1. Kevin Lancaster

    NAPAfrica exchange issue causes brief Internet interruptions in South Africa

    NAPAfrica exchange issue causes brief Internet interruptions in South Africa Intermittent connectivity problems in South Africa on 26 June were due to an issue at Teraco’s NAPAfrica Internet exchange point in Johannesburg.
  2. F

    Alternatives to ADSL When Your Area Is Trapped In The Stone Age

    I'm moving from Cape Town To JHB next month and did my line relocation with Telkom in the beginning of May. Today I get a phone call that the address I provided (Estate in Northriding, next to Northumberland Ave) has no ADSL infrastructure. Seems a bit ridiculous. But we are talking about...
  3. M

    BitCo Fibre

    BitCo Fibre offers you the following benefits: Guaranteed 99% uptime, highly reliable connectivity Uncontended bandwidth 1 : 1 (local and international) Uncapped Internet Temporary Wireless Link available whilst Fibre is being deployed. Wireless while you wait Synchronous Internet...
  4. P

    Wireless on R304 Stellenbosch

    Hi All Anyone any input as to connectivity type(s) and costs available for a farm outside Stellenbosch? I believe there are no ADSL available, and was looking into Wireless. Mobile data signal is very weak and very expensive. This seems costly, but would I be able to source my own...
  5. S

    Worcester Telkom ADSL ports in very Short Supply!

    Applied for a ADSL line in the Fairy Glen area of Worcester. Apparently there are no ports availible in the entire Worcester. Telkom is unable to tell me when new ports are planed to be available nor when upgrades are able to be made to accommodate new ports. I start my (adsl dependent) job om...
  6. D

    ADSL Issues in Fresnaye/Granger Bay/Sea Point Cape Town

    Hi all, Had a couple of reports this morning of no DSL throughput (though sync is fine) in Cape Town, specifically in: Granger Bay, Fresnaye, Sea Point. Is anyone here having similar issues in these areas?
  7. M

    Nexus 4 and 8ta

    I'm not that familiar with heita so i cannot with certainty say that my phone shouldn't be going at a download rate of 10Kb/s but i am more inclined to believe that it's the internet configuration settings on my phone that can't be updated due to it not being supported on heita's automatic...
  8. U

    Who takes responsibility for the local internet network?

    We have a dedicated server at the Cape Town Data Centre. A client told me he cannot access his website. We could access the sites and at first thought he is doing something wrong. When visiting another business client in Bellville who also could not access their site and email I found that they...
  9. D

    Very slow ADSL speed for past few days

    Has anyone else been experiencing seriously slow ADSL speeds for the past couple of days ONLY? I've had a perfectly stable line for the forseeable past, but suddenly over the past two days, using both WebAfrica and GConnect accounts, my 1Mbps line has been running at about half speed average...
  10. F

    Shocking service from OpenWeb

    I know there are a lot of OpenWeb fans here, and I'm glad you have had a great experience. I have not been as fortunate, and as a warning to those (many or few) looking to make the switch I feel it important that this get told. OpenWeb is not all fairies and roses. Telkom installed a new...
  11. Rouxenator

    USB3 is not really serial - should it not be UPB

    USB1 and USB2 only has one data line consisting of two wires. USB3 has 3 data lines consisting of 6 wires, so therefor it is actually parallel. Why do they still call it USB and not UPB?
  12. X

    Mweb Downtime in Moreleta Park, Pretoria

    Anyone else having connectivity issues in Moreleta park? I have been offline for the past day and half. did all tests first Mweb tells me router is broken, connect up another one same thing, now its a telkom fault, getting sick of the downtime past month has been more than 6 times i was down...
  13. jes

    Cell C connectivity and coverage problems explained

    Cell C connectivity and coverage problems explained Some trying to use Cell C's new HSPA+ network for broadband have reported not having coverage when they should have, or frequent disconnects. Cell C offers a possible explanation
  14. jes

    WACS undersea fibre cable deployment progressing well

    WACS undersea fibre cable deployment progressing well WACS’s submarine fibre cable deployment is two-thirds complete; Q2 2011 launch date on track
  15. G

    Can only get limited connectivity in Vista when trying to connect to the internet

    I can't seem to get connected to the internet on my Windows Vista HP laptop. I've recently subscribed to the Cell C data promotion and connect using the supplied Huawei E1820 dongle. All I can manage is a local connection only (limited connectivity). I've scoured the internet for a solution...
  16. jes

    Neotel data-centre issues root of MWEB ADSL downtime

    Neotel data-centre issues root of MWEB ADSL downtime MWEB lost international connectivity again today, this time caused by problems at the Neotel data-centre in Midrand
  17. jes

    MWEB ADSL - international connectivity downtime explained

    MWEB ADSL - international connectivity downtime explained MWEB ADSL subscribers are struggling with international access due to a metro-fibre break.
  18. A

    Internal Modem Connectivity trouble

    I've got a newish HP Probbook 4310s, and have been using the internal modem for connectivity (vodacom). The trouble is, the connection drops regularly, often every few minutes, but the Connection Manager shows a strong signal (4-5 bars!). I took it into Vodacom, wonderin if it could be the sim...
  19. LazyLion

    What is going on with International on IS?

    comes and goes... but mostly dead in the last five mins. :confused:
  20. L

    Anyone out there use Xnets?

    was wondering if anyone out there uses Xnets, aka, Xpress network solutions, aka Xnet internet service? This bunch are based outside plettenberg bay on the garden route but apprently operate in 4 other provinces I have had endless problems with connectivity and supposed "uncapped" access...