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  1. E

    IS vs SAIX - Any real difference?

    Ok, so I'm finally had enough of Telkom milking me dry and not giving me what I want, so I'm letting my money do the talking. Currently have a 512k DSL line and a (now) 5 Gig TelkomInternet account, which all in all is costing R695. I wanted to switch to Do level 3, but my exchange does not...
  2. rpm

    ‘The next iteration of high speed connectivity’

    ‘The next iteration of high speed connectivity’ Seacom will add new dimension to connectivity services, says Internet Solutions’
  3. LazyLion

    Slow speeds on IS?

    two nights ago I was happily downloading around 400 kbps... but sometime during the night it dropped to 40 kbps. Then last night it would only run at 40 kbps. Same thing tonight. I tried re-setting my router, etc. On OpenWeb Uncapped Express. The guys at OpenWeb suggested I do a...
  4. krycor

    Axxess vs Google Search & analytics

    Ok, how do i fix this?? I am using axxess prepaid(IS based IP)[while capped on my main account] and i noticed I cant load google search at all :( Uhm the dns i am using is an open dns so its not that. In fact anything that goes thru the service seems stuffed except things that had...
  5. Pooky

    Prepaid IS

    I want to buy some local prepaid Internet Solutions bandwidth. From whom can I purchase this from?
  6. B

    IS Express speeds, "afterhours" threshold.

    I'm wondering if anyone else on an IS Express account (I'm on the 384k) is having slow speeds at night, ie that "threshold" nonsense. Wasn't there a statement or news from someone some time ago that these IS connections wouldn't be slowed down between certain hours regardless of the...
  7. T

    Can you get prepaid IS bandwidth/accounts?

    As the title says.
  8. rpm

    Vodacom hits back at IS

    Vodacom hits back at IS
  9. rpm

    Online payments by cellphone

    Online payments by cellphone
  10. A

    IS on the blink

    Anyone else having issues with IS? Its kuk slow on my side?
  11. rpm

    First tier ISPs do battle

    First tier ISPs do battle
  12. rpm

    Telkom ADSL wholesale under fire

    Telkom ADSL wholesale under fire
  13. I

    Is there a list of ports blocked by various ISPs?

    Or is this something that SAIX/IS do themselves?
  14. rpm

    New ADSL products from IS

    New ADSL products from IS