roodepoort

    Is anyone in Helderkruin Roodepoort experiencing any telkom issues? I have been waiting for more than 3 weeks for telkom to install my line. Apparently there is cable theft. If that is the case, does anyone know of any good alternatives for that area? Does telkom or anyone provide WIMAX in...
  10. Jan

    Top rated fixed broadband service in South Africa

    Top rated fixed broadband service in SA MyBroadband’s latest broadband survey reveals which broadband service in South Africa has the happiest users.
  11. jes

    Vodacom, iBurst WiMax winding down

    Vodacom, iBurst WiMax winding down Vodacom’s WiMax network, which was rolled out in partnership with iBurst, is being dismantled and users migrated to other services
  12. P

    Looking for best 10Gb non-ADSL internet solution.

    My ADSL has been off from 26 Feb to 5 Apr and then again from 25 Apr to 6 May and then again from 7May, Telkom says that the cables were stolen each time (which I am suspicious about) and that they will not fix it. So now I am looking for a solution that will offer a minimum of 10GB. I have...
  13. R

    Screamer WiMax and WiFi

    So my struggle to get a broadband connection continues. I live in a complex near Hatfield, PTA with no adsl infrastructure. Pursued various avenues to rectify this but nothing came of my efforts. Then turned my focus to WiMax. Amobia came to do a site survey but where unable to get LOS...
  14. jes

    Neotel explains WiMax problems

    Neotel explains WiMax problems Neotel is working to restore full WiMax service
  15. T

    Private Wimax Network

    Can i setup my own private Wimax Network to connect 3 Premises in the Johannesburg area? Would i need a license to do so? Would i need to get permission from ICASA or would i have to have the network setup via a licensed ISP? Reason i would like to use Wimax to connect the premises is because...
  16. R

    Amobia and Neotel WiMax

    Ok, so I am unable to get ADSL as the developers of the complex I am in failed to have to correct infrastructure installed during development. I have been using Vodacom data on my phone but its becoming a bit to pricey for me. I stumbled across Amobia from reading this forum. I know...
  17. S

    WiMAX Providers in Glen Austin, Midrand

    Hi, I am looking for a Wimax ISP in Midrand, I have looked at Screamer Telecoms but read too many complaints, Vodacom is damn expensive and misses my area, Iburst's coverage just misses my house too. Here is my geo-stats: -25.97425, 28.15591 And is there any way I can get the hardware only...
  18. jes

    LTE in mortal danger in South Africa

    LTE in mortal danger in South Africa ICASA and the DoC must act quickly on spectrum assignment issues or risk killing LTE like they did WiMAX, argues World Wide Worx MD Arthur Goldstuck
  19. F

    WiMax is HERE in East London

    The WiMax network has finally come to South Africa's step child, the network is up and running and stable in the East London area, offering Voice and Data at competitive rates over East Londons first genuine 4G network.
  20. K

    Wimax with Mweb's Broadband ?

    Hey, I previously had an ADSL Line rental and the new Mweb Home Uncapped for R. 299 a month, I have moved and now telkom have no infrastructure for ADSL in the area I live him, the lady from telkoms CEO office said I can use my wimax which will be set up next week with my service provider...