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  1. LazyLion

    Slow speeds on IS?

    two nights ago I was happily downloading around 400 kbps... but sometime during the night it dropped to 40 kbps. Then last night it would only run at 40 kbps. Same thing tonight. I tried re-setting my router, etc. On OpenWeb Uncapped Express. The guys at OpenWeb suggested I do a...
  2. krycor

    Axxess vs Google Search & analytics

    Ok, how do i fix this?? I am using axxess prepaid(IS based IP)[while capped on my main account] and i noticed I cant load google search at all :( Uhm the dns i am using is an open dns so its not that. In fact anything that goes thru the service seems stuffed except things that had...
  3. Pooky

    Prepaid IS

    I want to buy some local prepaid Internet Solutions bandwidth. From whom can I purchase this from?
  4. B

    IS Express speeds, "afterhours" threshold.

    I'm wondering if anyone else on an IS Express account (I'm on the 384k) is having slow speeds at night, ie that "threshold" nonsense. Wasn't there a statement or news from someone some time ago that these IS connections wouldn't be slowed down between certain hours regardless of the...
  5. T

    Can you get prepaid IS bandwidth/accounts?

    As the title says.
  6. R

    Vodacom hits back at IS

    Vodacom hits back at IS
  7. R

    Online payments by cellphone

    Online payments by cellphone
  8. A

    IS on the blink

    Anyone else having issues with IS? Its kuk slow on my side?
  9. R

    First tier ISPs do battle

    First tier ISPs do battle
  10. R

    Telkom ADSL wholesale under fire

    Telkom ADSL wholesale under fire
  11. I

    Is there a list of ports blocked by various ISPs?

    Or is this something that SAIX/IS do themselves?
  12. R

    New ADSL products from IS

    New ADSL products from IS