1. I

    DSTV E48-32 Error on 1 Explora Only, - 2nd Explora Works Fine

    I have a dual view setup, with the original Explora and a 2nd Explora, 2A. The 2A is showing E48-32. The original Explora displays all channels. I’ve checked the cabling and connection on the 2A (where I can get to the cabling), and all seems fine. I’ve removed the 2 cables (uni and RF) and...
  2. U

    DSTV explora 2 + explora 1/ HD Single view set up change from 4 tuner HD PVR

    Hi, I currently have a DSTV Explora 2 and an HD PVR 4 tuner connected via extra view. An accredited installer came out and changed my LNB to a smart LNB and did the whole set up. A heartbeat was also installed. The HD PVR 4 tuner stopped working and I need to get a new decoder however, I do...
  3. centurionguy

    Showmax recommends a simple password

    I am frustrated by having to use the DSTV Explora on-screen keyboard to sign in to Showmax. My email address is quite long and my password is a mix of upper and lower case characters, numbers and special characters. It can take me 2 or 3 minutes to sign in which is why I don't watch much...
  4. V

    How to lock dstv explora decoder completely

    Hi all Can someone please advise on how I can lock our Explora decoder completely? In other words, stop it from connecting for periods of time? My problem is that when I am away everyone lounges and watches DSTV most of the day and nothing gets done, extremely frustrating. I have tried the...
  5. M

    Help with 2 x 'Explora 2' installation

    I wish to migrate from the old SD PVR 1 with Xtraview, to two Explora 2's in two different rooms. Each planned as 1 view and 1 record. The system currently has a dual LNB. 1. Which installation layout is advised. I see some with a cable switch, while the smart LNB is also an option. 2...
  6. N

    DSTV Triple view instalation

    Hi, I am new here, I saw you cover something similar to my problem, but I am not sure how to implement it in my setup: I got a Smart LNB (6 outputs A, B, C, D (Uni cable) 1, 2 Universal. My current setup is port B to Xplora (Primary) main bedroom, Port A DSTV HD (4U) (Secondary) to Bar on...
  7. N

    DSTV Explora and PVR

    Hi, I have a DSTV PVR and am thinking of getting an Explora. Will I be able to transfer all my current recordings to the Explora? If I can't, can I keep and use both the PVR and Explora? How would I be able to do this? Thanks.
  8. F

    How much does DSTV's Explora download?

    I have an uncapped 4mb account with Telkom. I got capped due to my torrent downloads at 200GB But this had me look at my usage in more detail. I noticed I download just under 1GB per day. My pc doing the downloads were switched off during this time.... Have any one else noticed or know...
  9. T

    Help/Advice with DStv dish alignment and Signal Qualities

    Good day fellow techies and DIYers, I would assistance with the dish alignment / Smart LNB skew as I'm having a problem with the signal qualities of the tuner userbands. I'm currently all getting signal qualities in the teens and signal strengths mostly in the upper 70's and 80's. The...
  10. M

    Help to plug in Explora - multi use dwelling

    Hey folks, I've just moved in to a newly renovated apartment and want to plug in DSTV Explora. But I'm not sure what existing cables coming out of the wall go where and or whether I need the DSTV Switch (which doesnt come with the Explora anymore). So basically there are 3 coax cables coming...
  11. M

    Bought Explora, now worse off than before!

    Hi guys I went ahead and got that Explora, to add to my SD PVRI (yeah, I know I have to get a new one but just wanted to clear my viewing list first) -- but as soon as the Explora was connected, I lost BOTH my PVR's channels. Meaning, where I was supposed to be able to view an Explora channel...
  12. U

    DSTV Installation

    At my flat, I currently have a port available that can be activated and we can get DSTV on that. The problem is that the port is in the kitchen and I want the TV's to be set up in the rooms. Would it be best to run the cables through the roof or an alternative, or is there some way this can be...
  13. F

    New DSTV decoder

    My 1st gen HD PVR's hard drive has something wrong with it and now I can't do any PVR related stuff (record, watch recordings and catch-up). Been thinking that I might as well get the Explora but the price has decreased this year, maybe since last year already but I don't look at decoder prices...
  14. B

    2X explora`s with extra veiw

    Hi all, i would like to connect 2 explora`s and still be able to watch and record on both does anyone know if there is possible? if so could you please help, my current setup is 1X explora and a Dsd1131 with heart beat cable. and paying for extra view. Thank`s a million guys
  15. S

    How do you connect Openview HD and DSTV Explora decoders

    I currently have a DSTV explora with Xtraview and a dual LNB. I need to connect an openview HD decoder to this setup. When i connect the satellite cable from the explora into the OVHD decoder, I get no signal. What do I need to do to get the OVHD decoder working.
  16. joppenheim

    DSTV Explora and Xtraview installation with one cable?

    Hi there Does anybody know if its possible to buy a multi-core coaxial (RG6) cable? The reason I ask is that to install DSTV Explora with Xtraview will require up to 7 coaxial cables: (7 coaxial cables make your home look like you are running a Google server!) 2x from LNB to DSTV Explora...
  17. H

    Heartbeat between Explora and HD PVR

    I upgraded my PVR to Explora yesterday and want to set up my PVR for Extraview. I've connected everything and the Explora is working great, problems with the PVR for Extraview. I get error E143-4 regarding the heartbeat from the Explora. I've checked the Explora and it is sending the heartbeat...
  18. T

    Explora + HD PVR in the complex with single LNB

    Hi Everyone. I am sorry, I am new and I just hope I am not reposting the same Thread. I have just bought myself an Explora on one of those promo MC just had. I stay in Villa Itali and we have a single LNB point coming in the Tv room. I have previously my HD PVR connected with a 3-way spliter...
  19. S

    Xtraview between Explora + HD Decoder in a complex

    I hope someone can help me. I recently moved into a new complex with wall plates in the lounge and main bedroom. The wall plate in the lounge consists of: SAT 1, SAT 2, RETURN, TV and FM. The wall plate in the room consists of: TV and R. In the lounge I connected the Explora decoder...
  20. X

    No Internet: Explora, HDPVR or what else?

    I'm in a peculiar situation here. Never before had DSTV and I never thought I'd want it. BUT I can't get Internet like I had at my old home, recently moved to Nelspruit, as Telkom don't have infrastructure, also I'm surrounded by trees so can't get WISP like BitCo. Seeing as we used Internet...