customer support

  1. B

    How to get hold of an actual person at Luno

    Ok, so I've got a ticket open, and got a generic response on it, but not at all did they address the issue I have. How do I go about speaking to a person @ Luno?
  2. D

    Afrihost - Worst Customer Service

    Afrihost & MTN - Worst Customer Service Following my previous mybroadband post, I have not received any response from Afrihost on this platform. I also sent through a PM that has not been responded to. I took some time to write out everything that has happened up until now, for the sake of...
  3. J

    Which South African company has the best customer support?

    Which local company impressed you with their customer support when you had an issue with a product/service?
  4. D

    Help: DSTV makes an error, now it's my month-long problem

    Hi all DSTV/Multichoice had a computer glitch at some point (Jan 2017?) which put my account in "arrears". Absolutely a computer error which they admitted, as my account had already been paid in full in 2016. I've spent weeks trying to get this corrected, but DSTV nonetheless sent my account...
  5. P

    WebAfrica - wasting my referral.

    Dear WebAfrica I'm not going to go into the convoluted story - just basically that a friend and partner of mine has been trying to get a dormant domain of his transferred (with hosting) to WA on my recommendation from VOX for revival and use. The domain for some reason needs to first be...
  6. P

    If you like walking barefeet on legos, WIRUlink is for you

    Hi, Thought I'd share my experience with WIRUlink, which is about as painful as hitting your toe on the kitchen counter at 3AM. So because I couldn't get ADSL or Fibre I opted for the Wireless route, first off was Level 7, service was great, but no line of sight, enter WIRUlink, I signed up...
  7. F

    BoxOffice's brilliant support

    Me (sent through website so I don't have timestamp) Name: **** Email: ***** BoxOffice platform: Support category: Feedback Connection type: ADSL Comments: I'm still unable to rent movies on the desktop player with my BoxOffice Account. I contacted support about this issue 1 month ago and...
  8. O

    Afrihost horrible service or am I missing something?

    I am on an Afrihost 10mb uncapped account and I have been having issues playing Arma 3 online where the game will desync to such an extent that everybody is just standing on one place for about 5 minutes, then everything is normal again for about 2 minutes and the cycle repeats. This, obviously...
  9. D

    Vodacom Charges Data even though you have data available.

    :mad: Start month as normal. Do my daily checks for available data... next moment i see my billing went up with R270 + on my phone vodacom and ask them for my detail on balances.... No sir you have 690+ mb's available on data over 300 sms and i have over 100mins to call with.... So...
  10. S

    ADSL losing Sync and static present.

    So I've recently got ADSL at my house and its been fine until now................. The ADSL light on my Billion 400G router blinks most of the time making browsing impossible. The line drops every 5-10 minutes sometimes and other times it can stay for hours. As I'm typing this it dropped twice...
  11. L

    iBurst FAIL

    Shaun, and anybody else interested in getting iBurst. I dunno anymore, seriously! Let me tell you a secret: upgrading/overhauling your systems aint gonna do nothing when you customer services is non-existant. Anyway, I've been using iBurst for the best part of 2.5 years: The other...
  12. LazyLion

    The Dream Broadband Customer

    telephone conversation between ISP Tech Support and a Customer... "It's the strangest thing — I can't connect to the wireless anymore. I can still use the Microsoft but not the email." The Microsoft was a key phrase that let Jay L. know that the woman on the line wasn't exactly what you'd...
  13. rpm

    Telkom promises better service

    Telkom promises better service