1. R

    Fibre order pending 3 weeks

    Good day all, Hope someone can assist me to get this sorted. @AfriFella @AfriGuy @AfriNatic (Sorry to call you guys out directly, but I am beyond angry and I hope we can get this resolved quickly this way) TL;DR: I've been waiting for 3 weeks now to get a fibre order actioned, and every time I...
  2. R

    MS 365 Business Standard - HP Shop Online took my money but doesn't have stock

    Guys please help, as i dont know my rights in this situation. I placed order for this software on the 24th August. Paid and cleared the next day. It states 1 - 5 working days for delivery. By yesterday i had not recieved it, so I called and spoke to Stanley. He says the order wasnt put through...
  3. L

    Afrihost - Complaint

    I am so over Afrihost and I am busy convincing my husband to move over to a different ISP. Clearly business are still good for Afrihost to not care about existing customers. We are paying for a 40 MBPS line and are getting 0.02 MBPS Download and 47.8 Upload this is extremely slow. We have...
  4. B

    Illegal re-connection without owners consent

    Hey guy's long time no see? Things I've already done 1. Reported fault at tshwane 2. Asked for a special disconnection form 3. Have sent special disconnection form for 4 times 4. Being told by tshwane adviser - "...we don't care about you" 5. Approached the police to open a case with...
  5. RyanPCMR

    Raru item return complaint

    I am having a problem with that is not honoring my item return that was logged on 27 November 2018 and their courier has been sent several times to my address according to the Raru Customer Services emails to collect the packaged item but the courier have not arrived on those two...
  6. S

    Dentist - What rate may they charge. Tooth in pain, what are my rights

    Went to Dr Karodia in Pinelands for a broken mercury filling (wanted a "safe" option to remove the amalgam & replace with white filling). Did not check his rate before the appointment, which was one hour. Once completed the receptionist informed me the filling cost R2,944 but if I pay CASH...
  7. werfie

    Anyone have a senior contact at Incredible Connection (JD Group)?

    So I ordered something on black Friday from IC's online store. Haven't received anything yet and the order tracking is a complete nonsensical mess (See below). I have spoken to the rep on Facebook, emailed the address given to me by them after they couldn't do anything, I have spoken to the...
  8. D

    Vodacom Online Upgrade Nightmare - Escalation Process

    Good Day Everyone, I am currently at my wit's end with Vodacom and RAM Couriers. I ordered a Galaxy Note 9 on Vodacom Online on Thursday 29 November. On Friday when RAM attempted delivery of the device I could not take delivery as I am not the main account holder. I was told by RAM to submit a...
  9. K

    Afrihost - complaint email to Gian Visser

    Good day Gian, It is with sadness that I write this email, which will also be posted online. We have been customers with Afrihost for the better part of two years now. We have 2 registered domains, a DSL capped date plan, and Rain account. When moving from our previous service provide to...
  10. M

    MTN Complaints

    Hi, If you want lodge a complaint with MTN what are some of the contacts (email address) to email to, especially for Top/ Management/ Executive MTN officials. I have tried the 808 route no luck. Even the normal MTN Customercare /Service/ etc emails did not work - no feedback. Twiter - just...
  11. R

    Vox Telecom - Bad Service

    Hi Guys, So I've been trying to get connected with Vox Telecom using their "100mbps - 300GB" package and the service I have received is beyond useless. I have phoned them numerous times with them saying each time that they would get back to me. I provided them with all my relevant details...
  12. squirrel

    Being billed by third party on MTN for services like 'ring tones'

    Hello guys, After a family member received a whopping R2500 Data bill for going out of bundle I took a look at all our invoices. I noticed that my invoice was getting charged an additional R100 a month or so (between R60 and R120). When I enquired with MTN they said it was being billed by a...
  13. Kevin Lancaster

    “Throw pork chops at Muslims” complaint: BCCSA rules

    “Throw pork chops at Muslims” complaint: BCCSA rules The Broadcasting Complaints Commission of SA has reprimanded Jewish radio station Chai FM for broadcasting content that amounted to hate speech
  14. K

    Elite Mobile - What lies to get business

    Hi all Can you believe this? Elite Mobile phones me up because I am due for a Vodacom upgrade. I tell them I want to stick with iphone and that I will wait until the iphone 6 is available. They then tell me that Vodacom is no longer stocking or selling iphones because they use too much...
  15. akuma


    I recently had my laptop stolen after a break-in and decided to buy a new one with the insurance pay-out. What follows is the email exchange I've endured over the course of the last two months trying to acquire a new one from FHG Technologies (BoB Verified User):
  16. QuintonB

    BCCSA dismisses DStv complaint

    DStv violence complaint dismissed A complaint about a programme broadcast on the Comedy Channel on DSTV was dismissed, the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of SA said on Monday.
  17. S

    Highly Disappointed with MTN - lack of cellphones available with contract specials

    Hi All, Recently I have been eying a number of upgrade options from MTN. I was due an upgrade 2 months ago already. Since then of all the phones I have chosen, none have been in stock. According to the CPA this is illegal. If you advertise a special, you have to be able to honor it. How...
  18. LazyLion

    Nudity Complaint Dismissed

    A TV programme aired after midnight featuring women's breasts fell within the broadcasting code, the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of SA said on Thursday. A viewer had complained about the "Playboy Playmates" which aired just after midnight on April 7. The complaint was that...
  19. R13...

    Me & a WASP

    Ok, so last year I got billed about R145 by a wasp (Opera Telecoms or something) via my Vodacom data contract. It took me a month to notice this discrepancy as the account started accumulating outside the subscription amount and getting locked at the R50 call limit. I queried this with...
  20. S

    MWEB download speed slow

    Hey guys, I have an uncapped shaped 2mbps(225kB/s) line with mweb, the first few weeks i was able to download dlcs/addons and download games of steam at about max speed, near the end of January 2013 my max download speed went from 225KB/s to 55KB/s:mad: i have posted a complaint on hellopeter...