1. Kuga

    That time of year again..

    To get a new contract and phone. I'm only gonna pick an HTC phone. Question is which one? Currently I have the Diamond Touch. Looking at the HTC Hero, HD2, Dream, Touch Pro 2. Which would you pick and why?
  2. M

    Karmic sync with HTC

    I am very new to Ubuntu (my first taste of linux and loving it!) Need some help with getting Ubuntu to connect to my HTC Touch, connected via USB. When I plug it in dmesg gives: [106864.749592] usb 2-4: USB disconnect, address 9 [106864.751160] eth1: unregister 'rndis_host'...
  3. T

    HTC's 2010 product roadmap leaked

    HTC's 2010 product roadmap leaked
  4. Psyndrome

    HTC Hero Problem

    Hi guys, I have an issue with my Hero where the mobile network keeps switching off and says "SIM Unavailable". I have to keep switching the phone on/off to re-enter the my PIN and make calls. I checked all mobile settings and phone settings and can't find anything that would cause this to...
  5. P

    HTC P3300 - replacement battery

    Anyone know where I can get a replacement battery for my HTC P3300? HTC's resellers (Leaf) are asking R380 and will only have stock in a few weeks. have one for R190 (1/2 Price to Leaf & it's an HTC, not generic!) but can only deliver in 10 to 15 days. Anyone know where...
  6. blaaislaai

    HTC touch dual

    This phone have this orange light at the top, being active 24/7 even when plugged into the charger. The phone does not want to switch on at all! Left it to charge the whole of last night. What could be the problem?
  7. E

    HTC Magic not rejoining Cellular data network when leaving wifi zone

    I have been having this problem with my new HTC Magic from Vodacom (which I flashed the afternoon I got it with the new firmware from Leaf which contains the Android Market, so I have no comparison with the original build). When I leave my home, where it joins the Wifi network, it doesn't...
  8. S

    Telkom Email and Windows Mobile

    Hey guys. So i got a HTC Diamond this week, and i can recieve emails on it, but when i send a email from it, it just auto reply's with a message saying undeliverable mail. Why is that? all settings are correct and the email address is correct! Please help.
  9. N

    Rooting an HTC Magic (Android) and upgrading to get Marketplace etc

    Hi All, I just spent a few hours putting together this guide after I realised that there are a lot of guides that don't work because they were designed for the G1 (HTC Dream), or more frustratingly, for versions of the Magic that we're not using in SA. Step by Step guide to Rooting and...
  10. N

    HTC Touch Pro 2

    Does anyone know when the HTC Touch Pro 2 is coming to South Africa? I need to upgrade my phone and I'm looking into the HTC phones.
  11. medicnick83

    HTC Titan

    I have a HTC Titan that just drops calls. Anyone had this problem before? Where in Cape Town do I take this phone to have it repaired / swopped out etc. Thanks!
  12. P

    Upcoming HTC Touch XD to make the HD look 'pale' in comparison

    Maybe this has been posted before, but anyway, rumours of the upcoming Touch XD (eXcellent Device): Maybe they can employ Sharp corporation's excellent 1024by480 dual touch Aqous screen technology in the bugger.
  13. rpm

    Google G1 phone coming to SA

    Google G1 phone coming to SA
  14. T

    Google Maps on HTC Diamond?

    Hey all, I got my HTC Diamond from vodacom yesterday... pretty sweet phone. So everywhere I search everyone says that Google Maps is preinstalled on the HTC Diamond.... Well.... I can't find it.. am i being stupid? Where is it? I basically just want to first see if the GPS...
  15. C

    G1 - HTC Dream with Google Andriod

    Just heard from Leaf that they will not be bringing in the G1 till early next year. Here is the leaked manual of this device: Hopefully someone gets it running on the Diamond...
  16. rpm

    Google Phone here

    Google Phone here
  17. rpm

    MTN HTC S710

    MTN HTC S710
  18. rpm

    Google Dream cell phone

    Google Dream cell phone