1. M

    How I rooted and flashed my HTC Magic

    I rooted and flashed my HTC Magic (previously 1.5 with Sense UI) to Android 2.2 (Froyo) in a few simple steps. No need for goldcards, nor changing of Radios nor SPLs. It’s the easiest and quickest method to flashing your phone. All in all, it took me less than 15 minutes and that includes the...
  2. jes

    Google's Chrome tablet

    Google's Chrome tablet HTC and Google in apparent alliance to launch Chrome-based tablet later this year Edit: I'd just like to point out that the image attached to the article is a render, and not an actual HTC/Google Chrome OS tablet.
  3. F

    HTC Wildfire - Worth getting?

    Hey guys, My Nokia has finally failed me and insurance are allowing me to choose another phone. Unfortunately I'm limited to R3000 :mad: , which sets my limits off the Desire... I see I'm amble to take the Wildfire... Specs are pretty decent, besides the smaller screen and of course half...
  4. K

    samsung galaxy s vs htc desire battery life.

    All over the net people are saying the htc desire has a weak battery and that the galaxy s battery is way better, can someone please give me stats on how bad the htc's battery really is. eg. like how long it can play continues music or videos and does it last at least 24hrs on moderate use...
  5. K

    Where to buy HTC products, CASH

    I have been a NOKIA junkie for years, but since my sister bought herself a HTC Tattoo, I have really been impressed with the HTC brand. I have tried to get an HTC myself, and all the HTCs are on contracts. Is there anyone out there who knows a good and reliable place where to buy HTC phones for...
  6. S

    HTC Desire - syncing calendar, contacts & tasks with MS Outlook

    Hi. I'm trying to figure out the best and easiest way to sync my Outlook Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks with my HTC Desire. I've used the HTC Sync app that came with the phone and needs to be installed on the PC, but it requires you to use a USB cable (no syncing over Bluetooth) each time time...
  7. C

    New HTC smartphone release...

    I was wondering does anyone know (or can hazard a calculated guess) on how long on average it takes htc or Leaf to release a new smartphone here in South Africa? for example every 2 months or so... thanks...
  8. A

    HTC Hero ROMs

    Not sure if this link has been posted before ... lots of ROMs for the Hero
  9. D

    HTC Hero upgrade

    I just want to find out... how can we, here in SA get our Hero's to android 2.0 or 2.1. It seems that South Africans are clueless and our network operators, well.... what can I say! I read that HTC Hero Sprint got the update yesterday, May 20? Can we download that update, will it work? How long...
  10. N

    HTC Legend vs. Desire

    Why in the world would anyone get an HTC Legend? I've got my heart set on an HTC phone with Android 2.1. Its a choice now between the Legend and Desire. I was planning to go with the legend. But i've seen that the desire is SLIGHTLY more expensive. On a talk 120s the Desire is R437.50...
  11. T

    What's popular in the mobile environment

    What's hot in mobile A new iPhone, iPad 3G, Microsoft's Kin, Dell's Thunder and a bunch of HTC devices
  12. B

    Nexus One HTC Google- Brand NEW Touch screen Unlocked FOR SALE

    Hi guys, I have a brand new Nexus One Google Phone made by HTC sealed in the box for sale on the classified's section of mybroadband. I use one of these phones myself, I upgraded from the iPhone 3GS and could not be happier. I will bring my phone to the sale and show you how sweet it is...
  13. P

    Cellular Repairs - Gauteng - HTC HD2 screen

    I'm looking for a 3rd Party cell-phone repair person/shop in the Jbg/Pta area. My HTC HD2 screen is cracked (my fault ... butterfingers :sick:) & that's not covered under the warrentee. The device still works perfectly ... even the cracked portion of the screen still works (graphics & touch)...
  14. H

    HTC Hero - upgrade - beware prospective buyers of the new Desire or Legend

    The HTC Hero upgrade to 2.1 has been delayed again... Europe is now told to expect this upgrade in June after it had been slated for 16th April... Africa was unofficially slated for today, 22nd April guess not though and HTC are completely uncommunicative. It seems incredible that it takes this...
  15. N

    HTC Magic bombs out after installing alarm clock app(s)

    This is weird. It's happened to me probably at least 3 times now and I'm tired of it. I have a Vodacom HTC Magic and it works really, really well. At least, it works well until I install certain alarm apps on it. Most notably, if I install Kaloer Alarm clock (the grooviest looking one of the...
  16. A

    HTC Legend and Desire in April?

    I just stumbled across this, and I have to say - if it's true it's very, very good news. Has anyone else heard anything along these lines? One month wait for the Desire would definitely be worth it :D
  17. M

    Root/ROM HTC phones

    So after surfing the web a bit, I found many articles and youtube videos on people loading ROMs onto their phone from the xda-developers site. I've also seen that there are users who have loaded the HTC Hero's ROM onto their HTC Magic. Since I'm not really clued up on all of this, would this be...
  18. A

    HTC Magic SenseUI upgrade

    I qualify for an upgrade at the end of the month and I'm pretty keen on getting something that runs android. The magic is the only one I can really afford though (Haven't heard much good stuff about the Tattoo), so I'd like to ask if the official HTC upgrade to the Magic works on the phones...
  19. P

    HTC HD2 ... Got Mine!

    Check my new sig! I got it this morning ... still fiddling ... Touch typing is EASY ... I thought I'd struggle to get used to it. Very impressed with how easy it was/is to configure. Still have to try all the bits & pieces (I'm at work, so can't play :( ) The screen gets a bit...
  20. N

    Need advice for an unusual MTN upgrade scenario lol

    Hey guys, I'm putting some money together to buy a bunch of nexus ones, (3 so far lol) for myself, my gf and her sister. So, apart from selling both mine and my gf's old contract phones, my gf is due for an upgrade at the end of this month from MTN. So I'm looking for advice on what phone to...