1. PseudZ

    PC very delayed POST if at all

    Hi all, having a strange issue with my PC where the fans and lights come on but it won't POST immediately. Sometimes if I leave it on it will POST after a 10 or 15 minutes wait. Other times it doesn't POST at all. I have removed most components and tried to boot with just fans, cpu and 1 stick...
  2. H

    Fujitsu LifeBook AH512 Wont boot from Ext Device

    Hi I am trying to do a fresh install of Windows 10 on my Fujitsu Lifebook which comes standard with Windows 8 on it, but it wont pick up my flash or CD in the boot menu . I have tried creating a supervisor password, but still nothing. Does anyone have any experience with this device and could...
  3. GipsyD

    Windows 7 refuses to boot from SSD after drive clone?

    Not sure if this is the right thread or not, so here goes nothing. If this is the wrong thread, could some please point in the right direction for assistance, as this is pretty urgent. Let's start... One of our central servers was starting to give up the ghost about 10 months ago, and started...
  4. S

    M$ Golden Key Disclosed - Secure Boot Busted

    Backdoor gone bad:
  5. S

    [Help]Vodacom Power Tab 10 won't boot

    Yesterday i decided to do a firmware upgrade on my Vodacom Power Tab 10 as there was a notification about the upgrade on my device. So i hooked up to a wifi(upgrade wouldn't download over 3G) and started the download process. Left the tablet to do its thing, took a shower and when i came back...
  6. J

    Pc not working help please

    So my friend lent me his old gpu (radeon hd 4870) this is the first graphics card i have plugged into my pc. I put it in everthing is working and im trying to find drivers for it but my pc is picking it up properly. So i switch pci slots and plug everything back in and my pc does not boot. The...
  7. K

    MacBook Pro Boot Drive

    Hey Hey On a couple of MacBook Pros, the optical drives have been replaced by 750GB HDDs and the original 5400rpm HDDs replaced by SSDs. The SSDs were installed 1st, and then a while later the optical drives were replaced by HDD caddies and the 7200rpm HDDs. All is hunky dory except for the...
  8. B

    Windows 8 - Get your boot menu back!

    So, you ant to be able to have the functionality of the F8 key when booting Windows 8? Like enabling unsigned drivers? So, you don't want to go through the arbitrary Sinofsky dance to get there? Your savior is here Just like Start8, this tool gets around yet another Sinofsky...
  9. NomNom

    [URGENT] Fix Windows XP Boot

    Ok long story short, I botched up dual booting windows xp pro with another windows xp pro and now when I try and get into the original windows xp pro install I get a blank screen with a blinking _ at the top left. I have tried EVERYTHING like: fixmbr fixboot bootcfg /rebuild copy...
  10. Went_For_Milk

    Iphone 3GS stuck in loop

    Hi Guys Sorry if this was covered before. I have a Iphone 3GS that i got from a friend. He wanted to bin the thing so i took it from him. The problem with the phone is that its stuck in some kind of a boot loop. It shows the apple logo but then just reboots and starts over. It never...
  11. S

    About to remove Ubuntu partition - GRUB?

  12. NomNom

    Post Your Boot Time

    So I was thinking of starting a "fun" and interesting thread on how long it takes your pc/lappy to bootup. Now I'm talking about from the second you press the power button to fully loaded and ready to rock. Your pc/lappy can NOT be in sleep/hibernation, it must be a "Cold Start". Here's mine...
  13. jes

    Corpse found in boot of car at Vodaworld

    Corpse found in boot of car at Vodaworld A person was found dead in the boot of a car parked at Vodaworld
  14. gregmcc

    AVG 2011 Update Causes Widespread Problems For 64-Bit Windows

    Seems to be causing widespread problems. Last night's mandatory update of AVG 2011 Free edition has caused most 64-bit Windows 7 PCs to fail while loading Windows. On their website they have an FAQ with instructions...
  15. S

    PC won't boot - pls help ;)

    Hi all, I've been using an old Pentium 1 box as a Wireless Access Point (using Pyramid Linux). It's been running fine 24/7 for about a year or so but a few weeks ago stopped booting. Diagnosis so far: Powers on, does POST, but then when it tries to boot off the harddrive it says...
  16. Mars

    XP out of range on boot.

    This is driving me crazy!! I have just re-installed xp pro onto our old dinosaur pc, its basically a terminal. The problem now is, when it boots into windows, half way through the monitor says "Frequency out of range", then the machine reboots. Ok I think, the res is too high. Reboot...
  17. R

    Wierd Disk Boot Failure

    Hi, After installing windows 7 i continued to go on to install my drivers, which was a mission with all these compatability issue things, basically i had to install everything twice, because the first time failed and then it offered to do it for me compatibility wise. Anyways after i...
  18. S

    Destop PC issue

    Hi Guys Looking to see if anyone has had a similar problem or has any advise. my pc was working perfectly on sunday eve and i had shut it down etc that night, turned off the power at the mains etc. On monday after work i got home and tried turning the thing on but it was dead, only the...
  19. LazyLion

    Making Free Bootable Anti-Virus Rescue Disks!

    Having to do this now made me do a search for these...
  20. R

    PC not booting, again

    Please I;m really desperate here. A while back a pc that I sold to my mom just died one day, no POST test nothing, then all of a sudden it started to POST (8 beeps). We sent it to some place and they said its a BIOS virus (but they were pretty useless, and I'm sure it wasnt cos I've never...