1. B

    Quick question: CloudFlare when hosting on multiple servers

    Hi Everyone, I was wondering if someone might be able to help me. I need to use CloudFlare on a website that I'm hosting, I've done this successfully when the website, mail, etc is all on the same server but not when they are hosted on two different servers. Here's the configuration...
  2. kanzen

    No SSH on Afrihost Hosting?

    Does Afrihost really not have SSH access for developers who host with them? I'd like to set up version control...not FTP every file change. Has anyone got around this before?
  3. S

    Frustrated with current hosting provider

    I'm currently experiencing web server down time often with my current hosting provider, I'm on a dedicated server which has been offline for the past three days now. They take a day to respond to a single post/ticket and they are not even providing a solution on their...
  4. D

    Bring Digital Ocean to SA

    Hey guys, If you don't know about Digital Ocean, well in short it ROCKS! Basically you set up a tiny server for $10 a month which kicks any shared hosting in SA's ass! All SSD hosting, well why the hell not? There is a petition on their request site, if you...
  5. D

    Community Server Funding Contacts / Initiative

    Hello All, Seeing as is all but gone, and everything surrounding it is pretty much dead. It seems it's harder than ever to get a server going. At least, I don't have R1000.00 a month to spend on renting decent hardware to host a game. Me and a couple of friends enjoy...
  6. UrLiCh


    Hey guys I have found a really cheap server hosting company that has recently started and needs some clients so if your in the market to rent game servers or dedicated servers or even have a website designed for your company then have a look at their facebook page as i see their website is...
  7. R

    Gridhost vs Elitehost (Used both lately...)

    [Edit: Apologies for wrong word choice in Title, still a sleep :) ] Hi all, Just some feedback for those interested - used Gridhost and Elitehost recently (Shared Hosting) Gridhost - Horrible Service, there's no other word except maybe horrible lack of service, the call centre person I dealt...
  8. Kevin Lancaster

    MTN’s Afrihost acquisition approval given thumbs up

    MTN’s Afrihost acquisition approval recommended The Competition Commission has recommended the approval of MTN’s acquisition of a majority stake in Afrihost, without conditions
  9. M

    Afrihost Mnemo Notes App Sync

    My domain is hosted by Afrihost and they use Horde webmail with Imp, Turba, Kronolith and Mnemo. I had an iPhone 5 which could use the Notes 'account' in my mydomain email account. The Apple was unreliable and I sold it. My newer phone is a Huawei Ascend Y300 running Android 4.1.1 Jelly...
  10. B

    Afrihost Capabilities?

    I've recently been very disappointed with Afrihost's capabilities. They have let me down in so many ways. I was working with a client to prepare the launch of a new website and updating server files and content daily. Then they moved the shared hosting to a new hosting server without informing...
  11. M

    Best AWS Datacentre location for SA

    In the process of moving our site's DB over to AWS, with the plan of transferring everything over a bit later. I was just wondering what the best location would be in terms of latency in South Africa - Just by looking on a map, I would guess either Ireland or Singapore? Anyone have real...
  12. C

    GoDaddy DNS Down

    I have a few clients that I am hosting DNS with GoDaddy from to .com Domains and all are down. Spoke to support and they have not yet release a press statement but they down and working on it. Anyone else having the same problem?
  13. Kevin Lancaster

    Web Africa launches R699 Managed (cPanel) Virtual Private Hosting

    Web Africa Virtual Private Hosting from R699 Web Africa has launched its Managed (cPanel) Virtual Private Hosting offering, giving customers virtual servers at reduced costs
  14. J

    Web Building Noob & Afrihost Hosting

    Hiya, I got a domain ( and hosting (Linux) package from Afrihost. To be completely honest I don't really know what I am doing and just want to build a website and get on with it. I know a teensy bit of HTML script but would prefer to use something like Weebly or...
  15. P

    Afrihost Hosting - they need some new engineers

    I have a hosting package with afrihost (Gold Home - Windows). Part of the package allows me one MsSQLServer Database. Funny thing is, i can't access it. Yes, my web application should be able to, but i can't connect to it using SQLServer Management Studio. I am in development of an...
  16. M

    Publishing Website

    Hello everyone I have been working on a WordPress website and now I am satisfied so I want to make it go live,so people can simple type it without wp at the end,I have been searching Google and to be honest the information is too much and I don't want to make a mistake...I have hosted it on...
  17. L

    How Good is Hosting Unlimited?

    I've been scouting around for a new web hosting provider and Hosting Unlimited caught my attention , specifically their International Unlimited plan. The price and features are ideal for my multiple websites. What i would like to know is how good their service is because i had a very unpleasant...
  18. S

    Is cybersmart Hosting Down?

    I have 4 websites hosted by I can't access all of them. Is cybersmart Hosting Down? Anyone is hosting a website with then can confirm status. I tried to call them but there is a long queue.
  19. M

    PHP hosting recommendations

    Hi everyone I operate a number of small websites, all of which are on shared cPanel hosting. I use only one company for this. While they provide a good service at an extremely cheap rate, there's one problem that they're clearly struggling to deal with: their e-mail server keeps being...
  20. Jan

    Axxess slashes capped ADSL prices

    “The big capped ADSL price drop” Axxess slashed their capped ADSL prices, reduced their ADSL bundle prices and upgraded their hosting clients to solid state drives.