1. J

    Bundles depleting with no notification

    Is anyone else on a Cell C contract not receiving notifications of data bundles running out? Started happening last month. Used to get an sms mere seconds or minutes after a bundle had been used up and received constant SMS updates with depletion notices.
  2. J

    HIfi Corp won't honour advert if they match competitor's price

    • Hifi Corp advertised a Hisense 55” TV at R14999 which includes a Free 32” TV (KZN Sales paper for 17 to 20 August 2017). • I called the Springfield store in Durban, KZN on 17 August 2017 and asked if they could match Dion Wired who sell the 55M7000 Hisense TV (normal price) at R12999 •...
  3. Bryn

    Insane new Humble Freedom Bundle!

    https://www.humblebundle.com/freedom It's on for one week - $30 for an insane number of high quality PC games and books. 100% of proceeds go to the American Civil Liberties Union, Doctors Without Borders and the International Rescue Committee. Humble aren't taking tips from this bundle and...
  4. f2wohf

    Best large prepaid data bundle

    Hi, My fibre connection is likely to take an additional month so I'm looking for a large data bundle (over 50GB) to be able to stream Netflix, Kodi until then. I've already made a quick market research and find that Cell C Giga bundles are most likely to be the cheapest ones: Anyone...
  5. J

    [S] Epic XB1 Console Bundle (Controllers, Kinect, Games For Days)! Get in here!

    Item name: Xbox One Bundle Baby! Age and condition: Excellent Condition - unsure of age Do you include packaging: Yes on console and Scuff controller Warranty: No Reason for selling: Not being used :( Price: R10 000 neg Negotiable: Yes Location: Alberton / Illovo Shipping or collection...
  6. joppenheim

    How to track internet usage?

    Hi there Does anybody know how I can track my home's internet usage? I have subscribed to Telkom's 50GB LTE home package and it works great, but its finished. 50Gb in 27 days!!! There are a 5 people and multiple services that use it on a daily basis but even 50Gb sounds like a lot. Is...
  7. I

    When did they stop including Night Owl with Once-off data bundles?

    I'm (almost) sure I was still getting Night Owl bundles with my Once-Off purchases only last month.... but when I phoned to find out, I was told Night Owls haven't come with Once-Off bundles for "a very long time". Can someone be a bit more time-specific for me, please?
  8. J

    Disappearing data bundles

    Has anyone else noticed how much longer included monthly data lasts than once off data bundles? I have regularly found that the 500Mb I get with my contract each month lasts about 3 weeks. After that I top up with once off data bundles. These topup bundles don't last anywhere near as long as my...
  9. L

    Local sim and data bundle whilst travelling in France and Spain???

    Hi I will be travelling to France and Spain in September (a week in each). I'd like to buy a local sim card and data bundle for my iPhone to use whilst there. I'd prefer to be able to use the same sim card and data bundle in both countries. Is this possible? Any advice on what to get and...
  10. N

    MTN 79c prepaid place plan and the PAYG bundle promos - Q&A

    So, after MTN announced the new 79c per minute promo, I went to website to gather more information and also check that I am getting the best prepaid deal(s). I then saw the PAYG Bundles which have the same call rate (79c) but come with added extras. "Dial *141*2*794# and one can select the...
  11. B

    Xbox 360 Bundle [S]

    Item name: Xbox 360 Slim 250GB / Kinect Sensor / 2x Wireless Controllers / Forza 4 / Forza Horizon / GTA 5 / Red Dead Redemption GoTY Age and condition: ±2yrs and very good condition Do you include packaging: No Warranty: No Reason for selling: Unfortunately don't get time to play Price...
  12. M

    PSA: PS4 FNB Deal available again - R380 P/M (Includes breakdown of costs in bundle)

    I know there is already a thread on this, but for those who don't know, the FNB PS4 deal is back. I'm assuming stocks are limited but don't wait for this awesome deal. You get (apart from PS4) 2 x Controllers 2 x Games (Injustice and LEGO Marvel) 3 Months free PSN PLUS R380 P/M over...
  13. C

    Multiple 60 + 60Gb promo bundles

    Good day, I have a SIM with a 60Gb + 60Gb promo bundle on it. It is not finished yet and I'm still using the data. It seems that the promo will end at the end of March. Do you know if I can load another one onto the same sim on top of the current bundle? Meaning to load R1800 airtime...
  14. jes

    Unlimited social, messaging data planned from Vodacom

    Unlimited social, messaging data planned from Vodacom Vodacom is looking at offering services such as unlimited messaging, and unlimited social network usage to complement its smaller data bundles.
  15. G

    Data Bundles: A comparison of costs

    Now that I've decided to ditch my Blackberry (and accompanying BIS), I am interested in prepaid data bundle costs. I hunted around MyBB but couldn't find a comparison of prepaid data bundle costs between Vodacom, MTN and CellC. Found this useful however although it is a few months old...
  16. E

    Blackberry Cell-C *147# request being ignored

    Hope someone can help me and fast, I have had this problem for months!!! I have to go to *147# option 7 to put a bundle on my phone to be able to access my bbm and more... I don't mind doing that every month but when I first "dial" *147# I have to put the phone on standby, back on and only...
  17. T

    Why is MWeb not going to offer a 1Mbps bundled offering anymore?

    I looked at the MWebs ADSL bundled prices on their website and i see they say "Line rental not available on this package" for 1Mbps lines. Line rental is only supported from the 2Mbps which start at R599. I understand their decision to not support 384K line rentals since but after the...
  18. G

    Data Bundle Prices on All networks

    Hey all. Been trying to find the prices for data bundles on the various operators websites. Not sure if I understand the below correct. Cell C...
  19. T

    Vodacom Color

    According to this: http://www.vodacomcolor.co.za/friends Vodacom is now offering the best low-end, prepaid data bundle. I have recently moved from mtn to cell c to use the R49 for 100mb+100sms+100 cell c minutes voucher. However, I'm barely using the minutes, so color sounds ideal! Is...
  20. F

    So what's with Vodacom's new wireless broadband bundle rates?

    I know that my poor little brain is easily confused... but this time I really don't get it. First, I read that "Vodacom is planning to cut its mobile broadband tariffs soon to ensure its products remain competitively priced." Then Vodacom gushes that "Now, all Prepaid and Top Up Once-off data...