1. M

    Fibre question/s regarding bandwidth

    So, put simply, I just wanna know who is "actually" in control of the bandwidth I receive on my fibre connection? I am with Vumatel and Afrihost. I have a 20/20 premium, uncapped connection; which at times works perfectly and other times not too well at all. I have read that many RSA lSPs...
  2. Kevin Lancaster

    What's the biggest thing you've ever downloaded?

    If the content is "questionable", you are welcome to list the type of file only.
  3. F

    How much does DSTV's Explora download?

    I have an uncapped 4mb account with Telkom. I got capped due to my torrent downloads at 200GB But this had me look at my usage in more detail. I noticed I download just under 1GB per day. My pc doing the downloads were switched off during this time.... Have any one else noticed or know...
  4. F

    Downloading Showmax shows to PC for offline viewing

    Hi, Where I live slow Internet makes Showmax streaming basically useless and I'm looking for a way to download shows to computer for offline viewing. The shows I'm looking for aren't available anywhere else so pirating is out (plus I'd prefer to pay my dues). Showmax supports offline...
  5. S

    Vodacom 4G LTE

    Apart from vodacom providing settings for famous brands online and only giving errors for the rest of us what is the surest foolproof way of having LTE settings on my chinesse brand smartphone? :confused:
  6. D

    HELP!!!! Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 soft bricked on another level

    So I have a S4 and a while back it lost its IMEI number, i have had a couple of custom roms on but recently went back to stock and upgraded to lollipop via the OTA software upgrade on the phone, but i experience a hell of alot of soft bricking so i factory reset my phone and it worked but it...
  7. T

    Rustenburg FTTH | 123NET | Internet

    Please help get 123NET awesome fibre service in Rustenburg. We need at least 300-500 people so sign up so we can get it. Here are the details : Prices range from R499 to >R1000 (Speeds are 1GBPS which is super fast!) We can also get free 5mbps if we sign up and pay the once-off...
  8. E

    Axxess throttling

    Hi guys New here, and new to having ADSL at home. After checking out the Mybroadband survey a couple months back, i saw Axxess was highly rated. Trying my hand at downloading (uTorrent), it seems as though the download rate is sitting at 4Kb/s. Yes, that's 4Kb/s even though I have a 4Mbit/s...
  9. D

    Elder Scrolls Online

    Who here in Johannesburg Fourways area is playing Elder Scrolls Online? I bought the game now that its free to play but the download is like 80GB. Ridiculous! i only have 2meg Adsl so you can image how long it will take to download. If anyone have the updated game downloaded and...
  10. W

    How to setup Sickbeard +SABnzbd +Plex - Step by Step Video Guide

    Question: How do I setup my PC to automatically download my tv shows for me and then alert my media centre that their is a new episode? Answer: To answer this I have created a Step By Step Video Guide to take you through the steps of setting up Sickbeard with SABnzbd and then top it off by...
  11. A

    Explora downloading more than what was queued...? (perplexed)

    I am posting this in case anyone else has had a similar experience since connecting your DSTV Explora decoder to the internet using the ethernet cable and perhaps DSTV could respond if it seems to be a problem experienced by more people. Scenario: Last week Thursday I excitedly connected our...
  12. B

    Participate in our Broadband Quality of Service Study in the Western Cape Province

    Want to find out about the internet speeds and performance on your ADSL connection? Have you ever wondered what the real speed you’re getting on your ADSL line is? Do you want to know how your broadband performance changes over time? Do you want to contribute to a data set about the...
  13. Z

    Slow Telkom line speeds in Rustenburg

    Hey guys, this is my first post and I am desperate to resplve this issue. I activated my new telkom line 3 days ago, it's a 2meg line and I mainly want to use it for gaming and updating games. I watch about ten youtube videos a day, mostly gameplay and reviews (buffers constantly if I try to...
  14. H

    Downloading Audiobooks

    So where I can download/buy audiobooks? I listen to books in the traffic - it makes the commute from Centurion to Joburg a pleasure, but I need more books - preferably hard sci-fi. Any help will be appreciated.
  15. S

    Afrihost constant shaping applied

    Hi All Recently I have been fighting with Afrihost due to the fact that I have 25% Download and 6.5% P2P shaping being applied on my line for more than 85% of the time. I have monitored this every day for almost a week and every time I checked, the shaping is exactly the same. I have only...
  16. W

    FINALLY- I setup my PC to automatically download TV shows. Here's HOW

    I'd Like to share my success in setting up my pc so that it can automatically download my TV episodes. Ive made a step by step video on how to do it. Visit the video here
  17. werfie

    ADSL Speed Difference

    I have a 10mbps line. I was struggling to get speeds more than 1 mbps until tekom fixed a line fault. What I noticed though was that after the line was fixed, I started getting 8mpbs+ results on speed test websites, but my browsing speed stayed more or less the same. Also when I download a...
  18. P

    download freezes

    Hi all, I have an 8ta micro sim card, I've been using my phone(galaxy s4) as a mobile hotspot. I'm trying to download a file(297mb) on my laptop. Each time the download gets to 221mb, the download freezes. I tried it 3 times, and the same thing happens. Does anyone know what could be...
  19. S

    JSE - Realtime Prices download/API

    Does anyone know if there are any websites available where I can download real-time JSE Share Prices? Some sort of API would be even better. Thanks
  20. M

    Steam being slow and unstable?

    I have been using steam for a while now and I have always got a very unstable download rate. (speeds jump for 0kbps-200 or even 400 kbps) I'm Just wondering if everybody else's downloads are unstable?