1. Jan

    South African cities ranked by traffic congestion

    Traffic in South Africa's most congested cities is getting worse Inrix released its 2021 Global Traffic Scorecard, revealing the most and least-congested cities in South Africa. Inrix's report uses three years worth of mobility data for an encompassing analysis of mobility in cities worldwide.
  2. NeonNinja

    Traffic department requiring no booking in JHB?

    Asking for a friend who wants to renew licence. TA.
  3. T

    Section 56 Fine issued by an officer in Rustenburg not showing up on any paymensystem

    Hi all As the title suggests I've procured a lovely section 56 fine for not stopping completely at a stop street in Rustenburg, and due to the potential criminal nature of this kind of fine I'd like to pay it as soon as possible. I have tried to pay it on FNB to no avail I've been to the...
  4. T

    Vehicle purchase - Papers but no papers?

    Hi all Topic is all over mybroadband but can't seem to find an exact replica of my situation. I will tell the story using fake names for clarity. Mr Smith had a motorbike. He sold the motorbike to Mr Wesson but neither of them filled in the blue/yellow forms. Mr Smith merely handed over...
  5. Kevin Lancaster

    Part of Internet Solutions’ network hijacked by Russian telecom

    Part of Internet Solutions’ network hijacked by Russian telecom Traffic destined for several networks, including Visa and Mastercard, was briefly redirected to Rostelecom on Wednesday, BGPmon reported.
  6. Kevin Lancaster

    Joburg’s big plan to reduce traffic light downtime

    Joburg’s big plan to reduce traffic light downtime The City of Joburg has launched interventions to combat traffic light downtime at key intersections.
  7. Kevin Lancaster

    Massive traffic jam to OR Tambo airport from taxi protest

    Massive traffic jam to OR Tambo airport from taxi protest Traffic on the R24 to and from OR Tambo International Airport has been severely backed up by protesting metered taxi drivers, according to Radio 702’s Aki Anastasiou.
  8. Ivan Leon

    Mumbai: Heavy vehicles banned on city roads during peak hours So, how long before similar restrictions are imposed by the various provincial authorities / municipalities in South Africa's highly congested urban / peri-urban areas as well? :whistle:
  9. N

    High Latency to EU Blizzard Servers - Afrihost 4mb capped

    Hi gentlemen and ladies After having a really pleasant time playing the Overwatch beta and getting around 160 - 180ms on my 4mb capped Afrihost line, I was rather unpleasantly surprised to discover that after the game's launch, I am now getting around 300ms. Using Blizzard's looking glass...
  10. P

    I'm an idiot - what do to about fines?

    I've got two situations I need help with. Firstly I got a legitimate fine (it was me) and they served a summons to my domestic worker (I never signed for it, but she did). Court day is approaching fast but its already too late to pay - what can/should I do about this? Secondly I got an...
  11. Rouxenator

    Is this a valid traffic violation / charge?

    My wife got this last Sunday, it reads "Disobey a stop sing" Apart from the fact that the officer could not see the stop line where he was located half way down the bottom of a hill, and apart from the fact that he pulled her over on an unsafe road with a solid white line (forcing other...
  12. S

    Traffic Register Certificate -> Traffic Fine

    So on Saturday I was given infringement notice for not having with me the original Traffic Register Certificate (seeing that I'm a foreigner here) R1250 fine, or R500 if I go to the JMPD offices and present the documents. For now waiting to see if it will show up on the system, and most...
  13. A

    Asus DSL-N14U Bandwidth Monitoring per device

    I'd like to determine which device on my Wireless Network is using the most amount of data. I have the Asus DSL-N14U Router but current firmware cannot monitor traffic per device. I've read up on DD-WRT but noticed that this router apparently doesn't support this as yet. Has anybody else...
  14. Wolvyreen

    Some advice needed. Exorbitant traffic fine!

    Hi All, Firstly, let me say upfront, I am probably guilty and probably AS guilty as 90% of other people here. Yesterday I was driving home and in my suburb, a very quite neighbourhood and they are busy building ALOT of houses in the area. I state this fact because there was no kids around or...
  15. C

    Commute: Centurion to Parktown

    I'm starting a new job at two office locations, one next to Park station and the other in Sandton. I will alternate between the locations but usually not on the same day. I live in Centurion atm and plan on commuting either via car and/or the Gautrain to Johannesburg. I have the...
  16. Kevin Lancaster

    Why the government’s 20km/h slower speed limit is a bad idea

    Why the government’s 20km/h slower speed limit is a terrible idea The SA government is proposing changes to the country’s speed limit, which experts say is a bad idea.
  17. J

    WTF is happening on N1 cape town inbound? 2&3 Feb -Two hours from Bellville to M5

    I know on Monday 2 Feb there was an accident on Lower Main and Church - and a pedestrian was also struck, but this is in Cape Town city bowl and up until past N1 city - everything was messed up beyond. Today 3 Feb the same - but no reports of any accident - reports of traffic lights out but...
  18. R

    Offering SEO services

    Hi everyone I started to offer SEO services to help businesses get more clients and thus generate more sales. I do on page SEO and off page, to help optimize your website, find any errors and so on. I know a lot people "guarantee page 1 rankings" on a specific date, they probably are...
  19. S

    Road work on William Nicol

    Road works on William Nicol Anybody else live off William Nicol by Dainfern/Fourways?? Are you, like me, ready to kill somebody due to the construction and road works going on? It's been 2 years+ since construction started. (Steffenutti Stocks trucks littered all over William Nicol). Due to...
  20. ControlAltDelete

    Telkom throttling local traffic on uncapped accounts?

    I was just wondering if Telkom throttles local traffic on uncapped accounts after fair use policy notification. I'm asking because when I connect to and download a file from there I get full speed but when I go over to Wage's FTP site and download from there I get capped speed...