1. T

    Drifta - Is this really the best?

    Hi all, Please see screenshots below... Do you get the same quality or is there something wrong with my Drifta? This is horrible and not worth it at all?
  2. jes

    DStv Mobile Android device support update

    DStv Mobile Android device support update DStv Mobile has updated its Drifta viewer application for Android devices, and added support for more devices
  3. Jan

    DStv Mobile Drifta app gets "Social Sharing"

    DStv Mobile Drifta screenshot and share MultiChoice has announced a new feature for its iOS Drifta app.
  4. R

    Drifta on iPad and HDMI TV.

    Drifta on iPad and HDMI TV. Proof its possible It can be done. Video quality is not very good, but it is good enuf to view your rugby games and all the channels. [/IMG] YOU GOING TO NEED A JAILBROKEN IPAD OR IPHONE AND AN DIGITAL AV ADAPTER. CABLE CAN BE BOUGHT FROM BIDORBUY WEBSITE. IF YOU...
  5. F

    Walka or Drifta

    Hi everyone I have been pondering on which of these to products I should get. The reason I want one is because I am at university and stay in res and so from time to time our TV is being used to watch something other than what I want to watch eg Soccer insted of rugby. I have my PC in my room...
  6. cAv

    Drifta and Windows 8

    Has anybody tried to run the Drifta Decoder program on Windows 8? When I try do so I receive a message: Sorry, this application cannot run under a Virtual Machine. I've tried running the app in all the different compatibility modes with no luck :( Googled around a bit - found one or two...
  7. QuintonB

    DStv Drifta app on Windows Phone 7.5

    DStv for Windows Phone The Drifta viewer app is now available for Windows Phone 7.5
  8. T

    DSTV iDrifta for iPad. Anyone have experience?

    There are DSTV drifta guys in Makro walking up to customers and selling iPad driftas and USB laptop driftas. The one guy came up to me and offered me a special promotion price of R499 for the iPad iDrifta saying it is a special promotion. I read here it was launched the 1st of June and the...
  9. G

    DSTV on Jailbroken Ipad

    So lets say theoretically that somebody has a jailbroken 'New' Ipad and would like to do the DSTV drifta thing or Idrifta. I heard this does not work but there is a way around this? Any ideas?
  10. J

    Drifta Android App

    I'm unable to download the drifta app from the market. The download starts and then times-out. Anybody else having trouble with this? I am able to download other apps. Ive been trying for 3 days already from different locations. or does anyone have the APK that I that they could upload...
  11. QuintonB

    The DStv Walka experience

    DStv Walka the way to go DStv Mobile’s Walka handheld TV is a breeze to use and provides a pleasant mobile viewing experience
  12. S

    DSTV wont swap out New Drifta in warranty because its been on 2 accounts.

    Hey Guys I Recently bought a brand new DSTV Mobile Drifta from a colleage who had got himself a HD PVR of which came with the Mobile drifta Decoder. He had tied the decoder to his account a day before I bought it(He had had it for less than a week) Once I bought it from him he canceled his...
  13. jes

    DStv Mobile Drifta to get Mac OS X app

    DStv Mobile Drifta to get Mac OS X app DStv Mobile Drifta and Drifta USB get Mac OS X support
  14. N

    Please Help With Drifta & Samsung Galaxy S II

    Hi, I am hoping someone could give help me out connecting to DStv Drifta from my Samsung Galaxy S2. I got my Drifta yesterday and setting it up and getting it working on my PC & 2 iPhones was a breeze, but when trying to get it working on my SGS2, it just won't work. I download the app...
  15. jes

    Walka Handheld TV inbound from DStv Mobile

    Walka Handheld TV inbound from DStv Mobile A handheld TV is the latest addition to DStv Mobile’s stable of DVB-H receivers
  16. G

    A DSTV Drifta question

    I was wondering how the Drifta works. Do you insert a smartcard into it? If not, cant anybody just go buy one and then use it to watch DSTV? Can you watch TV on the Drifta at the same time as watching DSTV on your normal home PVR or will suing the one disable the other for the time the...
  17. jes

    DStv Mobile Drifta Android support imminent

    DStv Mobile Drifta Android support imminent DStv Mobile have announced that applications for their Drifta device are now available for certain Android smartphones
  18. T

    DSTV Drifta + TopTV

    I have TopTV at the moment and as everybody knows not much sport is on offer. I recently heard of the DSTV mobile offer, particularly the Drifta. I was thinking, as it is not too expensive (36 bucks or so) to buy one of those to fill the need for decent sport. If anybody uses the Drifta - is it...
  19. T

    Finally streaming supersport to ipad

    So thanks to splashtop, I'm able to stream the supersport matches from my PC to the Ipad - in a manner of speaking. For those who don't have splashtop...it's a remote control app that allows you to view & use the PC via the iPad, but it works very well. Much better than any other remote apps...
  20. R

    New USB Drifta launched

    Anyone have one of these already? http://www.dstv.com/Pages/News/4282/Latest-from-DStv-Mobile-the-allnew-Drifta-USB