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  1. C


    Im about to sign up with an ISP on the Frogfoot network. Who would you recommend between RSA WEB or COOL IDEAS? Anyone have any experience with gaming latencies on RSA WEB? I play PubG and arma3 and use anydesk to control photoshop remotely. (working from home) Low Latency is important...
  2. A

    Connectivity issue since yesterday (ref number:636712)

    Hi, yesterday my line went down and technicians from Vumatel came to look at it in the afternoon. On the instruction of a network operator who believed that my line had been recorded as cancelled (it wasn't) the technicians removed the box and replaced it. I was told the line would be up today...
  3. R

    Cool Ideas - Cancellation Fee to Cancel A Service??? R1500

    Howzit MyBB Community, Recently, Openserve announced price reductions across their product range,. Afrihost very quickly responded, by initiating a free upgrade campaign! Same bucks...more speed. As a then loyal Cool Ideas customer, I called to enquire as to what their plans were. They...
  4. MDKza

    Openserve Line Migration Maddness

    Hi guys, Thought I'd share my story with you. Mid March 2019 I did the months notice cancellation with Axxess, that happened fine and the line was cancelled. Cancellation date was 1 May 2019. 29 April 2019 Received B number from Axxess forwarded it on to Cool Ideas. They confirm when the...
  5. E

    Cool ideas worst isp for customer service! stay away!

    Seven days ago I signed up to Cool Ideas ISP for a new fibre line for the house I will be moving into. I was impressed that they were voted best ISP. I have not yet used their service the router is still unopened and there is no power going to the CPE box. I replied to one of their billing...
  6. B

    Cool ideas downgrading line

    Cool ideas recently downgraded our line from 100/50 to 100/10 without informing us, apparently they downgraded us from our contract 100/100 in 2017 without us noticing or being informed. Has anybody else had this happen to them?
  7. Pr0zac

    Migration from WebAfrica (Vumatell) to Cool Ideas - Questions

    So I've had my fiber with WebAfrica (WA) through Vumatel for almost a year now and got it as soon as my neighborhood (Parow North, Cape Town) went live. I started with a 20/2 Mbps basic package, but I'm medically retired/disabled so home a lot) and eventually started working from home again...
  8. s0lar

    Cool Ideas FTTH - blocking inbound connections?

    Hi All, I moved from C-Fibre to Cool Ideas. Since then my inbound connections (I ssh into my cluster every now and then) are blocked. Does Cool Ideas filter inbound connections? This would be a deal breaker for me :(
  9. Amine

    MetroFiber, Cool ideas or Cell©

    Hello Everybody Trust you are all well, i have a little confusion and i want to clear it. in our state/complex they had an open day for ISPs and everyone tried hard to be better the others out all of them i have picked 3 for uncapped unshaped services. 1st one is MetroFiber which is the...
  10. Jade @ Absolute Hosting

    Advice Needed - Axxess or Coolideas

    Howzit guys, Need some advice here. Long story, but please read and advise I had made contact with Cool Ideas a few months back in order to transfer existing line from Telkom to them as they are able to offer 200MB on Openserve's network and Telkom are not. Cool ideas advised that because Im...