1. F

    MTN Apple Watch activation nightmare

    I bought an Apple watch cellular in April and have not be able to active the cellular functionality on the MTN network since. This is the error message that shows up: I have been messaging MTN via various channels since April. Every time I follow up with them I just get a generic "we appologise...
  2. E

    Vodacom Apple Watch OneNumber (esim) incompetence

    I have never received such horrible service from any company before. I really regret opening a contract with Vodacom and would advise anyone to think twice before doing the same. After waiting for a week for a sim-only contract to be verified and activated, I had to make contact with the Canal...
  3. E

    Vodacom OneNumber (esim) Incompetence

    I have never received such horrible service from any company before. I really regret opening a contract with Vodacom and would advise anyone to think twice before doing the same. After waiting for a week for a sim-only contract to be verified and activated, I had to make contact with the Canal...
  4. H

    mobile contract

    Hi there, i have been trying for over a year to get a mobile contract no network will give me one! please help me!
  5. KrispyRen

    Cannot receive calls. Vodacom Contract

    Since 20 October 2020 I cannot receive any calls. Whenever someone phones me it goes straight to voicemail. I called the helpdesk (082 135) more than twenty times over the last 7 days but no one seems to know whats going on. I've even tried cancelling my contract but that was also unsuccessful...
  6. S

    Connect to Telkom Mobile using built-in modem on Windows 10?

    Hi I have a laptop with a built-in HSPA modem and SIM card slot. It is running Windows 10 Pro 64 bit (v. 1803). When the SIM card is inserted, Windows is able to detect the Telkom Mobile network in the network menu that opens from the system tray. It shows "TelkomSA (HSDPA)" and...
  7. Z

    Do not support telkom

    Everyone should know that even if you port your pre-paid number to telkom you will be forced to stay with them for 3 months even though you do not have any service. You will not be informed of this fact by anyone except when you need to move your number to a network with service. Do not be...
  8. G

    How much Data does uploading a live stream take?

    I have a five a side soccer team which we play weekly over the course of a season (9/10 games). we win every week and have built up a fan base (our friends) aswell as a post match conference write up just for a laugh. I have friends that would love to watch our games but cannot make it. with...
  9. C

    Considering VOiP phones, like Fresh PHONE, what options do I have?

    https://mybroadband.co.za/news/industrynews/204390-fresh-phone-is-becoming-popular-among-residential-users.html I've read about Fresh PHONE a while ago before I had Fixed Home LTE, now that I do have the connectivity it has peaked my interest again. I currently have Neotel line, with which I'm...
  10. T

    Telkom Mobile vs Vodacom

    My upgrade is due for April 2016 I compared prices from Vodacom and Telkom and concluded that Telkom's SmartPlan 100 is much cheaper than Vodacom's Smart Small Eg. : Sim Only - Vodacom - 200MB data, 75 minutes, 200 SMS = R209pm Telkom - 1GB data (only with device) , 100 minutes, 5...
  11. P

    Buying Cellphones on BidOrBuy...

    Hey there guys I am considering buying a Samsung Note 4 from Bid-Or-Buy. The seller has good ratings, and he has been selling for a very long time.. now... the question is, what is your thoughts on this situation: The devices her receives are from Different Cellular networks, MTN, Vodacom...
  12. B

    Nexus phones in SA

    Hi all. Does anyone know the actual reason we don't get Nexus phones from cellular providers in SA? Is it just because they're not perceived to bring in as high sales volumes as Galaxy phones or iPhones? There are supposedly two new Nexus phones launching on the 29th of this month, and I'm...
  13. Kevin Lancaster

    Best to worst cellular deals in SA ranked

    Best to worst cellular deals in South Africa ranked Tarifica has released its latest ranking of mobile packages in South Africa, which now includes contract and prepaid deals.
  14. Rouxenator

    Your oldest working phone

    Let's take a walk down memory lane, dig through your drawers and try to power up your oldest cellphone. I just made a call on my Nokia 1610 with home made battery : Will see how long this battery last. Might change it to a Li-Po one that fits into the battery pack.
  15. Kevin Lancaster

    How the government is messing up your cellular experience

    How Government is messing up your cellular experience You may blame your mobile provider for dropped calls or poor reception, but the government is responsible for many of these problems.
  16. I

    [Wanted] iPad mini with retina wifi + cellular 32gb

    Item wanted (be very descriptive): iPad mini with retina wifi + cellular 32/64gb Is packaging essential?: Yes Desired age and condition: good condition Willing to accept a shipped item: Yes
  17. N

    MTN 79c prepaid place plan and the PAYG bundle promos - Q&A

    So, after MTN announced the new 79c per minute promo, I went to website to gather more information and also check that I am getting the best prepaid deal(s). I then saw the PAYG Bundles which have the same call rate (79c) but come with added extras. "Dial *141*2*794# and one can select the...
  18. B

    HTC Deals - Cheapest in SA?

    Ridiculous Prices on HTC phones at Bfore! I challenge you to find the HTX One SV LTE anywhere else in South Africa cheaper? :D Item: HTC One SV LTE Age: Brand spanking new Warranty: 2 years Shipping: Yip! (Free if you share what you're buying via ShareYourCart ) Collection: Unfortunately...
  19. T

    Help! New contract and the Xperia M dual.

    Hi there, I need help finding a solution to a problem. I currently have a contract open that isn't due for upgrade for about 16 months. My current phone isn't doing it for me any more and I want a new one. So I planned to take out a new contract. My problem is that, I am completely...
  20. LazyLion

    Man held for alleged airtime theft

    A Latvian national has been arrested for allegedly defrauding cellphone service provider MTN of R50 million worth of airtime, the Hawks said on Wednesday. "He was arrested on the West Rand after an extensive investigation with MTN," spokesman Captain Paul Ramaloko said. The 34-year-old...