1. Smiley_lauf

    Please suggest a ADSL/HSDPA/Neotel all in one modem/router

    Hi there, I am planning on getting a wireless modem/router that can do the following: 1. is ADSL2+ ready 2. allow me to connect to HSDPA/HSUPA using a USB modem 3. Allow me to receive Neotel signal as well [this is so that I could use all networks as the need arises] 4. Wireless with...
  2. B

    Multiple HUAWEI E220 HSDPA modems on Ubuntu Jaunty

    Hi All, Can you please help me in my problem.. I have two (2) HUAWEI E220 HSDPA modems connected to my Ubuntu Jaunty computer. I have successfully brought up the connections using both wvdial and pon/poff commands. The problems is that I can't be able to load balance the distribution of...
  3. V

    *READ FIRST* Vodacom Problems: Slow Throughput, Trying to Connect, DNS, High Latency

    Vodacom Problems: Slow Throughput, Trying to Connect, DNS, High Latency Reporting Issues For reporting issues to Vodacom Support: 1) Call (082)155 (Free from a Vodacom SIM) 2) Mail Customer Care on customercare@vodacom.co.za 3) Read the FAQ in this forum. 4) Use the SelfHelp facility. 5)...
  4. G

    Telkom 3G latency and external antennas

    Hi guys, been reading a lot of useful info on these forums. This is my first post so my apologies if there's a thread regarding this info already? Anyway, I've decided to take out a 3g contract with Telkom 2 days ago. Have to say I'm extremely impressed with the speeds! There's no...
  5. Y

    What speeds does Vodacom's HSDPA and HSUPA sync at?

    I was reading around and found that HSDPA technology can sync at 14Mbps (on the downlink I am assuming) but am wondering what speed Vodacom is serving it as. I have read a mixture of answers ranging from 1.4Mbps to 3.6Mbps to 7.2Mbps and had on of their sales reps tell me that if I had the...
  6. E

    HTC Magic not rejoining Cellular data network when leaving wifi zone

    I have been having this problem with my new HTC Magic from Vodacom (which I flashed the afternoon I got it with the new firmware from Leaf which contains the Android Market, so I have no comparison with the original build). When I leave my home, where it joins the Wifi network, it doesn't...
  7. K

    Cheaper 3G Prices - Rep?

    it's R989 for 5GB...I mean seriously now, look at your pricing :eek: After your 5GB you get NO free local like Telkom does, but are greeted with R2 a MB prices :eek: - so if you just go 50MB over, it pushes your total up to R1000 a month! Please note that these prices are calculated...
  8. S

    Has MTN cached the whole of youtube locally or was I caught in a freakstorm?

    Earlier in the evening, between 20:45 and 21:30 I had my phone tethered to my PC, as usual using my prepaid sim. I went to youtube to check something out and then noticed that a 3 min video started immediately and there was no buffering of any kind. Also the entire "red line" at the bottom...
  9. W

    Mac e220 speed nightmare

    Could somebody help here.... I achieve speeds of 0.1 mbps to 0.2 mbps using my mac and huawei e220, but if I switch the card to a nokia n95 phone, and connect via bluetooth, I achieve 1.6 mbps?????? Same room in my house, same card, same MTN. I can only get EDGE on my e220 while the phone gets...
  10. Rouxenator

    Nokia 6700 : Sexy, Slim, S40, 5MP AF, GPS, 10Mbsp HSDPA

    From : http://www.gsmarena.com/5_megapixel_nokia_6700_classic_comes_with_gps_and_nokia_maps-news-761.php Damn - that is one sweet phone from the 6xxx classic range !
  11. Rouxenator

    Vodacom 3G: Good deal - pathetic customer service.

    My dad has been on dial-up since the 90's. In February I got an EDGE modem with a Virgin Sim for him and he has been very happy with this setup. Recently Virgins data rates went up. With him being a Vodacom customer since 1996 (and me since 1999) I told him to get a 24month MyMeg500 contract...
  12. morkhans

    Huawei B970/B970b HSPA Router

    What is it? The Huawei B970 is a 3G router with an embedded 3G chip (think Linksys WRT54G3G without having to buy a PCMCIA card). It has 4 ethernet ports, an analogue port for attaching a phone, WiFi support as well as a connection for an external antenna. When attached via USB to a PC it...
  13. rpm

    SA’s fastest broadband service

    SA’s fastest broadband service
  14. rpm

    HSDPA for Intel chip

    HSDPA for Intel chip
  15. rpm

    Vodacom prepares for 100Mbps

    Vodacom prepares for 100Mbps
  16. APoc184

    MTN 3G way slower on Vista

    Has anybody else experienced slower speeds on their 3G with Windows Vista? When I used it on XP it downloaded and uploaded @ good speeds, but ever since I've been using it on my new laptop with Vista Home the speed has dropped drastically:eek:. I used to download @ 150kbs on XP but max on Vista...
  17. rpm

    New data service from Vodacom

    New data service from Vodacom
  18. T

    Expected Connection speeds when using phone as 3g modem

    Have three Sony Ericsson phones: W880, w910 and p990, and cant get better than 460.8Kbps connection. W910 specifically states it has HSDPA capabilities No diffs between using bluetooth or usb to connect phone to pc. Have tried at different sites and still no improvement. 1.Should I...
  19. rpm

    Best HSDPA deals

    Best HSDPA deals
  20. rpm

    Mobile broadband beats WiFi

    Mobile broadband beats WiFi