1. E

    WebAfrica - can your read this?

    I send a email on an issue to WebAfrica, basically saying that there was a duplication on a 1GB Top up and to credit the one, they did credit one but took both Top up's data away from the account. Check out my mail and their response: (took them 16 hours to repeat exactly what I said)...
  2. P

    Hosting a 25mb at R60pm? WHAT?

    Hey All, Happy New year, yes, it's late, I know.... But I was so busy laughing, I couldnt catch my breath.... My interests are web hosting and designing at the moment... and I found this... Quoting Stephan, "This is where I get hot under the collar" This guy is charging people R60pm for...
  3. Nod

    Line upgrade through WA

    Logged a ticket to upgrade my line to 4Mb. As the line is managed by WA, had to go through them, however they give a 7 - 19 days for this to happen :wtf: If I had done this through Telkom, I could have had it upgraded in 2/3 days. So why the delay? They also can provide me with a Telkom...
  4. S

    WebAfrica - New ADSL packages only on 1st March 2010!

    I just received the following email from WebAfrica: The price of hosting has come down tremendously, or rather, the usage allowances have shot through the roof. But not for resellers, they have to wait till 1 March 2010. That sucks. And unfortunately, we have to wait till 1 March 2010 for...
  5. S

    WebAfrica "Your call is now at the front of the queue ..."

    Did they go home early today and forget to turn the phone off?:mad: Nobody is picking up and I've been waiting 10 minutes already since before 6pm. I want to try the service but I haven't been bowled over just yet with this. I was told by sales that if I pay by electronic transfer, the money...
  6. A

    Poor support from Webafrica

    Two weeks ago the company that I work for had problems with receiving of mail, which was a major hindrance on our business. After numerous calls to Webafrica, and each time getting told that there is a problem with their email servers and being ensured that the emails would come through (which...
  7. M

    WebAfrica, come on now

    I've never really had any issues with them, but this is getting a bit out of hand now. Long story short - I bought a 1GB account to last me until the end of the month. What happened was that I was double billed for this. I logged a ticket, got a reply a few hours later and the guy who assisted...
  8. K

    Finally ADSL

    Hi all, I am in the process of applying for an ADSL line at home and would like feedback from the mybroadband community regarding my choices. From home I will use the internet mainly for browsing, email, admin of remote servers via a VPN or ssh, weekend podcast streaming and the occasional...
  9. M

    Astraweb and WebAfrica trial account

    So I decided to get an Astraweb account last night to make use of the bandwidth from WebAfrica's trial account. I tried all of their servers and ports but could not get anything more than 4KB/s. I switch to Telkom SAIX and I immediately get full speed. Why is this?
  10. A

    WebAfrica Free 10gb router problem

    Hi, I have recently been using your Webafrica free trial service and I have found it great. The only problem I have is that I cannot seem to be able to get my router to connect to that account. I can connect via creating a PPPoE connection on my PC but not if i enter the details on my router...
  11. T

    Afrihost - Ping check

    Hi All I am currently using webafrica 10 gb shaped account and I am not very pleased with the latency. I am interested in the Afrihost package but when I called in and spoke to the sales person, he wasnt able to tell me what the latency was like for international thru IS. Can someone...
  12. K

    Telkom line speeds

    hey everyone, new here. im from and been living in sa for a couple of months now. right when i was in zim and you got an adsl line the speed of the actual line to your house meant nothing, the only thing that affected your speeds was the bb package you were on and the backhaul to the closest...
  13. F

    WebAfrica and Wifi hotspots

    Does anyone know if WebAfrica has agreements with any of the WiFi hotspot providers? Someone mentioned to me that it was possible to use WebAfrica ADSL credentials at hotspots but I have been unable to find anything about it on their website.
  14. C

    Web Africa - absolutely shocking service

    Web Africa - Resolved I have decided to scrap the original post because the issue has been resolved and some of the comment may have been unfair towards the ISP. Mods, please change the orginal thread title to "Web Africa - Resolved". Thanks
  15. A

    WebAfrica/FrogFoot migration

    Hey everyone. I don't know how many former FrogFoot clients there are here, but I would like to ask this: How is the migration going for yourselves? Here at my work, a school, we've had a mixed bag. The ADSL access has worked great since day 1, I'm happy with that. However, there is a lot...
  16. medicnick83

    I'm done...

    I'm done with Web Africa now... I've been a very good supporter of WA now for almost a year. I've used their products (especially the top up facility) but every EVERY end of the month comes, I get these really weird bills. Now you guys gotta understand, when I top up an account or whatever...
  17. K

    WA Connection not Disconnecting

    Okay, I know WebAfrica and IS is working on this, but I'm wondering why this happened? I had to PC's connected to my 30GIG Local the past day in Bridged mode (dial up on my pc), so today I dissconnected both and switched off the router. now I'm trying to connect the 30GIG on my other PC...