1. oros

    Is it true that dual sim phones can't run both sims on 4g?

    Hi, recently heard that dual SIM phones can't run 4g at the same time. one has to be on 3g and the other on 4g. Can't be both on 4g. Is that true?Feels counter productive in the use of it, especially if you use 2 different networks.
  2. M

    HSDPA Data Connection Issue - Any ideas?

    Hi, When using MTN data on my Android phone, it has the little E/3G/H/H+/... in the top right corner, right? Whenever my phone switches to H, I don't get any data flow... E/3G/H+ works like a charm, just not H (no matter how many bars it has attached). I used to think I dropped my...
  3. S

    Totolink G300R 300Mbps 3G/4G Wireless N Router But will it work?

    Hello my informative friends :) I am looking at buying this router for myself and since I am going to be the only one using it I don't see why I need to buy an expensive brand also I have read alot of positive reviews on this (little guy) my question is as follows: -Will it work with my ZTE...
  4. Rouxenator

    D-Link 3.75G HSUPA USB Adapter (DWM-156) [S]

    Item name: D-Link 3.75G HSUPA USB Adapter (DWM-156) Age and condition: Brand new Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: Yes Reason for selling: My E-172 still works fine Price: R290 Negotiable: Yes Location: Stellenbosch Shipping or collection: Free shipping nationwide
  5. NeonNinja

    Ain't no one got nothing on me!

  6. NomNom

    Dell Latitude D630 - 3G HSDPA Driver?

    I have a Dell Latitude D630 Service Tag: 9RWK33J I have installed Windows 7 on it and I need to make sure of the 3G HSDPA module that is has. Problem is Windows 7 does not detect it and I have no idea what driver to install for it to work. I have tried countless drivers and utilities, most of...
  7. S

    Bad 3G in Harding Kwazulu Natal for Vodacom, Cellc, MTN and 8ta

    Hi All, We have tried different 3G modems with all different ISP's for 3G in Harding Kwazulu Natal. However, I noticed the new Hauwei B683 Wirelles HSDPA Router, will this help or won't it make a difference. According to the ISP's sites, full 3G coverage is available in the area, Cell C...
  8. P

    Looking for best 10Gb non-ADSL internet solution.

    My ADSL has been off from 26 Feb to 5 Apr and then again from 25 Apr to 6 May and then again from 7May, Telkom says that the cables were stolen each time (which I am suspicious about) and that they will not fix it. So now I am looking for a solution that will offer a minimum of 10GB. I have...
  9. R

    MTN & VoIP

    Someone told me that 3G/HSDPA is not good for VoIP. OK, so what about traveling businessfolks? How do they do VoIP when driving along the N1 in the Karroo? Or are they using regular GSM for calls instead? Incoming VoIP when not near to a hotspot? Any user with ectual experience who...
  10. U

    No Data connection but full signal

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone else experiences a similar situation, but I have basically a non-existent data connection in the Hatfield area, namely on TUKS campus. I live in Faerie Glen/Olympus just outside Menlyn and I have the same problem there. I have perfect gsm signal and calls are...
  11. S

    Cell C HSDPA not working

    Hi everyone, I have a Samsung Galaxy S i9000 phone. My HSDPA has stopped working completely on my line/sim. Even after simswap it still does not work. I have verified the phone itself works with a Vodacom SIM and with another Cell C contract SIM/Line. My APN settings for cell c are correct...
  12. S

    Unrestricted APNs discussion

    There are several separate discussions that have surfaced over the last few years regarding the use of 3G or HSPA+ as an alternative to ADSL. The major problem is that I cannot find a central point of discussion that helps me to configure an environment quickly an painlessly. So, I would like...
  13. H

    How To: Get Cell C HSDPA USB dongle to work in Ubuntu

    Hi Guys If you run Ubuntu and have the Cell C HSDPA USB Dongle you can get it to work with the steps outlined in this article. It's written for the 10.4 LTS but also works with the newer versions of Ubuntu. Go check out...
  14. N

    Connectify Virtual WiFi

    I'm thinking of getting the 8ta 10GB special. Thing is I want to be able to share the 3g usb connection over my current wifi network. I have a desktop (Win7, always on) connected via ethernet cable to my router (WAG120N). I want multiple devices to be able to connect to the internet - I...
  15. xera

    Nokia 6120 classic - Not switching to HSDPA, 3.5G ?

    Greetings, Two Nokia 6120c's (which support HSDPA 3.6), both have 3G enabled and work with 3G, but only one switches to 3.5G when there's signal, the other doesn't. Both have vodacom sim card's. Both tested at exactly the same location (where there's HSDPA signal). Both sim card's have...
  16. R

    Cheap 3G/HSDPA internet 500mb @ R60

    Hey folks, Iv been a victim of the high priced MTN monarchs for a few years now and glad to say i have found a bit of relief in the form of 8.ta. How to obtain your 500mb data for R60..... Go to a Helkom store buy a 8ta starterpack(R1) rica it using your waterbill or what ever.. Buy a R50 +...
  17. W

    3G vs HSDPA

    Can anyone tell me whether there is a way of finding out which areas are covered by 3G and which by HSDPA or HSPA+? I have looked at the Vodacom coverage map on their website but it only differentiates between GRPS, EDGE and 3G. What (typically) are the download and upload speeds a Vodacom...
  18. C

    Looking for 3G routers with phone jack

    Hi guys, can someone assist me. I am looking for a 3G router which has an RJ11 connector for use with an analog phone to make mobile phone calls over GSM. The products I have seen so far are from D-Link, please see links http://www.dlink.com/serviceprovider/PDFs/DIR-455_ds.pdf...
  19. B

    Poor HSDPA+ Performance - Brackenfell, Cape Town...

    I posted this on TellTrevor.co.za... let's see if they even respond... previously I has zilch contact... their HSDPA+ service in the greater Brackenfell area, specifically Cape Gate, Morgenster, Protea Heights has gone down the drain... me and fam experience numerous issue constantly... tried to...
  20. Derrick

    HSDPA phenomenal global growth

    In South Africa we have become accustomed to hearing about phenomenal growth in the mobile broadband sector but it seems that this growth trend is mirrored across the globe. According to figures released by the GSM Association 3G HSPA has increased by 850 percent worldwide in the last year...