rain 5g

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    5G Cancelation

    Have been trying to cancel my 5G with rain but getting no reply on any of my messages.It has been 14days and they have not gotten back to me on any of my messages. I want the 5G to be canceled before the end of the month as I am not using it. Horible service from RAIN!! How do you get in contact...
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    5G Home Premium in Midrand is useless...

    This is my experience from RAIN 5G today in Midrand...restarted Radio multiple times. It is such a poor experience. I hate it that I cannot call someone at a support centre for assistance...this is such poor service.
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    Impressive Rain 5G performance after network changes

    Impressive Rain 5G performance after network changes Tests of Rain’s 5G network in Pretoria and Centurion have shown an impressive performance, with download speeds exceeding 500Mbps in certain areas. MyBroadband conducted this testing following complaints from Rain 5G subscribers about slow...