1. D

    What can I achieve on a 4Mbps down and 2Mbps up fibre line?

    So I FINALLY have fibre connectivity...through OpenServe's expensive and assymetric services. I game a lot, and my family will probably want Netflix now. Our poor 4Mbps ADSL line would freak out with massive ping and packet loss when someone went on YouTube or Instagram while I was gaming. Will...
  2. K

    Thoughts and experiences with Vox Telecom as ISP???

    Hi, our area has recently gotten Fibre via Vumatel, and I was considering moving to fibre from adsl. Seeing as I am on a tight budget, I considered getting the 4mbps package. It costs only R499 per month, and includes a router and installation if a 24 month contract is signed. Just wanted to...
  3. D

    Afrihost/Webafrica in Cape Town

    Hi All, Sorry but I am green to this so if this is not posted in the correct area, i apologise. How is Afrihost and Webafrica adsl service in Cape Town. Looking at a capped 4mbps line rental. Stay in the Ottery area. Any advice on this (even from a different provider) would be greatly...
  4. N

    Telkom 4Mbps uncapped Bad & Slow connection

    Hi , I am existing Telkom customer with 4 Mbps ADSL line. I cant even watch Youtube video at 240 p quality. It keeps getting disconnected. I have to restart the Modem so many times. What should I do to get a better speed internet connection. Is it better to move different ISP or is it...
  5. G

    Router/Modem Advice Needed

    Ok, i am by no means a techie/net junkie but i must say that i have learnt a lot just browsing and reading through these forums. So please forgive me if i get my terms/references wrong. Just post for me to clarify on anything... I need advice on the following scenario: I live in Midrand...
  6. C

    adsl tweak possibility?

    Good Day, So i moved up to a new place here in pretoria ~2 months back, used telkom DSL checker, 10meg supported exchange (thought woohoo right?) wrong, i was on 2mb for a month, was okay, i decided to up to a 4meg, telkom then told me my line speed of 4mbps was unatainable due to "poor...
  7. G

    Axxess 4Mb Uncapped - Soft cap

    I recently signed up with Axxess ISP and got myself a 4Mb uncapped ADSL account. I would like to know what the 'soft cap' is on the package I took before finding out the hard way by being throttled.
  8. under_sky

    Need wireless internet or alternative in midrand as there are no telkom lines

    Hi i am currently with iBurst and their service is terrible, i have a 40GB capped wireless product with them and i am lucky to download at 20KBps or even try play any game online without horrific lag, my mom uses this interent for her company and is always complaining about the speed and wishes...
  9. C

    Telkom 4Mbps ADSL Extremely High Ping

    Hi I'm helping out my friend who has been experiencing extremely high Latency. Location is about 1Km away from the exchange. I live 2 blocks away and my connection is perfect. The download is around 3.5Mb and Uplaod is 400k but Ping is 250ms to Johannesburg servers, we are in Sandton...
  10. C

    Telkom Adsk Abailability Checker Incorrect

    Hi Recently with the Telkom line upgrades i've been curious to see if my 4Mb line will be upgraded to 10Mb Of course no. Although according to the telkom adsl availability checker my area supports 10Mb. Not only this but it claims my line is synced at 10Mb already! This is extremely iritating...
  11. C

    Afrihost not allowing me to get 10Mbps

    Hi I'm currently on Afrihost 4/10Mbps capped adsl and my line is hosted with them. I have checked with the Telkom ADSL vailability checker and I'm next to the Benmore Exchange and my area supports 10Mbps according to the website. Now here is my problem, when I phone Afrihot or use the Clientzone...
  12. S

    Halfway Gardens, Midrand (Close to 5th Road) ADSL Problems

    Phone number: 011 312 xxxx ADSL line speed: 4Mbps ADSL (Fastest DSL Bundle) ISP name: Telkom Time: Anytime. Problem: Getting speeds from about 1.90Mbps - 2.5Mbps after upgrade from 2 Mbps to 4 Mbps. Telkom technicians visited us 1.5 days after logging call (very impressive guys - thank you)...
  13. G

    Which is the cheapest ADSL Line rental at the moment?

    I am looking for a line with 4mbps speed. Please help. Maybe you could post a list of different companies and there options in a table format?:D Similar to the one at this thread http://mybroadband.co.za/vb/showthread.php/511780-who-offer-the-cheapest-adsl-line-rental but that is outdated, so...
  14. Z

    4MB/ps telkom line syncing at 1.2MB/ps HELP!

    Guys please help me, i've phoned telkom and told them about this but all they say is your line is syncing at 4mbps, i've upgraded my line from 1mbps to 4mbps but when i phone them all they say is that it is syncing at 4mbps, please help, i have tried to reboot the router, tried using another...
  15. M

    Downgrade 4Mbps -> 1Mbps

    Is there a fee/penalty if one downgrades from Telkom 4Mbps to 1Mbps? I'm referring to just the ADSL line rental.
  16. jes

    OpenBrowse - 4 Mbps Uncapped ADSL for R389

    OpenBrowse - 4 Mbps Uncapped ADSL for R389 Openweb launches uncapped ADSL offering starting from R98 per month
  17. J

    Reason for Cancellation of Axxess 4Mbps Uncapped, Shaped Account.

    Just thought I'd post this email I just sent to Axxess and see what response it generates from all you forum members. Have a shweet weekend all :) Here it is: To whom it may concern (I'm hoping the big boss gets to read this), I have cancelled my 4Mbps Uncapped Shaped Account, the reason...
  18. I

    Current Speed on MWEB Uncapped 4096 ADSL :(

    At this moment I'm downloading a file from microsoft.com (a Outlook update) @ 4.3 - 6.9kb/s. Time remaining for the 12MB file is 30 minutes. Is that correct? Is this what shaping/protocol prioritizing is all about on MWEB Uncapped 4096k at 10:24am on a Wednesday Morning? :confused: And...
  19. Praeses

    Line decided to only sync at 1Mbps?? :(

    Line decided to only sync at 1Mbps?? :( [SOLVED] I've been getting great, stable speeds on my 4Mbps line, with great atttenuation ratios etc and now for some reason it dropped to 1Mbps and won't sync at 4Mbps at all. :(:confused::( Could it be that the exchange got upgraded and because my...
  20. D

    Mweb uncapped 4mbps speed fail.

    I'm trying to figure out whats wrong with my Mweb speed both INT and local are more or less 300Kbps when i should be getting 4mbps. SpeedTest Local:http://www.speedtest.net/result/818729978.png SpeedTest International:http://www.speedtest.net/result/818731758.png So what am i paying R600...