1. S

    Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus Custom ROM: Suggestions please.

    Been yonks since I bothered with Flashing ROMS, but my 8GB GGPP has so much bloatware, its useless, even with moving whatever apps I can to the 16GB SD Card I have. So its time. Downloaded Odin, and gonna get started with rooting. Trusted ROMS you guys and gals are using - I am also...
  2. S

    Standard Bank Root Account for Developers

    Stumbled upon this: "Root is a lightweight bank account designed to be accessible through code. With our API you can build your own interface and control your money programmatically."
  3. Kevin Lancaster

    Root – A revolutionary, programmable credit card for South Africa

    Root – A revolutionary, programmable credit card for South Africa Root, in partnership with Standard Bank, will soon launch a lightweight bank account which comes with a programmable credit card, online banking interface, mobile app, and APIs.
  4. T

    [HOWTO] Rooting the Samsung Galaxy S III Mini (GT-i8200)

    NOTE : There are TWO different models of the S3 Mini in circulation, the GT-i8200 and the GT-i8190 THEY ARE NOT THE SAME If you attempt to use the incorrect root method, you WILL brick your phone. You have been warned Now that the warning is out of the way, it would seem that the...
  5. D

    GALAXY S3 Unroot help please

    Hi guys, I have installed CyanogenMod on my phone, now I want to sell the phone but the buyer wants the stock OS loaded. I have looked everywhere for a download link for the stock ROM, South African version. Has anyone here installed the stock ROM, unrooted their phone? Is it even...
  6. M

    Rooting: where angels fear to tread?

    Android is new to me, my first phone with Google powering it is a little Huawei Y300, as an interim device, until I buy my next 'real' phone. OS - Android 4.1.1 Kernel version is 3.4.0-perf-gf909b34-00170-ga479003 Huawei build number Y300-0100V100R001C16B191 Rooting: if I could...
  7. N

    Root (any) Phone in 5 Minutes with TowelRoot APK

    Towel root allows you to root "any" device running KitKat with 1 click using an app on your device. (Noticed there wasn't a clear method on the forum). 1. Check and understand any compatibility and security issues and accept responsibility for your own actions. XDA is a good resource. I've...
  8. mudthang

    Samsung S4 Active >>> I got da Rooting blues

    RE: Samsung S4 Active >>> I got da Rooting blues Hi MyBroadband Forumites So I finally upgraded to a Samsung S4 Active through Vodacom. Great phone for me but... crikey Moses wot-a-lotta-bloatware I got Am trying to root it using the app at Every dang time I run...
  9. H

    The Official Cyanogenmod Thread

    Hi everyone. I'm surprised this thread does not exist as yet, so I thought it well to create it. Please feel free to post any Cyanogenmod-related content (queries/ information/ other) here, regardless of the device used.
  10. H

    Rooting and Flashing the Samsung Galaxy S II (GT-I9100)

    Hi everyone. I'm hoping to apply an after-market ROM on my Samsung Galaxy S2, since Samsung is taking ages to release an updated ROM for this model. Can anyone shed some light on this process - the amount of information on the Internet is vast, so a tried-and-tested approach would be great...
  11. C

    rooting android

    apologies if this has been asked before. does anyone know if rooting your android voids the contract warranty? Thanks
  12. K

    Samsung Galaxy note 2 original south africa ROM

    I rooted my galaxy note 2, but now i want to go back to the default OS that it came with. Tried searching the net, but they all say you have to download the ROM for the country you are in. And i dont seem to find any rom for South africa. Please help...
  13. R

    Some Linux forums are not as user friendly as their software is.

    In general, as we have seen here, there is a true community going and people are friendly. However, on some distro-specific forums, I have found small-mindedness not in keeping with the spirit of Linux. On some forums, you get reprimanded for using the name of another distro, for instance...
  14. N

    Best Anti-Theft App for Root Users

    It seems its Avast (bloated and free) vs. Cerberus (lightweight and paid). Both have factory reset protection, auto enable GPS, SIM protection. Avast is a full security suite including firewall, anti-virus. So it's a bit bloated. Also annoying persistent notification necessary.
  15. M

    Jailbreaking and rooting could soon become illegal again, unless you act now

  16. A

    Apps which take advantage of being rooted

    Found quite a nice article for those who are newly rooted or considering rooting, regarding useful applications which require root. Maybe people can also add to the list!,review-1688.html
  17. L

    Root or not to Root...

    Specific to the HTC Desire HD :) I want to get a collaboration of Root techniques, ROM'S Custom Skins, Themes, APK`s ... ********** HTC Desire HD Android 2.2.1 Revolution HD 2.0.7 by mike1986 Smarta$$ clocked 1.2GHz Kernel Anthrax Theme by VirusROM
  18. T

    Rooting the Samsung Galaxy S - Have you tried it?

    Hi guys, I've finally gotten my first decent phone in years (always bought the crappy ones in favour of bigger Game vouchers) and I have to say, the Samsung Galaxy S is absolutely amazing, loving every second of it. Of course, with all things bright and beautiful, there are some grey...
  19. A

    HTC Hero ROMs

    Not sure if this link has been posted before ... lots of ROMs for the Hero
  20. redarrow

    Starting an app on startup without root privledges

    This is really giving me a headache.. :( I have a simple linux box which I'm using as a server. It's running Fedora 8 and does not use X, basically I just log in with ssh to make any system changes I need. Now my big problem: I'm trying to use it to run a Dc++ client like a server, I'm...