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    Evetech Review - Damaged Goods and Pathetic After Sales Service

    On the 6th of November 2018, I ordered a MSI GP73 8re notebook for R22,798 from Evetech. Before the item was dispatched, I enquired whether I would be able to upgrade the primary hard disk myself without voiding the warranty (I have been building and repairing PC's, notebooks and network...
  2. N

    Ryzen 5 3600 died, Evetech not replying

    Hi, so I bought my new CPU from Evetech 4 months ago - about 2 weeks ago it died and hasn't started up since. From day 1 I had a minor problem with the CPU as I would turn on the PC and there would be no display - the fans would all spin hard, but that would be it - but the simple fix would be...
  3. N

    Is evetech good or shady?

    Hi. I'm buying a new released CPU for my new PC build and it's the last component I need. I've read terrible experiences with evetech. What's your experience with them? The cost of product is R3550 Evetech beats competition on price but not by much, though evetech include 3 month xbox game...
  4. D

    Evetech Issues with GTX 1070

    So i bought two GTX 1070 from Evetech and both were in the same machine. Recently one card stopped displaying but still powered up. I sent it into evetech who took one month to have it looked at. Christo Kotze told me that the card was water damaged and voided the warranty yet no water has...
  5. C

    Evetech- Worst service ever

    What an unbelievably horrible experience buying from these people. I purchased a mouse from them on the 27th of Feb and paid a courier fee to have it delivered and I am still without a mouse (14 March). They sent me a faulty one which I eventually received around the 5th or 6th of March. I...
  6. G

    Evetech disaster. Don't ever buy from them.

    Bought graphics card from them that conked out 4 weeks later. They've had it now 'at the supplier' for nearly 4 weeks but can't give me cause and proposed resolution, or a date. I've mailed, called, been to the shop, no movement. A technician offered a refund which I accepted, his manager now...
  7. D

    Evetech Marketing

    Doesn't this bother other people the way Evetech markets their prebuilt pc's that state I7's with 8-Core and Ryzen 16-Core. When you go to their component section they sell the cpu's with the correct specs I7's 4-core and 8-thread and Ryzen 8-core and 16-thread. And on their main page they have...
  8. M

    Where to buy PC componenets for South Africans?

    Hi, So it is finally time for my new PC build. I am looking at spending a fair amount, around 20 - 24k. I have looked at quite a few S.A. sites to compare prices, and looked at Amazon.com as an option as well (have a friend who recently used amazon prime to acquire most of his...
  9. J

    Graphics Problem Brand New PC

    Hi everyone. I recently bought a new computer off one of the local websites. When I received it there was a strange issue with flashy opjects on the screen. I reinstalled a different Windows and there was still a problem. I sent the computer back to them, they said it was the graphics card and...
  10. B

    Evetech - MIA??

    So I've used Evetech before and I've had a few buddies who've also used them without issues as well. But it seems they've really kicked the hornets nest since Black Friday - it would seem that they severely underestimated the demand and as a result are very understaffed. However, my issue...
  11. O

    Advice on returning recently bought hardware

  12. G

    Returning product to online supplier?

    Hi, So my 2 month old GPU is acting up and I need to return it to Evetech, but they have been fairly vague as to the process. I was wondering if anybody have gone through the process of returning to an online retailer? What retailer? What courier did you use? How much did it cost? Do they...
  13. B

    ASUS RT-AC5300 router - a delight not only for Gamers

    ASUS RT- AC5300, irresistible power, speed and features The Looks Like or hate it, the ASUS RT-AC5300 makes a very bold statement when first viewed, with surface contours reminiscent of a stealth plane and 8 chunky antennas looking like it is ready to devour something, it could even be...
  14. jes

    What it costs to build your own Mac Pro in South Africa

    What it costs to build your own Mac Pro in South Africa What can you get for the cost of a Mac Pro? What would it cost to build the equivalent of a Mac Pro?
  15. A

    Need serious help with a kinda dead rig....

    Hi Everyone I have a gaming rig built by Evetech and today I installed some adittional fans into the case. Reason being ., that the gpu has packed up a few times and this last time i was told I had tampered with it, well how do you tamper with a card enclosed in a rig. Anyway looked at my setup...