1. rpm

    SA’s fastest broadband connections revealed

    SA’s fastest broadband services revealed 2010 Broadband Survey results reveal which broadband offering in South Africa has the highest download and upload speeds
  2. S

    Puzzling info I found wrt to CellC's data promtion T&C's/Billing.

    This is in relation to the Data Promotion Sim or Data only. Anyone care to clear my muddled head please? Link The highlighted part in the quote is what's catching me out here. What do they mean by that? Are they actually splitting traffic and are you in for a suprise because of this...
  3. rpm

    Don't discount CDMA and EV-DO

    CDMA and EV-DO: Not Dead Yet HSPA+ and LTE may enjoy all the attention, but the role of CDMA2000 and EV-DO in mobile broadband should not be overlooked
  4. rpm

    Best broadband pricing in South Africa

    The best ever broadband pricing in SA Cell C recently launched its first mobile broadband products. Do they provide better value for money than other broadband services?
  5. K

    Waiting for CellC 3G HSDPA+

    Howsit ppl. I just went and bought a new 128k cellc sim card. Didn't know they were 128k sims. :erm: . I'm in central Durban. Got a phone with the new sim only searching for 3G network, 2.1G or 900mhz. Has anybody from the public have access the CellC 3G?
  6. K

    DSL line down due to theft - need alternatives

    Apologies if this has been asked and answered elsewhere on the forum, I'm unable to search thoroughly at the moment as my internet is severely restricted. I lost connectivity three months ago due to cable theft, and after much pleading Telkom finally admitted that they have no intention of...
  7. rpm

    Cell C’s 21.1 Mbps broadband progress

    Cell C’s 21.1 Mbps broadband plans Cell C’s HSPA+ network rollout has started, but exact launch dates still uncertain
  8. rpm

    More Vodacom Broadband Advanced price cuts

    Further Vodacom Broadband Advanced price cuts Vodacom reduces more Broadband Advanced prices and further increases the data allowance on some bundles
  9. rpm

    New Vodacom and MTN 3G/HSDPA prices compared

    New Vodacom, MTN 3G prices compared Making sense of the absolute minefield of packages out there.
  10. T


    HSPA is an acronym for High Speed Packet Access, which is an extension of 3G-R99 or Vanilla-3G (used by both Vodacom and MTN), and is effectively a Mobile Broadband technology, which collectively refers to both HSDPA (downlink) and HSUPA
  11. rpm

    Vodacom and iBurst’s rocky partnership

    Vodacom and iBurst’s rocky marriage Recent 3G/HSDPA agreement termination raises questions about the health of the iBurst/Vodacom relationship
  12. G

    Nokia E52 will not see Vodacom HSDPA

    Would really appreciate it if someone had some advice on how to approach and resolve this situation. On Thursday afternoon I went and got a new E52 through Vodacom / Vodashop. Firstly, fantastic phone, been playing with it since then and battery still on half, GPS instant with life-time...
  13. rpm

    Vodacom upgrades subscribers to 14.4 Mbps HSPA

    Vodacom upgrades customers to 14.4 Mbps Vodacom surprises with 14.4 Mbps HSPA upgrades for prepaid and contract customers
  14. T

    Nokia 5800 not picking up 3G

    I had my 5800 musicXpress sent into Midrand Vodacare for a high-level repair. I get it back and now I have lost my HSDPA connectivity. It's horrible being stuck on EDGE. Is there any way to install HSPDA settings without handing my phone in again? Edit: Nevermind, the OP is an idiot...
  15. rpm

    MTN slashes Out-of-Bundle data prices

    MTN slashes OOB data prices MTN cuts its out-of-bundle data prices by up to 84%; Launches ‘1 day uncapped’ product
  16. rpm

    ‘The broadband revolution in South Africa has only begun’

    ‘The broadband revolution has only begun’ Strong broadband growth and a slew of bandwidth predicted for local market
  17. morkhans

    Vodacom to activate 7.2 for all customers end of March and 14.4 in April

    Article here: http://mybroadband.co.za/news/Cellular/11340.html 14.4 Article: http://mybroadband.co.za/news/broadband/11973.html Mod Note: Thread started to consolidate discussions and prepare for feedback when it gets activated. Updates: Reports are already in that some profiles have been...
  18. T

    iBurst HSDPA on Snow Leopard anyone?

    Dunno if something similar was posted before but can't find anything. Just moved to macbook pro with snow leopard and get the following after I install the software on the usb modem: "You need to restart your computer. Hold down the Power button until it turns off, then press the Power...
  19. P

    Switching to ADSL?

    Hi, I am interested in switching from my current MWEB/Vodacom 3G contract, with 5GB of data monthly, to an ADSL line. I am interested in a higher cap, what would be the steps to follow if I want to apply for ADSL. I do not have a Telkom line, as I have only stayed in my current home for a few...
  20. Smiley_lauf

    Ubuntu launch2net Mobile Internet Connection Manager

    Here is the link for more details. Anyone already try this? Any feedback?