1. M

    Cheapest Contract

    Does anyone know what is the cheapest cell contract on the market with any free phone?
  2. R

    Migrate Contract to Pre-Paid - Italk / MTN

    Hi Everyone, Anyone have any information / success stories on migrating from an MTN contract to a Pre-paid (i.e. keeping your number without being shackled to Italk)
  3. G

    MTN sim replacement cost

    Hi, I had the ff experience: My phone stopped making calls so i tried my wife's sim and all was fine. So I take my phone in to the MTN shop and they say the sim has an 'irrepairable error'. Now comes the kicker - they tell me it'll cost R110 to replace. After much 'discussion' with two...
  4. Aqua_lung

    Possible to buy phone on contact without credit card.

    Was wondering if I'd be able to take out a contract online without a credit card? I gave the vodacom direct site a browse but looks like I need a credit card but is there not a debit order only option? Have I overlooked something?
  5. Pooky

    New Contract

    My mom is looking for a new cellphone contract, doesn't have to be MTN but and equivalent one to the Anytime 100 package but it needs to be cheap... What would be the best option around this time??? Thanks
  6. F

    Does mtn have "MobileNumberPortability" like Vodacom?

    Hi Guys, I want to port over from CellC to MTN. I have already downgraded my CellC contract to Pre-Paid and now want to change over in the next couple of days. My question is does MTN have the same option like Vodacom where they sms you a code and you port over your pre-paid number to a...
  7. D

    Contract up for renewal, need advice..

    Howzit guys, my contract is up for renewal so have a choice to make from this list, the business I'm in requires me to be time efficient, so I need a phone that is fast, has to have basic office tools pdf reader, *powerpoint etc, fast access to the net, I kinda like the N96, but I'm sure there...
  8. E

    Cellphone Contracts: Vouchers

    Does anyone know how I go about getting the best cellphone contract + voucher or cellphone contract + laptop deal from the cellphone companies? I spend around R1000 a month on my contract, don't need a new phone and have a contract eligible for renewal so I'm either looking to get a laptop or a...
  9. seedat77

    Can you swop packages on two contracts on the same account (MTN)?

    I haven't yet contacted MTN's call-centre, but this is what I want to know: Assuming I have a Anytime 100 (for myself) and Anytime 200 contract (for the wife) on one account. After some time, our requirements change and I now need the AT 200 and the wife will manage with the AT 100. Can I...
  10. V

    Any advantage to renewing 3G Contract?

    Evening guys, Is there any real advantage to renewing my 3G contract? Should I rather just buy prepaid bundles? I already have a data card as well as the newer white modem E200? I think. Thanks in advance.
  11. mh348

    MyCall 100 to AnyTime100

    I have a MyCall 100 Contract, currently paying R129, can I convert the contract to a MTN AnyTime Contract? I'm with MTNSP.
  12. F

    Data Contract and Voice Contract

    Hi, I have two 24 month contracts on my name at Vodacom, one is a Talk 500 voice contract and one is a MyGIG 5. I pay R2000+ on my vodacom bills per month. I have a special need now, I want to use internet on my cellphone and then I want the megabytes to be deducted from my data account, when I...
  13. seedat77

    Nice cheap contracts

    I just picked up my Nokia 6500 classic from MTN. Not bad for R79 / month all inclusive. They also have the 5610 for R69. The advertised price in the catalogue was much higher, but apparently they dropped the prices. I think it's an excellent deal for someone wanting a decent phone at a cheap...
  14. S

    Prepaid Phone to ADSL: No idea what to do.

    Hi Guys. I have a budget of R500 per month and have a prepaid phone at the moment. Telkom says it can offer me speeds of 384Kbps. What must I do to get adsl setup at home. I was thinking : Get Closer Plan 2 for R145pm so that I have a rental line. Then add a dobroadband bundle for...
  15. R

    Shorter cell deals coming

    Shorter cell deals coming
  16. LazyLion

    Office PABX - Talk IP - Anyone had any experience with them?

    Telkom wants to get rid of our Venus PABX system here at our offices and give us a proposal on upgrading it. But these guys (Talk IP) have also given us a quote. Looks quite nice. I just wanted to get some feedback on them first. So these are our current options... 1) Leave the Venus...
  17. Pooky

    What cellphone should I get?

    MyCall 100 with iTalk......... Any suggestions?