1. Z

    Best way to network Apartment buildings?

    Hello all Looking for some insight on what the best way would be to network 7 apartment buildings together... Basically the internal reticulation is easy as there are already conduits with space available. So, switches in the db box and a cable to each apartment. Question is: How to network...
  2. V

    Strangest WiFi connection failure

    So, the modem is in one room with an ethernet cable connecting the garden cottage. When connecting the ethernet cable directly to a device (Xbox, laptop etc...) it gets internet connection. When however connecting an access point and then wirelessly connecting to the access point there is...
  3. GreatWmR

    Wifi extender using an Ethernet cable

    Hey guys i'm just wondering if there such a product i currently have a TP wireless wifi extender but it cuts off at random because it looses signal from my modem now i was wondering since i have one unused Ethernet cable could i plug that into something to give out the wifi signal
  4. P

    Confused About Network Setup

    Hello, I just had install a dish for us. They installed a mikrotik router with a tenda access point. What is confusing me is that the ethernet cable from the mikrotik router/dish is plugged into the LAN 2 port of the Tenda AP. Why is this? Shouldn't it be in the WAN port? I don't...
  5. S

    Technicolor TG589vn v3 VDSL Router + ZyXel Wireless Extender (MWEB branded)

    Item: Technicolor TG589vn v3 VDSL Router (Mweb FON VDSL router) + ZyXel WRE2205 Wireless Extender (MWEB branded) Age: 3 years Price: R300 for both Warranty: None Packaging: Yes, original Condition: Brand new, never used Location: Lenasia, JHB Reason: Never been used, not needed Shipping: At your...
  6. R


    :confused::(:cry: Please can someone tell me how to get a good upload speed with Rain? I am using an Ethernet cable connection and not wireless because I work internationally with a SNOM phone line and I receive calls. Recently speed has been very low and calls are not clear. I am plugged into...
  7. joppenheim

    Prioritise Ethernet over LTE on Huawei B315 router?

    Hi there Is there a way to prioritise the use of Ethernet/WAN instead of LTE on a Huawei B315 router? I have an Huawei B315 Wi-Fi router which works with both my fibre connection (Ethernet) and LTE, but it uses the LTE connection instead of the Ethernet. I would like to use the Ethernet...
  8. M

    Using current router for Fibre

    I have just ordered fibre with Mweb on Openserve and they give a free router. However its Wifi speed tops at 40mb/s which tells me the thing is probably gonna suck at everything else. So I have a Netgear DGND 4000 and was wondering if it supports fibre through the grey ethernet port which I...
  9. Yunnimun

    Cable Installation Cost

    I am trying to find out what the rates are for cable installation in Gauteng. CAT5e, CAT6, and CAT7. Is there pricing per meter installation, or is it just for termination? I am looking to do installations part time, but don't want to undercut myself, or over charge my potential clients. The...
  10. S

    Totolink G300R 300Mbps 3G/4G Wireless N Router But will it work?

    Hello my informative friends :) I am looking at buying this router for myself and since I am going to be the only one using it I don't see why I need to buy an expensive brand also I have read alot of positive reviews on this (little guy) my question is as follows: -Will it work with my ZTE...
  11. R

    ADSL2+ Router/modem suggestions

    Hi Guys, Im looking for a good reliable Router/modem ADSL 2+ device. I currently have a trendnet TEW-658BRM which is giving me untold hassles, it just keeps disconnecting and resetting itself. Please could you throw some suggestions my way in terms of what I should get. My Budget is...
  12. S

    [SALE] 2 x Managed 24 port POE ethernet switches with SFP ports

    EtherWAN EX26604L Managed 24-port 10/100 PoE Ethernet Switch + 2 x RJ45 Gigabit ports + 2x Gigabit SFP ports - 2 available Age and condition: Used - 1 year old, but in perfect working order. Was used for an IP-based CCTV system...
  13. B

    Cat6 & other network related questions

    Hey guys So I was wondering the following: I have to upgrade the network @ the office and I decided on Cat6 found it for a great price @ : anyone ever used them before? Anyway back to topic, I was wondering if I take a Cat6 cable into an office and then use a dual wall...
  14. B

    Hardware Issues

    I am having trouble with my uploading speeds and I'm unsure if it might be my onboard Ethernet that is giving the problems? When I use a wireless adapter the speeds seem to be fine, as soon as I go back to cable it just doesn't want to do anything. Would the most likely problem be the Modem /...
  15. jes

    Ethernet killed the WAN star

    Ethernet killed the WAN star Ethernet was born 40 years ago, on 22 May 1973, while Bob Metcalfe who was working at the Xerox
  16. T

    Help in finding the right MiFi modem

    I am looking for a MiFi modem with optional LAN input so that I can create a WiFi network from either my SIM card (not 3G dongle) or my wired Internet connect. Does such a device exist? All I'm seeing are 3G routers with Ethernet ports but not not dongle-less MiFi with optional LAN input. Thanks.
  17. N

    Lightning destroyed onboard ethernet port?

    Is this probable that ONLY the ethernet adapter went poof, and the rest of the PC is fine? Reason I'm asking is that my router (which was connected to my P4 - xbmc) was taken out by lightning. I now have a new router which doesn't work well. And I'm not sure if its the router or the ethernet...
  18. S

    WiFi problems with POE device

    Hi. We have a wired + wireless network setup at one of our clients. We are having problems with one of the WAPs (one of these guys), which is powered using POE. The device powers on and works fine for about 10 minutes, but then just suddenly dies. Trying to ping the device times out, and...
  19. Derrick


    Ethernet is a protocol that defines how data is transmitted to and received from LANs. It is the most prevalent LAN protocol, with speeds of up to 10 Mbps. Source:
  20. A

    Billion HomePlug technology - any opions?

    hi all, I've struggled for ages with coming up with an accceptalbe networking solution for linking up a couple of laptops, a desptop, printer, and possibly an xbox/wii, so as to share a broadband connection and printer. The kit is in various rooms, as well as an outside study, acrooss an area...