1. Derrick


    A switch is a computer that acts as a conduit and director of traffic. It is a means of sharing resources as a network. Source: http://telkom.investoreports.com/telkom_ar_2010/admin/definitions/
  2. P

    Switching to ADSL?

    Hi, I am interested in switching from my current MWEB/Vodacom 3G contract, with 5GB of data monthly, to an ADSL line. I am interested in a higher cap, what would be the steps to follow if I want to apply for ADSL. I do not have a Telkom line, as I have only stayed in my current home for a few...
  3. stroebs

    Renting of a server system and/or equipment

    Hi all. I am part of an organising committee for a fund raiser for my school's rowing team (Yes, I'm only in grade 11) and wanted to know if I could rent a fairly powerful quad-core file server to support up to 100 nodes connecting to it for patches, games, mods, etc. I am also looking for 4 x...
  4. N

    D-Link Switch

    Hi all, I have a dead D-Link switch. A wrong power unit was used with it and it killed it. Where do I take this (in Cape Town) or who do I check so I can see if it's under warranty etc.
  5. S